poniedziałek, 18 stycznia 2016

Interview with Petri/ Feastem!

      hey Feastem, I think we should start with some serious questions. Please explain the idea for the vinyl labels on split 7 inch with Spanish grinders Teething. We both agree that the cover is a little bit "retard style". I get it and I love it, but I'm super curious why exactly Petri's face is located on Feastem's label?
      Hey EveryDayHate Blog, let’s do just that! The labels were Luis' (from Teething) idea. Teething has a tradition of putting funny pictures of it’s members on the labels of their vinyl releases and he thought it would be fitting that we do the same for this one. Apparently my face was the dumbest picture he could find from our Facebook so there it is, for all to enjoy, haha! I was going to try and find more pics so we could’ve had our entire band there but then life happened and I didn’t have the time. So now it’s just me.
      Personally I think your 3 songs from split with Teething are the best. While listening to them, I feel that you're older musically, well-concidered and less chaotic. Feastem has become more readable and recognizable. You go forward not only in my opinion, your last album got so many badass reviews. What is your motto - working hard and playing harder?
      Thanks for your kind words! I think the new stuff is going to differ a bit from our previous releases since Antti is no longer in the band. He wrote a lot of our older material and had a very unique style of writing that definitely made the “Feastem sound”, if you will. After he left, we’ve had to come up with a new approach to writing. We used to do everything over the internet since all of us lived in different cities. Now me, Olli and Pate all live in Helsinki and Niko lives only 2 hours away so it makes things a little easier for us. Olli has been responsible for coming up with the skeletons for the new songs and for the first time ever since I’ve been in the band, we actually jammed and finished the new songs together in the rehearsal room. We also recorded everything ourselves and took a little bit more organic approach to the whole thing and I think it really shines through on the split. Olli has tons of new tunes in the pipeline and we’re going to start finishing the new album as soon as possible! We haven’t really been a hard working band, living all over Finland has been an obstacle in that sense but I think that’s going to change now. As for playing, we always play HARDEST!!!
Feastem shreddin'/ pix shot by Rokas Milius/ fifty fifty photography

Interview with David/ Teething!

      Hello guys, this is Zoli from Blast fanzine/ EDH grindblog, Hungary. Thank you for this interview. Can you introduce your band; who is who, how did you create Teething? For how long are you been in the music industry, what other bands and side-projects do you have or had in the past?
      Hey Zoli, thank you for having us! At the moment we are three out the four members that started the band: Álvaro plays drums, Luis hangs from the ceiling and I (David) play bass and do backing vocals. It’s been around two months now that we have been working with Antonio to fill in for guitars. He used to play in Hybrid. Teething was created out of angst and boredom in the Summer of 2011. Álvaro and I have been playing for over ten years together now. We used to play in a noise project that lost a few members so we couldn’t really keep going. Perfect timing cause we were anxious to build something angrier and more raw. Just more aggressive. Which happened to be TEETHING after a couple of jams with the former guitarist, Charlie and Luis on the mic.
Teething shreddin'/ pix shot by Antonio Tilyudai/ http://www.tilyudai.com/

sobota, 16 stycznia 2016

Interview with Rikard/ Gadget!

      It's time to talk with one of the most lazy and dead serious about playing grindcore band ever, the Swedish Gadget. They started playing in 1997 and until now they recorded 2 albums, 2 splits and few demo tapes... so let us begin conversation with Rikard, Gadget guitar player.

      I was very upset when the Eastern front/Violate Europe tour ended, it was a badass 6 days on the road. Live grindcore every night, incredibly good food, hundreds of crazy maniacs around, so many good supports, sick shit, seriously! Tell us how the idea of the tour came up? Were all your expectations fulfilled in the end? Did you have fun? Was Fredrik waiting for you in rehearsal room with hot dinner, bath and drinks?
      Seriously, sick shit! Overviolence asked us last winter if we would be into the idea. We've had Henke with us on tour earlier, and we did a short run with their previous band Crowpath a few years before that, so we knew they were easy going guys. And yes, it definitely turned out great - even though Fredrik had a last minute emergency and decided to stay home. Cancelling is not an option, not when you've got flights, merch and everything sorted out and payed for. And we thought that if other grind bands can do it without bass, why can't we? As Dr Eriksson (General Surgery) put it when I asked him if he could fill in: "Just put the damn guitar in the bass amp, no one cares anyway!" The bigger shows with Cannibal Corpse and Sepultura was the most comfy ones, and the small DIY shows in Slovakia was the most fun ones - just as expected!
Gadget shreddin' in Krakow/ pix shot by Marcin Pawłowski / rockmetal.pl