niedziela, 24 kwietnia 2016

Interview with Miloslav Čurby Urbanec/ Obscene Extreme Festival!

      I was 15 times on Obscene Extreme Festival, I had a blast every time. This is the unusual place. I made a chat chat with Miloslav Urbanec vel Čurby. Feel the vibe and see you on Trutnov battlefield.
      hey Curby, I'm glad that you've found some time for this chat. I believe you're busy with your label and with booking bands for OEF. How are you doing this? Seriously, I remember OEF from the times when stage was on trailer, totally DIY and now OEF is in Asia, America, Australia and still Europe. What's your main intention?
      Well, you're more than right, with another addition to our already big family gang in November it's crazy life, simply live fast or die haha!!!
      I just do the same thing like back in times, support my favourite music, support my favourite's quite easy like that...I'm still trying to keep the ticket price for the festival as low as possible and my main goal is to prepare a perfect weekend for everyone... I must add it's really more and more difficult to do a real underground festival and to have no sponsors at all...I still believe this way with the support from our loyal fans is much better than to lick some fat ass in big companies...and I know our supporters know this.
Miloslav Čurby Urbanec/ pix shot by Jiri Vesely Photography