wtorek, 2 października 2018

Obscene Extreme Festival- 20th Anniversary- raport by Andrzej Dumala.

      On Tuesday afternoon, my friends from Chełm picked me up from in front of my home in a BMW, which had been GPS- guided through countless fields and forests. What a beginning to this year’s edition of the Obscene Extreme Festival! We know how to get to Trutnov eyes closed. On Wednesday morning, in one of the Trutnov's supermarkets, I was looking for a banana outfit, and ended up with 4kg of real, super-yellow bananas to eat during the festival. When we showed up at the main entrance to the battlefield, the battle had already begun. I officiated my arrival with a Kozel Svetly beer, and took my new tent, suitcase, sleeping bag, and mat to the campsite where I would be staying for the next few days. As usual, it then started raining softly and pleasantly. I knew that I only had a few minutes to set up the tent before the storm. How can tents be sold without instructions in the 21st century?! I had a groundsheet, a waterproof cover, three folding plastic frames, stakes, and rope. Of course, I put the wrong frame into the wrong hole and was standing in the rain looking at it. But fortunately, I was able to sort it out in a minute or two. The best welcome I could imagine: watching the storm from the tent. The next surprise was that there were no people in the showers, so I had them all to myself. When I was drinking La mejor yerbamate for a breakfast, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relaxation, a feeling that I could just be myself. I had no expectations, plans, thoughts, or needs. I went for a walk to Trutnov's city center postcards to send, but I ended up with rain boots, a raincoat, and postcards to send because the municipal information center was closed.
EXHUMED. Photo by courtesy of Urban Skytt.