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Interview with Raphael and Julien/ Bain De Sang!

      BAIN DE SANG is a straight to the point and rageous mix of intense grindcore and hateful hardcore. Enjoy the intervew with Raphael and Julien made by Zsiga Zoltán/ Blast Fanzine.

       Please introduce yourself and your bandmates, and give us a detailed summary about how Bain De Sang came into being. All I know about you is, that some members were playing in Blockheads, so I’m curious about how did you get togehter exactly, and what other bands and projects did you have in the past.
      Raphael: Hi Zoli! First, we’re very pleased to answer this interview, thanks a lot for your support! I played guitar in Blockheads for a couple of years, during the Blockheads / Mumakill split and tours era mostly! Way before that, I played in a band called Aenima, it was 15 years ago, and this is when I met Julien (singer) and Yves (bassist), when we played and party quite often with our respective bands! We discussed a few times with Julien over the past years about starting a band together. And we finally did, it was somewhere in the end of 2013. And it took about 6 to 8 months to finally gather all the bands members. Julien is singing, Yves is playing Bass, Guillaume is playing the drums, and I’m playing guitar. We also might have a second guitarist joining someday!
      Julien: I used to sing in a French act called Judoboy, around 2000 something, and this is when Raph and I met! I then played in a band called “Baron noir”, in 2006 I think, with ex members of Flying Workers, a French screamo band somewhat popular at that time. And that’s pretty much it until Bain De Sang. Yves is an old friend of mine, we were both living in the city of Amiens, and he used to hang out with the guys from Judoboy. About Guillaume, he used to play drum in Comity, a chaotic hardcore band from Paris, on Candlelight Records at that time. Also, Judoboy and Comity played quite a few time together. Long time buddies!

Bain de Sang at Le Klub/ pix shot by Valentin Beaucourt.

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Interview with Gerald and Derek/ EXISTENCH!

        Existench is one of the most truthful to underground bands. The ideals changes in the past 25 years... How did you survived all this years as a band and didin't freak out?
       Gerald- I've kept active in bands over the past 25 years. Music is part of my life and is actually therapeutic for me. It's a great release physically and mentally. I'm in it for life I guess haha.
      Derek- We kept on playing never stopped in other projects so coming back to this was easy.
      On the beginning of grindcore era are Earache's bands, were you was inspired by them, or Existench roots are, more closer to punk and thrash? How did you meet your future friends from Existench/ Disabuse? I bet it wasn't easy to set up rehearsal space at the beginning of 90's?
split w/ Deboned (2016)
      Gerald- I met Derek when I was 18 back in 1990 I guess... I was already into Cryptic Slaughter, D.R.I, The Accused, C.O.C., Agnostic Front as well as Canadian, American and European thrash and death metal. Derek was definitely into the Earache bands and immediately turned me onto Napalm Death, Carcass, Boltthrower, Doom, Heresy, Concrete Sox etc. Anyway, Derek and I started a thrash band initially called Abhorrent and at that time I only played guitar. That band lasted about a year and then we changed the lineup and the name changed to Gorbage and we were more of a death metal band. Derek left after a year or so to pursue other bands (System Shit, the Shitheads, etc.) but he and I remained friends and eventually in '95/'96 we started Disabuse which was a d-beat band to begin with as I was just learning how to drum. By '97 we decided to change the name to Existench and the style became more aggressive and grind influenced. Derek remained in the band until '99. After that lineup change we kept going until 2001 or so but the departure of Ryan Davies kind of spelled the end of that era of Existench. Amazingly enough we've always had luck with rehearsal space. I don't think we've ever spent more than a few months without one ever!
      Derek- I Started listening to thrash and hardcore at a young age the faster it was the better so I got into all those crazy Earache/ Maniac Ear bands when they all came out in the 80s. All the bands I've played in previously before I met Gerald in 1990 were influenced by them.

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Interview with Gabri/ Terror Firmer!

