poniedziałek, 19 czerwca 2017

Get ready for interview with Ape Unit and exclusive stream of Zoopocalypse Grindcore!

      I will release a unique 7 inch of plastic on 30th of June. It's a split between Ape Unit and Horsebastard, together 11 songs of Zoopocalypse Grindcore. This is a great opportunity to stream a new Ape Unit's song and talk with Steve. Enjoy, Andrzej Dumala.
      hey Steve, what's Ape Unit?
      Ape Unit is a project started almost ten years ago by five bored primates who decided to join forces to play as fast and noisy as they can. The band changed a lot along the years, but the original concept has remained the same : five friends having fun playing extreme music!
      What causes boredom?
      Nothing in particular, really. At the time, all the original members of the band were into extreme music, so It was easy to start the project, even If It first came as a "joke band", and It turned into something more serious months after the first rehearsal.