wtorek, 9 maja 2017

Interview with Fabio Mozine/ Läjä Records!

       Fabio Mozine supports underground DIY scene since I remember, his label is well know because of many great and weird releases. Enjoy the exclusive interview made by Carlos James, translated by Zé Misanthrope specially for GCP blog.
        Since when have you noticed that yo’ve reached the point of no return in your underground life? When did you realize it could be a real thing, that instead of having a 9-5 Job, your bands and projects would be the priority? Do you have plans on expanding Läjä?
       I Think i’ve noticed the point of no return even before forming my first band, just for the simple pleasure I’ve felt from listening to garage bands, local bands and for the absolute disgust I’ve felt for the mainstream bands, even the metal ones. And of course the feeling being part of the underground community. Now, for me to believe in it in a professional point of view, especially with the label, being able to make a living out of it, it took me quite some time, and I’m still struggling with it. It’s a very unstable job, it makes me fearful and insecure about the very nature of it. Obviously any kind of job has its instabilities, but think about it: if you have a stable job in a bank, for instance, I believe you don’t feel afraid about losing your job or having no income unless you fuck up really bad. I’m not sure if I will expand Laja in any means, based on my will to work at home with small things and little problems. I just think I need to revamp it from time to time.

sobota, 6 maja 2017

Interview with Smattro Ansjovis/ Birdflesh!

       Smattro Ansjovis is a founder of one, of the oldest and most recognizable Swedish Grindcore bands, Birdflesh is having their 25-year anniversary this year. Andrzej Dumala.
        Hey Smattro, Birdflesh is having their 25-year anniversary this year as a one of the oldest and most recognizable Swedish Grindcore bands. What are your thoughts on the legacy of Birdflesh?
       Hey Andy! Yeah, 25 years ago we started Birdflesh. It's really crazy. Though it took a few years to learn how to play and write songs, haha! It has been lots of ups and downs through the years and I am the only original member left. But I can't imagine my life without this band. It's like a family member.
       Playing Carnivalgrind for quarter of a century is an excellent opportunity to celebrate, Are you gonna have a big party to mark the occasion?
       We haven't really thought about doing anything special to celebrate. Sadly there is no time. Family, work and our other bands take a lot of time too. We have a few shows coming up this year so I guess we gonna have some beers with our fans who care about our 25th anniversary. We save the big party until we turn 50.
"Thanks Ryan and Evan + crew for having us at NDF. People say we had a great time. Cheers to all crazy people who moshed at our show." Birdflesh 2017.

Interview with Harry Bryan/ Prisoner 639 and exclusive online stream of split w/ Throw Me In The Crater.

       Harry Bryan is a guitar player in raw and primitive deep-mouthed Powerviolence duo Prisoner 639. I met him personally during the tour with Nothing Clean in Warsaw's Chmury Klub. As a D.I.Y. label I helped them to release split 7 inch with Throw Me In The Crater. This is a great chance to share the stream officially and post interview we made some time ago. Andrzej Dumala.

       hey Harry, it's millions of prisoners out there, why you chose the Prisoner 639? Is he special?
       Prisoner 639 is very special, actually, and anyone who appreciates Asian cinema may well be familiar with them already.

       What's your prison?
       My prison? Trying to break out of an endless cycle of Bojack Horseman. Well... I say trying, I never tried very hard. Classic stuff.