poniedziałek, 27 czerwca 2016

Interview with Kristofer/ Livet Som Insats!

      Hey Kristofer, did you expect such good feedback on the Check Your Grind album? People say that you fill the void after Nasum and Sayyadina, and that you’re one of the top Swedish grindcore bands at the moment. How do you deal with this?
      Hey Andy! Haha not really, we were kinda prepared that a lot of people would be confused about the cover. (That’s maybe a reason that we choose to do it. To provoke by not using the “classic” black and white theme) but actually some people think that the cover is the best part of the album and the music is shit. Hehe.
      One of Swedens top grindcore acts at the moment? Well, we don’t have so much competition in that department really? There aren’t so many active bands out there now a days? But I can live with being in the top with the old farts in Gadget.
      Living the DIY way is very honest, and as a band you’re doing everything you can in this area. Recording. Releasing. Artwork. Distributing. Did you chose to live this way as a band, or did it simply come about naturally?
      Well, to put it simple. We are very restless souls. We don’t have the nerves to spectate. We gotta get some action now.
Livet Som Insats shreddin'

poniedziałek, 13 czerwca 2016

Interview with Oula and Tomi/ Death Toll 80k!

      Death Toll 80k shows harsh realities with sensitive, raw and brutal grindcore attitude. Zoltan made my day with news about this interview, because bands like DK80k needs attention and support./ Andy

      Hi Oula and Tomi, how are you, are you ready to answer my questions? How often receive Death Toll 80K interview- requests, and do you like answering more and more stupid questions haha? Do you know anything about my country, Hungary?
      O: Hello! We haven’t done that many interviews actually, but lately it seems that we’ve got more requests in quite a short period of time. I’ve been to Hungary once, but that was just driving through it on a tour some years ago so I can’t say I know too much about it. Lately I’ve mostly followed how the government these is trying to close the borders from the refugees. What is happening there right now is just horrible.
      T: I know Ferenc Puscas and that finnish and hungarian languages are related to each other.
      As far as I know this is the first hungarian Death Toll 80K interview, so I’d like to start with a short background info. How did you get together, who’s idea was to form this band, did you already know each other? So, can you summarize the band’s history for us?
      O: Me and Tomi started the band in early 2005 after our previous death metal broke up. We had got to know each other maybe a couple of years before that through some mutual friends, it was that time when you met someone with a similar taste in music you pretty much became friends instantly. I think I finally wanted to start singing then and was really into goregrind at that time while Tomi’s idea was to play Brazilian thrash metal. We asked some friends to join in, and the first stage of the want was some kind of mix between primitive grind and Celtic Frost. Our first bass player quit pretty soon, and my brother replaced him for the next few years, but it was after Jori became our drummer in 2007 (he had actually played in that previously mentioned death metal band before and I was in a goregrind band called Marttyyrioperaatio with him) that DT80k became what it is today, it was almost a totally different band before that.
      We made our first European tour in 2008, and after that we have made three longer tours there (with Sakatat, Powercup and Perikato) and a couple shorter trips. Maryland Deathfest in 2014 was our first and this far only gig outside Europe. In 2009 our current bass player Ville joined the band after filling in for a couple of shows, but that was also a really easy line-up change as he also was our friend long before that.
Death Toll 80k shreddin' on OEF!

czwartek, 9 czerwca 2016

Interview with Alex/ Deboned!

      It's a perfect time to introduce you fresh flesh of Canadian grindcore underground scene. Zoltan made chat chat with Alex, vocalist of the Deboned. Enjoy.
      Hey guys, my name is Zoli, greetings from Hungary & from EveryDayHate grindblog! Let’s start with an introduction. Have you all been in other bands previously, or Deboned is your first band? How, when and why did you started Deboned, can you give us a background info?
      Hey Zoli! First of all, I’d like to thank you for the interview. It means a lot to us. To answer your question, each one of us already had a band before but nothing that was recorded so it’s safe to say that Deboned is our first band. Me, Etienne and Dispa had a Death Metal band called Exciser back in high school and Yan had a band called Unholy Matter before he moved to our town.
      Who’s idea was the name? I believe you aren’t vegetarians, but why only fillets without bone? What about a good beef shin stew, or lamb chops, you don’t like them?
      I actually brought the name to the table but I found it in a Carcass solo title. I guess I was reading their lyrics and I found out about this word and I thought it would fit the kind of music we wanted to do. I think it’s from the song ’Pedigree Butchery’.
      Ok, fuck the cuisine, go ahead. Recently you had a line-up change with the departure of bassist Pierre-Alexandre. What was the reason for him to quit, and did you already found the new member?
      Dispa, as we like to call him, left the band recently for some personal reasons. I think he wanted to concentrate on school and he didn’t had enough time on his hands to play with us anymore. We’re still good friends and always will be even tho it pains us to know that we won’t share the stage with him again. As for the new member, we already had some plans to take my friend, Rudy, as a second guitarist since Etienne is moving to another town so we could still pratice when he isn’t available. By chance, Rudy is mostly a bassist so we asked him if he wanted to join in as a bassist instead and he was way more happy with this!
Deboned shreddin'/ pix shot by Stephanie Goulet.