poniedziałek, 10 sierpnia 2015

Subjugation interview by Zsiga Zoltán/ Blast fanzine

This interview will feature in the #3rd issue of Blastzine in hungarian language. So let's see what Zsiga Zoltán ask for Mustafa and Kaya from Subjugation!

are a relatively new name in the underground, but the members of the band are well-known from the Turkish scene.  

Please tell me, how the story of Subjugation started, what did you set out to do with this band and how did the line-up came together? 
Mustafa: Hey! We started the band in the very hot summer of 2013. Both Sakatat and Burial Invocation were inactive during that time and we were quite bored, so we just wanted to rehearse and steam off. We quickly enlisted a guitar and bass player and started to compose songs. We were actually planning to play in a more punkier, Discharge-influenced style, but the songs quickly turned into brutal grindcore. 

Continuing the line-up theme a bit; is it hard to find talented and committed musicians (who doesn't already play with hundreds of bands) for an underground metal or grindcore act in your country? 
Kaya: It’s quite hard to be honest. There are less and less people listening to music and even less grindcore fans. But the real struggle is finding people on your own frequency.
Mustafa: We have a small number of people in the country participating in the scene, but like you mentioned, everyone already plays in a thousand other bands.
Subjugation live/ pix shot by Niklas Larson.