niedziela, 5 marca 2017

Interview with Philip/ Dead Instrument!

The following interview was made with the Danish Grindcore squad Dead Instrument, the news about their upcoming split with Whoresnation and Chiens was just announced a few weeks ago, but this will be unfortunately the last release from this killer band. I talked with Philip about the end, about their last split with the dirty Sludge lords, Meth Drinker, and about some personal topics as well. Enjoy! Zoltán Zsiga.
Hello Philip, greetings from EveryDayHate Grindblog and thank you for this interview! First of all, I’d like to talk about the upcoming split Lp; including you, Whoresnation and Chiens. Can you tell us some words about this release, and about your songs? What can we expect from the split?
Hey Zoli, thank you for the Interview! Our contribution to the split was recorded in the same session as the songs for the Meth Drinker split and it's been a long way coming! I believe it was Lopin from Whoresnation who wrote us a long time ago about doing a split. We liked them, so we agreed, but had some other stuff to get out of the way first. Then we played with them and Chiens on our tour with PLF, and they were both fucking amazing – I bought the Chiens Vultures are our future 10” later on that tour and was blown away by it. I think the talk of individual splits with both bands was drunkenly brought up on the night of the show and the idea changed to do a threeway split not long after. I might be wrong, but I think it was Michol from Chiens who suggested, that each band contribute with five songs that had the same overall lyrical themes. In that same spirit, the running order of the split is divided into those five themes, instead of all the songs from each band one after another. It's unusual, but feels nice to do something a little different, and everyone delivers a 100% on this thing, so I think it worked out well!
Upcoming split LP w/ Whoresnation and Chiens.