czwartek, 4 stycznia 2024



    Stoked for collaboration with FADING TRAIL, JÄRNBÖRD, ABANGLUPA, HORORNISDIPHONEVALLEY and ESAGOYA. What I can say, this is love for Grindcore.

środa, 27 grudnia 2023

UHRITOIMITUS EP Anthology audio disc


So far every collaboration with Yosuke/ Esagoya and Tomi/ Uhritoimitus/ Fading Trail is fruitful. Pure fun. Will only say that I love them!

niedziela, 29 października 2023

NAK'AY - Siezed / Divine Atrophy seven inch

     As always working with NAK'AY is fruitful and easy-going. The effect of our brainstorming is visible in the photos below. I was happy to make the pattern for vinyl labels and help with layout for cardboard pocket. It's a first release of Grindcore For Life and EveryDayHealth.

czwartek, 27 lipca 2023

Mänskliga Gränstillstånd

    FREDAG DEN 13:e ”Mänskliga Gränstillstånd” LP will be released in collaboration beetwen De:Nihil Rec, Halvfabrikat Records, Deviance, Phobia Records and EDH.

czwartek, 8 czerwca 2023

Kadiempembe, Devourer of Souls

     Love to Nganga, Hecatombe.

niedziela, 14 maja 2023

Human Stupidity

     Thanks to Grindfernö, love.

piątek, 31 marca 2023


    Thank you to VERPEST, BRC30, Loner Cult, Sick Phoque and me for collaboration, love you.