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Obscene Extreme Festival- 20th Anniversary- raport by Andrzej Dumala.

      On Tuesday afternoon, my friends from Chełm picked me up from in front of my home in a BMW, which had been GPS- guided through countless fields and forests. What a beginning to this year’s edition of the Obscene Extreme Festival! We know how to get to Trutnov eyes closed. On Wednesday morning, in one of the Trutnov's supermarkets, I was looking for a banana outfit, and ended up with 4kg of real, super-yellow bananas to eat during the festival. When we showed up at the main entrance to the battlefield, the battle had already begun. I officiated my arrival with a Kozel Svetly beer, and took my new tent, suitcase, sleeping bag, and mat to the campsite where I would be staying for the next few days. As usual, it then started raining softly and pleasantly. I knew that I only had a few minutes to set up the tent before the storm. How can tents be sold without instructions in the 21st century?! I had a groundsheet, a waterproof cover, three folding plastic frames, stakes, and rope. Of course, I put the wrong frame into the wrong hole and was standing in the rain looking at it. But fortunately, I was able to sort it out in a minute or two. The best welcome I could imagine: watching the storm from the tent. The next surprise was that there were no people in the showers, so I had them all to myself. When I was drinking La mejor yerbamate for a breakfast, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relaxation, a feeling that I could just be myself. I had no expectations, plans, thoughts, or needs. I went for a walk to Trutnov's city center postcards to send, but I ended up with rain boots, a raincoat, and postcards to send because the municipal information center was closed.
EXHUMED. Photo by courtesy of Urban Skytt.

       I missed the first edition back in the days, now I was ready for the Back to 1999 OEF party. Na bojisti is the first amphitheater I ever saw, like a portal, or a gate to eternity, visible and available to everyone. To find the entrance to the portal, just go to the highest peak of Na bojsti, look right, take 14 steps, turn left, take 35 steps, turn around, and look left, jump, clap, take 2 steps straight ahead. And don’t forget to inhale/exhale. Everything has it's form, be it a leaf, tree, lizard, water in the oceans. The portal is perceptible when we cease to interfere with nature. The air viscous and dense, moisture settling on our faces. I waited for the wind to cut through the dark, shrouded curtains, that I could stand face to face with the sun. While exploring anti-tunes, I came to understand the Obscene Extreme Festival as the freak friendly place it really is. I finally found the fire I had been looking for at all previous editions. Brainwash, Onanizer, Deflorace, Twisted Truth, Melancholy Pessimism, Tortharry, Needful Things, Fleshless, Crusher, Abortion, Isacaarum, Malignant Tumour, Vaginal Tumour, Entrails Massacre, Squash Bowels, Agathocles - thank you for giving me this answer. Hell yeah, I'm a freak. After the shows, I sat on a bench under a tree and took out my tobacco, only to learn that I had used all my rolling papers. Just then, my brother jumped out from the shadows with a welcoming smile, offering to smoke a joint. He told me wonderful stories about the circumstances in which he had smoked joints, and the value they had for him. I can tell, your loved brother. After that, it was time for the screening of Blasting Shit to Bits, so I grabbed a beer and enjoyed the movie. It's hard to believe, but there was yet another surprise. The Final Show of Nasum was a secret show. The world on the other side was enlightened. Controlling the black is simple and terrifying. The knowledge I was given that night still sends shivers down my spine.
AFGRUND. Photo by courtesy of Urban Skytt.
