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Death is coming! Streaming and Interviewing THE DOG!

      After releasing two 7’ EPs in 2014 and 2015 The Dog has recorded its first full lenght album. It contains 15 songs, inspired by aggressive and furious classic hardcore scene outfits like Negative Approach, D.R.I, Spazz, Trash Talk, Despise You!, or even Kickback, with gloomy and dark lirycs. Lost generation music, for the people who feel like shit and don’t know exactly why.
      Keywords: lost hope, broken dreams, lack of satisfaction, stagnation.
      "The Devil Comes At Night" was recorded during two days in December 2015 at Maq Records and then mixed and mastered by Haldor Grubnberg of Satanic Audio. It includes one track with guest appearance from Artur Rumiński (Thaw, Furia, ARRM).
CD will be released this summer by EveryDayHate and MC by Drop Out Records.
Song premiere #1/ The Constant Factor

      Hey, I have known you guys for a long time but I think that many people around don't know anything about your band, so let's start from the beginning. What was the main reason for starting The Dog? It's seems like it's a result of your frustration with previous bands, that weren't so active and they simply lacked luck.
      IGOR: We have known each other for a very long time. As you said our previous bands started to be a little bit less active (We Are Idols is actually no longer active) so we came up with an idea of the new band. Łukasz and Maciek played a few rehearsals. The music they’ve created turned out to be fast and furious hardcore, which we all love. Then they invited me and Dawid and that’s how The Dog was born.
      I bet you will hate this question soon, but I'm the first and I feel free to ask - how the idea for the name of your band came up? I'm not saying it's a bad name, I love dogs, many people do. Does it have something to do with the names of your previous bands? Just asking.
      I: Piotrek - the guitarist of our previous band We Are Idols - once mentioned that “The Dogs” would be a great name for the band. Then I got the the idea. The Dog is the word which refers to many both positive and negative meanings. In Polish language it sounds a lot more massive and gruesome than in English and that’s the way we think of it. In Poland, you know, if you hear by chance that there is a band called The Dog, you certainly know that they don’t play reggae. Using it to call someone can be even an insult. And of course we also love dogs.

The Dog in action. All pics by Maciek Smoliński/ 13.01.16 klub Liverpool, Wrocław

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Interview with 13/ Sick of Stupidity!

      hey 13, before we start talking about Sick of Stupidity I would like to ask you why have you crucified 18-years old Jesus Cröst? Is this is the main reason of starting a new band? I have feeling that Sick of Stupidity is a continuation of your sarcasm started years ago by Jesus Cröst.
      Hey Andy, Thanks for the opportunity to do a interview for EDH! Yep, Jesus Cröst is dead. Sick of Stupidity is the shit now a days. I don’t want to spend much words on the JC breakup. We’re still good friends, but just have other priorities in our lives now than this band. A pity we stopped a thing we got started in 1996. But we reached maximum as a 2 piece powerviolence band I think. It was the right time to call it a day.
      Sick of Stupidity (SOS) has nothing to do with sarcasm I think. This band got positive vibes. All is easygoing, although things were going real fast the last year. We got asked for a lot of shows, festivals, tours, splits etc. I’m kinda reborn after the death of Jesus Cröst. I enjoy doing gigs and everything around it more than I did the last couple of years with JC. It feels good.

      Sick of Stupidity's songs are mix of best elements of grindcore, death metal and powerviolence. For me both of your bands have similar approach and this is even more interesting because now you're doing vocals only. Do you have anything to do with making off process?
      Bruno and Lemmy started the band in 2014 and played a few gigs before I joined. So there already was a 15 minute live set. Some people think I’m the founder of this band, but that’s not true. Lemmy and Bruno are the founders of SOS. When I joined, after being asked by Bruno to play bass guitar, I wrote a couple of songs we play live now. The songs I write are more stop and go powerviolence with a kind of new skool feel. That’s my stylo. Bruno and Lemmy (both more technically skilled than I ever was) are more into old skool grind like Repulsion, Terrorizer etc.
      When they come up with a new song expect overwhelming Pete Sandoval blastbeats with fast as fuck PLF riffage. The mix of old and new skool works perfect for all of us I think. Especially with the dual vocals. Zoran with extra ordinary low Gutteral growls and me with high-pitched Squeals and screams.

Sick Of Stupidity shreddin'