wtorek, 3 kwietnia 2018

Interview with Pibe/ Whoresnation!

      Whoresnation what it means to you?
      It means that all nations are shit oppressive apparatus, a scum system serving Capital. This name has also sometimes become a burden, it's been discussed and we understand why, however after talks we decided to go on with it. It has to be seen in an anarchist perspective, not mysoginistic.
      People are so superficial, they lie in the name of power and money. Did the methods you use to show the truth give you satisfaction?
      I don't think we are showing some truth, at best we may raise questions on some point but we´ve always been blurry in our lyrics. All the topics we bring up are usual routine discussion within the punk scene, hopefully it touches some people who hadn't think of those before. Last album isn't political perse, of course it is still loaded with intentions but lyrics are more personal, a pessimistic view on humanity in general. What mostly make us a political band is the scene we evolve in, the places where we play, the causes we support.
      And yes we are fully satisfied being part of this, and we´re gratefull toward all actor of the anarchist, diy scene. Even if we re heading toward new networks as well.
Whoresnation 2018. Shot by Floriane Miny.

poniedziałek, 2 kwietnia 2018

Interview with Mikko/ Slave Hands and full album stream!

      Some time ago I received a message from Mikko Ahokas, we share news about important moments. I will write that our cognizance is flowing. The decision to make the interview was natural, I started by sending photos of my hands, everything that happened after, you'll find it below. Andrzej Dumała.
      During daily works I use my slave hands, but today I show you my hands. Could you tell more about yours and the Other ones?
      We have three pairs of dry, shaking, tense and slow moving hands at least on musical instruments.
      In a world rid of all living, this hands has owners, yours philosophy could give a light on the records I have in my hands.
      I guess the philosophy lies undetermined somewhere in the presentation of the band but most of the themes lie somewhere in physical and mental struggles of every day life. From seeing and being part of things you detest but have no other choice than to be involved in. The aesthetics and ”feel” of the band is something we take very seriously. From the covers to the choice of samples etc.