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Interview with Rafael and Mendigo/ ROT!

I contacted Marcelo from Rot around 16 years ago, we traded some tapes and 7 inch split with No Prejudice and I became their fan straight away. After couple of years they become a grindcore legend. Rot has been quiet for a long time but it was worth to wait. They're coming back with new 7 inch Nowhere. My good friend, Carlos James, a former and bassplayer of another Brasilian grindcore legendary band Facada, and I decided that it's good time to talk to them. Carlos James became my partner in global grindcore propaganda and here you have his first interview for EveryDayHate grindblog. I would like to thank Carlos James and Rot for being truely grindcore maniacvs and their scene's support since forever! Andy EDH
      Tell us a little bit how the ROT started.  What were its beginnigs and what bands really influenced the ROT? What Brazilian bands do you listen to? I know you have a song on your first EP which sounds almost like a cover of Fear of God. Was it deliberate or just a coincidence?
     Mendigo: It began with the end of Rigidity Cadaveric, which was a death metal band in the vein of Death, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, etc. Then we invited Marcelo (who had a fanzine called United Forces) ­ who used to go to almost every Rigidity Cadaveric rehearsal ­ to do the vocals in a new band that we were willing to form. According to Marcelo, the guy who named the band was Babú (ex­bassist), who helped Marcelo in making our logo as well. I'm mentioning this, because when I got to Marcelo's place to talk about this new band, they already had almost everything done. We only had to write the songs. Everything got done in four or five months. There were many bands who influenced us, like Celtic Frost, Fear of God, Napalm Death, Sore Throat, Agathocles...Those bands really made us to form our own band. Brazilian bands that influenced us were Psychic Possessor, Atack Epiléptico, Nada and probably Ação Direta in some way, as we used to listen to their demo all the time. Now about that Fear of God thing you asked...It was not intentional, it was not coincidental, I like to call it as a homage. It was a reference we got. Almost every brazilian band in that way had that kind of thing. It was very normal to hear bands who had similar riffs with those bands we liked. I can mention "Russian Roulette", for instance, which sounds very alike to Blood's "Dogmatized": a band that we really liked in the beginning of the 90's. I guess that from all the bands we mentioned as influences, the only band that is still playing grindcore is Agathocles, right? But that doesn't matter, does it?
Rot 2015, pix shot by Guilherme Ferreira


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Interview with Robbie/ The Kill!

It's time to chat with Robbie Polzella, former and guitar player of Australia’s premiere grindcore act, The Kill.

      hey Robbie, do you know that I miss you? Seriously. I'm really glad we've met on your first Europen tour, hang out in Krakow and just had a great time. Could you summarize Violence Over Europe 2014?
      Stop it Andy... I'm starting to get all teary. I can't thank you enough mate. You all did so much for us and we love ya! Those Polish Dumplings were to die for! "Fuck off to Krakoff"
      Violence over Europe 2014 was an absolute blast mate. The people, bands, food, Beer, places/ history, and shows were all incredible. Our first Euro show "PLAY FAST FEST" in a Czech Hanger... Speechless! And to then play "OBSCENE"... Fuck me! We were blown away. We'll never forget it Andy. Huge thanks to Curby, Otto, Ondra, you and everyone involved with organising our shows... Absolute Legends! 
THE KILL shreddin' in Krakoff/ pix shot by Justyna Kamińska
      I have a feeling that you like going straight to the point, The Kill is about violence, killing, worshiping devil himself, unhuman fast blastbeats and there is no place for bullshit. You're some kind of dinosaur, because not many like you left. You're on the same path for a long time, how do you feel about this, are you more noticeably now than ever?
      Ha! Devil worship? Nooooo, far from it! I have always tried to base THE KILL on straight up violent music. But I like to still hear all the riffs, drums and vocals. As long as it's dirty! Personally I think having lyrics in grindcore goes a long way. A vocalist shouting or screaming abuse and not just making silly noises makes the music much more aggressive, brutal and in your face. Not everyone into grind would agree... I'm getting old, I know Andy.. But never EVER will we slow down.
Yes, THE KILL has a much larger fan base overseas now. It was pretty much after "Make 'Em Suffer".... It's awesome!

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Interview with Gerardo/ Disturbance Project!

Zsiga Zoltán/ Blast Fanzine did another interview, this time with Gerardo Fernandez, bass player of Spanish Disturbance Project/ Rageous Intent. I know Gerardo since 2003, we meet on Obscene Extreme Festival right after his show with Denak. I can tell you, he's a seriously grindcore head and very good friend! Andy EDH

      Hello guys, my name is Zoli, welcome to the pages of Blast fanzine, from Hungary. How are you, are you ready to answer some questions? Do you like answering interviews? Did you prepared some beers and nice music to this chat?
      Hi! Gerardo here. Always ready to answer an interview!!!!Unfortunatelly I'm at job, so no beer and I guess our clients won' t like to listen our music....

      I’ve seen Disturbance Project live in Budapest (Hungary) in April, 2015; on tour with Rageous Intent. How do you remember that show, and the place (Showbarlang)? Unfortunately the audience wasn’s so big, but I hope you had a good time in Hungary.
      It was our second time in Budapest, first was in a 2010 tour. The venue was really great!, but I guess too big for a band like us, haha! In 2010 we played in a smaller place with a total crazy crowd. They made human pyramids while we were playing!!! This time we expected some like that too, but there were no pyramids for us...anyway was great and I can renognize some people who was in the 2010 gig too!

      This was the first time when you met the guys from Alea Iacta Est? How long was this tour, how much gigs did you do with them?
      We just tour for a week in Czech, Slovakia and that show in Hungary. AIE played 3 shows with us and they really killz! They are an awesome good band and nice guys too! we play 3 dates with them in the middle of the week and they have to drive back home everyday to work early each next morning! We really apreciate it. Hopefully they will be on tour next year in Spain and it will be great meet them again!
Disturbance Project shreddin'