     Interview with Italian thrashing old school grindcore unit Terror Firmer by Zsiga Zoltán/ Blast fanzine.
     Hello guys, how are you, are you ready for this interview? Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days? As far as I know you’d suffered some line-up changes recently, right?
     Hi! Here’s Gabri from Terror Firmer, old school Grindcore since 2008.
     Yeah, there have been some line-up changes lately: our drummer Borz decided to left recently after kindly recording a last song with us. Since then we went on with a provisory line-up with JESUS AINT IN POLAND members but I will explain it better in the next question.
     What made you want to start Terror Firmer and what do you set out to do with this band? Can you summarize the band’s history so far and introduce the other members?
     Me and Morbid JJ (Bass) started this band during a talk at a gig in 2007 or so, when we both agreed that we would have to form a band that gathered all our extreme influences: old school Grindcore (of course), Extreme HC (bands like LARM, SIEGE, HERESY as well as Japanese, Finnish, Swedish bands from the ‘80s), the faster and rawer Thrashcore bands (CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER above all), Mincecore… then we asked to Jolla and Borz to join (we all already knew each other since at the time we all used to partecipate in the activities of a squat in Modena called LA SCINTILLA… now dead) and they both liked the idea… a couple of months later common friend, boozer and old grinder Simone joined too as a second vocalist… that period was very funny, it seemed a bit like EXTREME NOISE TERROR on stage ahaha. After the first recording in 2009 (for splits with HUMUS, MINKIONS and EATING MACHINE) Simone has been forced to stay on hiatus, even if we still consider him a member of the band.
     Since that, we went on as a four piece. We did another recording in 2012 (for splits with SOCIAL CHAOS and INSOMNIA ISTERICA), another one in 2014 (for splits with AGATHOCLES and ARCHAGATHUS… the latter one is still to be released), did a lot of gigs in Italy and some outside (with our friends from SPOSA IN ALTO MARE in 2012 and REPULSIONE in 2013) and then we come to the latest stuff… our drummer Borz left after recording another exclusive song in 2014 for CRASH MANDOLINO 2.0 : ITALIA VIOLENTA LP compilation, which has been released this year.      Last thing we did was recording in Summer 2015, with a special line up with drummer and singer from our friends and local grinders JESUS AINT IN POLAND, for a split 7” with Japanese band Su19b that will be released next year. Grindfather Productions also released in 2013 “Grind’s not Dead” tape, which is a sort of discography with some unreleased live songs from the mini tour with SPOSA IN ALTO MARE.
     I think it’s all now, aren’t you bored to read all this?

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Interview with Rado and Jan/ Sedem Minut Strachu!

    Hello guys, welcome to the pages of Blast fanzine, from Hungary. First of all, can you tell us everything about the origins of 7MS? You mentioned on your bandcamp page, that the band was formed in an Exhumed gig, and it sounds good. Did you maybe know each other from long time, how the lineup has completed? Introduce all of the members please, we want to know everything.
   Hi and thanks for your interest. Well, if you have read our bandcamp than you know everything. We are good old friends, the idea was mine and I did not even for a second think about any other person than Richard and Jan for this band. I was like walking the street and you know, suddenly it klicked... and 7M$ was born. Seriously. Few days later I’m at that Exhumed gig explaining to Richard and Jan they are members of 7M$. Jan, because he is a great drummer and we need him so two guys with absolutely no guitar skills can make bass noise, scream and pose in front. And Richard because he knows to pose well and was the most active guy in the scene around. And they both like dirty lo-fi grindcore so are the most close to my musical taste, and that’s very important for a band, if you ask me. None of us is vegan, nazi and pro-life, each of us love Repulsion, beer and Pacho.
   What was your main goal when you first started to practice and writing noise together? The style and the concept was clear from the very beginning, as you mentioned: „to rip off and recycle noises of two of the best bands ever: Seven Minutes Of Nausea and Fear Of God”. What is it about their noise that appeals to you?

