czwartek, 28 czerwca 2018

Interview with Alex/ Axia!

      Portugese grinders Axia are a new band featuring members of The Ominous Circle, Holocausto Canibal, Heavenwood and Colosso. Noted Grindcore label Selfmadegod released their debut album Pulverized in April. I was really impressed with their blistering sound and bleak outlook. I spoke to vocalist Alex Vale about the origins of the band, their debut album Pulverized and more. Peter 'Trendcrusher' K.
       The band features members of The Ominous Circle, Holocausto Canibal, Heavenwood and Colosso. How did you get together to form the band?
      We basically do a lot of touring with some of the bands you've mentioned, in fact we share a few members in studio as well as on the road. The idea to create a new band was quite clear and intuitive.

sobota, 16 czerwca 2018

Interview with Miłosz/ Abhorrent Funeral!

       Ghouls dug them out of graves and crypts. They eat brains, rotten flesh and drink blood, abhorrent beings. Their hunger is satisfied only by playing Troglodytic Horror Metal and watching horrors. Beware, they're coming for you. Andrzej Dumała.
      Looks like the necropolises, cemeteries, crypts and caves is your natural environment. How do you assess the contact of primitivism with civilization in the 21st century?
      UGH! Primitivism in the 21th centure is doing well. You know, I think, that at the moment there is somehow a million degrees of warmth outside and I’m dream about hidding in cold cave or crypt in the midlle of stormy night. Just lying on a couch in arctic cold darkess, playing video games and watching horrors and bite everyone, who want enything from me.
      Yep, primitivism is fantastic thing, I love prehistoria,I love primitivism in music... but for god sake, I will never wont go to the wood worship some trees or squirrels, or playing in some caveman survival. There is no chance to me, to leave 21th century and my electronic toys.;)

poniedziałek, 11 czerwca 2018

Interview with Ryan/ Meth Leppard and PowerXchuck!

      Meth Leppard is a 2-piece Grindcore band, hailing from Australia. They are about to embark a Europen tour this summer, so I contacted Ryan to discuss about the tour, about Meth Leppard, and about his other band, PowerXchuck. Enjoy! Zsiga Zoltán.

      Hello Ryan, thank you for the possibility to doing this chat with you. Actually, you are about to embark a long tour in Europe this summer, including the legendary Czech Obscene Extreme festival. Are you excited about this tour? Can you tell us, how many dates are planned in the touring schedule?
      Hi mate, first of all thank you very much the interview, yes we are all extremely excited for this tour, it is always great to meet new people. We plan to do roughly 17 dates on this tour.
      What are your plans and expectations from this tour? What cities or countries are you looking forward to the most?
      If our livers hold up we will be playing 8 countries, we can't wait to play with European Grindcore and Powerviolence bands.
Meth Leppard US tour 2017.