wtorek, 2 października 2018

Obscene Extreme Festival- 20th Anniversary- raport by Andrzej Dumala.

      On Tuesday afternoon, my friends from Chełm picked me up from in front of my home in a BMW, which had been GPS- guided through countless fields and forests. What a beginning to this year’s edition of the Obscene Extreme Festival! We know how to get to Trutnov eyes closed. On Wednesday morning, in one of the Trutnov's supermarkets, I was looking for a banana outfit, and ended up with 4kg of real, super-yellow bananas to eat during the festival. When we showed up at the main entrance to the battlefield, the battle had already begun. I officiated my arrival with a Kozel Svetly beer, and took my new tent, suitcase, sleeping bag, and mat to the campsite where I would be staying for the next few days. As usual, it then started raining softly and pleasantly. I knew that I only had a few minutes to set up the tent before the storm. How can tents be sold without instructions in the 21st century?! I had a groundsheet, a waterproof cover, three folding plastic frames, stakes, and rope. Of course, I put the wrong frame into the wrong hole and was standing in the rain looking at it. But fortunately, I was able to sort it out in a minute or two. The best welcome I could imagine: watching the storm from the tent. The next surprise was that there were no people in the showers, so I had them all to myself. When I was drinking La mejor yerbamate for a breakfast, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relaxation, a feeling that I could just be myself. I had no expectations, plans, thoughts, or needs. I went for a walk to Trutnov's city center postcards to send, but I ended up with rain boots, a raincoat, and postcards to send because the municipal information center was closed.
EXHUMED. Photo by courtesy of Urban Skytt.

czwartek, 28 czerwca 2018

Interview with Alex/ Axia!

      Portugese grinders Axia are a new band featuring members of The Ominous Circle, Holocausto Canibal, Heavenwood and Colosso. Noted Grindcore label Selfmadegod released their debut album Pulverized in April. I was really impressed with their blistering sound and bleak outlook. I spoke to vocalist Alex Vale about the origins of the band, their debut album Pulverized and more. Peter 'Trendcrusher' K.
       The band features members of The Ominous Circle, Holocausto Canibal, Heavenwood and Colosso. How did you get together to form the band?
      We basically do a lot of touring with some of the bands you've mentioned, in fact we share a few members in studio as well as on the road. The idea to create a new band was quite clear and intuitive.

sobota, 16 czerwca 2018

Interview with Miłosz/ Abhorrent Funeral!

       Ghouls dug them out of graves and crypts. They eat brains, rotten flesh and drink blood, abhorrent beings. Their hunger is satisfied only by playing Troglodytic Horror Metal and watching horrors. Beware, they're coming for you. Andrzej Dumała.
      Looks like the necropolises, cemeteries, crypts and caves is your natural environment. How do you assess the contact of primitivism with civilization in the 21st century?
      UGH! Primitivism in the 21th centure is doing well. You know, I think, that at the moment there is somehow a million degrees of warmth outside and I’m dream about hidding in cold cave or crypt in the midlle of stormy night. Just lying on a couch in arctic cold darkess, playing video games and watching horrors and bite everyone, who want enything from me.
      Yep, primitivism is fantastic thing, I love prehistoria,I love primitivism in music... but for god sake, I will never wont go to the wood worship some trees or squirrels, or playing in some caveman survival. There is no chance to me, to leave 21th century and my electronic toys.;)

poniedziałek, 11 czerwca 2018

Interview with Ryan/ Meth Leppard and PowerXchuck!

      Meth Leppard is a 2-piece Grindcore band, hailing from Australia. They are about to embark a Europen tour this summer, so I contacted Ryan to discuss about the tour, about Meth Leppard, and about his other band, PowerXchuck. Enjoy! Zsiga Zoltán.

      Hello Ryan, thank you for the possibility to doing this chat with you. Actually, you are about to embark a long tour in Europe this summer, including the legendary Czech Obscene Extreme festival. Are you excited about this tour? Can you tell us, how many dates are planned in the touring schedule?
      Hi mate, first of all thank you very much the interview, yes we are all extremely excited for this tour, it is always great to meet new people. We plan to do roughly 17 dates on this tour.
      What are your plans and expectations from this tour? What cities or countries are you looking forward to the most?
      If our livers hold up we will be playing 8 countries, we can't wait to play with European Grindcore and Powerviolence bands.
Meth Leppard US tour 2017.

piątek, 25 maja 2018

Interview with Arif/ Faizal/ Vijesh/ Code Error!

      As a grind aficionado, I am constantly on the lookout for new acts around the world. One band that has got my attention recently is, Code Error. It features members from 2 of the best grindcore acts from South East Asia, Wormrot and Tools of the Trade. The band released a self titled EP a couple months ago. The 7 track release is a grindfreaks delights. I spoke to the band about their self titled release, recent shows with Rotten Sound and more. Peter 'Trendcrusher' K.

      Peter: The band features members of Wormrot and Tools of the Trade. How did you get together?
      Arif: We are friends for the longest time. So why not. It is a for fun side project for now. Who knows what’s in store for us in the future.
      Andy: People avoid code errors, they usually erase them. Do you have plan to survive in cyberspace?
      Faizal: Haha! No. Code Error is just a name for the band that we want to interpret as what currently happen in entire world and focusing all the good and bad things happen in our daily life.

wtorek, 8 maja 2018

Interview with Paul/ Christcrusher and co-funder of Melbourne Grind Syndicate.