   I’ve always loved dirty, raw, extreme grind/ noisecore and I always felt that the musicianship is not at all important for this stuff, I mean, I don’t say that if you know how to play your fuckin’ expensive BC Rich you can’t play good grindcore, but if you love it, really love it and feel it, you can play the most aggressive shit with three strings and no knowledge of any fuckin C-major at all, that’s what I believe. We never tuned bass and I can’t remember the most primitive Nirvana two chords song if you show me, fuck that! I better headbang with two fingers on two string to some Motorhead track or just scream and jump around my room to some old Arsedestroyer shit. I just want to bang, to pose, to play fast and loud, I have no time to watch my fingers to not make mistakes during some average metalic grindcore shit, I want extreme music to be nasty, raw, dirty and as radiounfriendly as possible. Well, you see now what I love about 7MON? And Fear Of God? Just in case you don’t know, Sedem Minut Strachu means Seven Minutes Of Fear in english. Oh, and the very first goal when we started was to get rid of the shame and to learn to follow 1-2- 3-4 rhythm.

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Interview with Gorillaz/ Grassroll!

   It's first interview for GCP by Leonidas Douras, he chose to talk with his friends from Grassroll, enjoy. Andy
   Hail Gorillaz! Congratulations finally you attack the studio to record a full length album! So whats the deal with Grassroll, why it took you so long to make a full album?
   Hey there! Hope you are doing well in Poland! As you know first of all we didn’t have the money and after that we had to manage our time because we all work (unfortunately!!!). Moreover we had so many tracks that we had to rehearsal many times in order to have them completely ready so to record them.
   Give us some details about the album.
   We haven’t decided yet if all of the tracks will be included in the album or split them. Music and lyrics is more aggressive this time combined (always) with the stupidity we hide inside us… The drums have been recorded in the Tube Sound Recordings studio by Jimmys Tube, mixing and vocals recording will take place at the Soundflakes Studio by Kostas “CallMeLazy” and guitars/ bass will be recorded by us (ass) and our LOVELY sound engineer Nikos “MykonosPatiknos” at our place.
   What are your plans about live shows?
   Well, first of all, we are waiting for our dearest drummer and student to come back from Spain as he left us for 6 months in order to “study” there. So at this right moment we just imagine live shows and dreaming the day of his return (cry…). After that we’ll try to play as much live shows as we can and we’ll try to tour around Greece with our friends! ( ;) ).

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Interview with Leonidas/ Stheno!

Hello guys, my name is Zoli, greetings from EveryDayHate grindblog! Let’s start with a small introduction, how and when did you get together? Who does what, introduce the current line up, and the ex-members as well please.
Hey Zoli! We start in December of 2013 in Volos/Greece. We just went to have some fun to the studio but really soon this fun became a band and here we go, this is how Stheno was born. Now we are a three-piece band so to the live shows we are not using bass guitar, for the album "Liberty crawls in waste" Leonidas was responsible for guitars and bass as well. We started as a typical fou-piece line up but after the first EP our bassist left the band, another guy joined us he record the 2 splits with Grassroll and World Downfall, but again after all we continue three of us.
Are you all long-time musicians and have you played extreme music before this band? Do you have (or had in the past) any other bands or side projects?
Yes, Vaggelis and Vaggelis (voicals-drums) were playing together to Unfit Earth, was a crust band from Greece and Leonidas was in Bedlam, a grindcore band from Greece, not active since 2003. Also we passed through many bands of punk/ thrash/ crust/ death metal some are still active some not.

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Interview with Kristofer/ Livet Som Insats!

      Hey Kristofer, did you expect such good feedback on the Check Your Grind album? People say that you fill the void after Nasum and Sayyadina, and that you’re one of the top Swedish grindcore bands at the moment. How do you deal with this?
      Hey Andy! Haha not really, we were kinda prepared that a lot of people would be confused about the cover. (That’s maybe a reason that we choose to do it. To provoke by not using the “classic” black and white theme) but actually some people think that the cover is the best part of the album and the music is shit. Hehe.
      One of Swedens top grindcore acts at the moment? Well, we don’t have so much competition in that department really? There aren’t so many active bands out there now a days? But I can live with being in the top with the old farts in Gadget.
      Living the DIY way is very honest, and as a band you’re doing everything you can in this area. Recording. Releasing. Artwork. Distributing. Did you chose to live this way as a band, or did it simply come about naturally?
      Well, to put it simple. We are very restless souls. We don’t have the nerves to spectate. We gotta get some action now.
Livet Som Insats shreddin'