czwartek, 6 kwietnia 2017

Interview with Jon Petterson/ Henry Kane!

Jon Pettersson is no stranger to the Metal world, he is a member of bands like Wombbath, Ashcloud and Just Before Dawn. A couple months ago, Transcending Obscurity released their debut album Den Förstörda Människans Rike from his new project Henry Kane is newest band from and it sounds awesome. The albums combines buzzsaw grinding guitar riffs with deep growled vocals in Swedish. I spoke to Jon about the album, horror movies and the possibility of Henry Kane live shows. Peter 'Trendcrusher' K.
You are a part of bands like Ashcloud, Just Before Dawn, Wombbath and many others. How and when did you decide to start a solo project, Henry Kane?
I was coming up to my 20th year as a recording artist, so I wanted to make something personal to mark this. So it felt natural to start a solo project. My first band metal band Disfigured Victims was a solo project to begin with, so it was kind of like closing a circle.
Den Förstörda Människans Rike sounds like a mix of Death Metal, Crust and Grindcore. How did you come up with your unique sound?
It is basically a mix of all the genres I’ve played throughout the years filtered down into a melting pot of extreme music. You even get some Black Metal parts in there if you listen carefully. It needed to be an extreme expression pushed to its very limit.
What was the writing process for the album? Do you prefer writing alone or as part of a band?
I started writing some riffs that I felt had the right feel to them. I made up a demo that would be the base for the final product. Once I had the basic structures for the songs, I started working on the details, melodies and small hooks. It was very important build layers on each song. Every time you listen to the album you should find details you didn’t catch previously.
What was the recording process for the album? Where was it recorded?
It was recorded, mixed and master in my studio “Studio Unbound”. It started with the drums, followed by the rhythm guitar. After that more guitars, bass and vocals was layered on. On each I chase a certain feeling, and layers will be added or removed until I find what I am looking for.