      The conversation with Paul motivated me to uncompromising, deliberate action. Everything has a beginning, firstly I owe you an explanation of changing the blog name. My family is involved in the whole process. My sister Heather visited me during one of the journeys around Europe, as always, she brought me various gifts, one of them was t-shirt, I have all of them to this day, but one has a special value for me. It was Brutal Truth- Grindcore For Life T-shirt. This slogan stuck in my brain. For long, too long. The following interview is a trigger. I decided it would be the pleasant way to thank my older brother for constant inspiration and to start a new chapter together with Christ Crusher/ Melbourne Grind Syndicate.
       Paul, as a co-funder of Melbourne Grind Syndicate, please explain to us what we are dealing with.
      The whole thing came together around 1997 when Roby (BlastasFuk/ The Kill etc) were making stickers for our old band Open Wound. At the time, Sydney Hate Core was a thing, and we were touring there a lot. We felt a need to represent where we were from and what we were about because you have to understand, back then, we were playing with a bunch of Straight Edge and HC bands, and we were blasting our asses off-playing as fast as shit, so, we just wanted to attach an image to our little crew, and Syndicate was it. In the following years it came to encompass our friends from the area; Stand Against, Disgorge, The Kill, Fuck, I’m Dead, Vaginal Carnage etc. and obviously continues today with Christcrusher.
      What should I do to join the Syndicate?
      Haha! Someone from Sydney seriously asked that a while back!
      Move to Melbourne and hang out with us? Haha!

wtorek, 3 kwietnia 2018

Interview with Pibe/ Whoresnation!

      Whoresnation what it means to you?
      It means that all nations are shit oppressive apparatus, a scum system serving Capital. This name has also sometimes become a burden, it's been discussed and we understand why, however after talks we decided to go on with it. It has to be seen in an anarchist perspective, not mysoginistic.
      People are so superficial, they lie in the name of power and money. Did the methods you use to show the truth give you satisfaction?
      I don't think we are showing some truth, at best we may raise questions on some point but we´ve always been blurry in our lyrics. All the topics we bring up are usual routine discussion within the punk scene, hopefully it touches some people who hadn't think of those before. Last album isn't political perse, of course it is still loaded with intentions but lyrics are more personal, a pessimistic view on humanity in general. What mostly make us a political band is the scene we evolve in, the places where we play, the causes we support.
      And yes we are fully satisfied being part of this, and we´re gratefull toward all actor of the anarchist, diy scene. Even if we re heading toward new networks as well.
Whoresnation 2018. Shot by Floriane Miny.

poniedziałek, 2 kwietnia 2018

Interview with Mikko/ Slave Hands and full album stream!

      Some time ago I received a message from Mikko Ahokas, we share news about important moments. I will write that our cognizance is flowing. The decision to make the interview was natural, I started by sending photos of my hands, everything that happened after, you'll find it below. Andrzej Dumała.
      During daily works I use my slave hands, but today I show you my hands. Could you tell more about yours and the Other ones?
      We have three pairs of dry, shaking, tense and slow moving hands at least on musical instruments.
      In a world rid of all living, this hands has owners, yours philosophy could give a light on the records I have in my hands.
      I guess the philosophy lies undetermined somewhere in the presentation of the band but most of the themes lie somewhere in physical and mental struggles of every day life. From seeing and being part of things you detest but have no other choice than to be involved in. The aesthetics and ”feel” of the band is something we take very seriously. From the covers to the choice of samples etc.

poniedziałek, 26 marca 2018

Interview with Sonia/ Psychoneurosis!

            When I was a kid, back in 90s, Psychoneurosis with Dead Infection, Rotting Head, Blöödy Psycho bring to life the Grindcore in Poland. Andrzej Dumała.

            hey Sonia, after all do you know what is happening with our money?
            Hello Andy. Good old times! Yes, I know what happened with our money. Government, politicians, and church - nothing changes still same Polish shit. It's sad but true.
            The reunited of Psychoneurosis is an escape from a sad, harsh reality?
            Yes, but mostly it is escape from wife hahahaha. For all these years of being not active on the scene I really missed music, people, all the conversations and talks. You know, for 15 years I was on grind retirement hahaha. Nowadays, I am relaxed, full of new ideas and strength for further action. So we came back but we will not play often because I live in UK.
Psychoneurosis by Rafal Kotylak.

niedziela, 11 lutego 2018

Interview with Jay and Robert/ INVERTEBRATE!

      Hailing from Oakland, California, Invertebrate delivers intense, agressive grinding tunes since 2012. I spoke with drummer Jay Peacock and bass player Robert Avery about the band's origins, about their split with Meloow Harsher, as well as about influences and upcoming records, among many other interesing topics. Enjoy! Zoltan Zsiga/ Blast Fanzine/ GCP.
      Greetings from EveryDayHate Grindblog and thank you for this interview! Can you please tell us the biography of Invertebrate and explain, how the band came together? Can you introduce the members? Which other bands, projects are you also known for?
      Greetings! Jay (drums) here, and thanks for having us! INVERTEBRATE started with Donovan and I (Jay) back in 2012, I was playing in a Death Metal band called Ominous Ruin and he was freshly out of touring with Buried at Birth. We both wanted to start a project with influences of Iron Lung, Early Pig Destroyer, and so on. A couple years later after being a two piece, we came across our bass player Rob, who is from Badr Vogu, and Self Inflicted, to name a few.
      Rob: I play bass and do vocals, I was in STRAINS OF THE APOCALYPSE(Grind), FARTICUS(wierdo sf band), I was a founding member of BADR VOGU, and SELF INFLICTED(the bay area version in 2008).