      Do you know why I like the Obscene Extreme Festival? Because it's never too early or too late for Grindcore. When the shows started at 10 am, the stage area was already crowded. I freaked out when I saw someone eating a giant samosa. I had already had a hot dog and garlic soup for breakfast, but seeing that spinach snack sent hunger tremors through body. So, I went for a walk and found the dream meal. I would say that the Thursday schedule brought Grindcore to a new dimension of communication. In the void, the light was blending with the darkness. On this sunny, fresh day, the festival area was littered with hammocks, including mine. I'm fascinated by the state that they induce, in which we break away from the earth and start to fly. It was my secret place whence I could listen to the anti-music, feel emotions. I'm addicted to the sun, so from time to time I emerged on the surface, to hunt for tunes at the front of the stage. Have I already mentioned that I love Czech beer? Thanks to everyone who kept me company, I was able to drink forever and talk about reality and astral excursions. “Silence Sucks” was proven by Convulsions, Powerxchuck, Golers, Shampoon Killer, Ultra-violence, Cze cze Chepang, Disfigured Corpse, Antigod, Lich King, Vulvodynia, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Lobotomia, Fleshcrawl, Axis Of Despair, Acidez, Gruesome, Gutalax, Exhumed, Suffocation, and Dayglo Abortions. I did not manage to survive till the screening of Slave to the Grind. Shame on me. Instead, I was selfish and went sleep.
BIRDFLESH. Photo by courtesy of Urban Skytt.
      On the third day of festival, I missed 4 bands because I was soapy in the shower when it suddenly ran out of water. I was standing in the shower shouting “NO WATER!” over and over again until finally the OEF Crew fixed the problem. Yerba mate and garlic soup are always great for breakfast. I then took a walk in the city, and was happy be able to send some postcards. People living the in the city are friendly and curious, which always makes the conversations nice. I admire the Czech lifestyle. They are easy-going, honest, and smiling. On the way back I noticed that the place where I've been showering for many years is for sale. Is that a sign? After the walk I lay down in a hammock and disappeared. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised. Life is unpredictable. The Obscene Extreme Festival turned into a therapeutic meeting, which consisted in shouting secrets from the stage. For some, it was Friday the thirteenth. Nevertheless, they continue to live. I felt like a shadow. I was told that I looked good, which meant that only great friends were around me. The tension on the stage grew. The fans were coming in, and everything was flying through the air. Does anyone keep statistics on how many stage dives were made? Friday got out of control. There was literally everything in the air - bodies, dolls, balls, cocks, dragonflies, shoes, shirts, hats, mugs, confetti, hammers, and so on. In fans we trust for fuck’s sake. Extraordinary. That evening, thousands of freaks and I witnessed how Napalm Death slayed. The bands I enjoyed on Friday were: Organ Dealer, Expurgo, Oxidised Razor, Tools Of The Trade, Nashugl, Afgrund, Wolfhour, Inhumate, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation, Rectal Smegma, Mob 47, Cripple Bastards, Rotten Sound, Asphyx, Napalm Death, Wormrot, Le Scrawl, and Kraanium.
NAPALM DEATH. Photo by courtesy of Urban Skytt.
      On Saturday I had no luck. While waiting in the line for the shower, I observed an interesting phenomenon. People in the line were moving forward despite the fact that no one was going in or out of the shower. They were reducing the distance between themselves to stay on the move, I sat in the shade and remained motionless. The people behind me were not able to stay motionless, so they decided to avoid me and move forward. Of course, when it was my turn, I was let in. However, to my surprise there again was no water in the shower, but no one said anything about it. Everyone went in and out without saying anything. So, I decided to change my shirt and just went out to keep things rolling. Saturday was merciless. My life was saved by a brother who gave me a bottle of Underberg and he did notice that I'm hanging. Then I took to assembling the tent, which turned out to be easy. I managed to arrange everything in one single step. My slave hands took everything I needed – success! Saturday was the culmination of conversations. Next time I should talk to you and make new friends. The Urbanec family is responsible for all the pleasures that I have experienced. Thank you! They are one of a kind. If you've never been to the Obscene Extreme Festival, I recommend you visit it to see what the family is like. On Saturday, many dots were put up, and many conversations ended. If you missed the 20th anniversary edition, I feel sorry for you! Here were the stars of Saturday's slaughter: God Mother, Corpsessed, Bio Crisis, Thanatology, Brucexcampbell, Self Deconstrucion, Cad, Dobytci Mor, Birdflesh, Forca Macabra, Butcher ABC, Asocial, Benighted, Agrotoxio, Rattus, Haemorrhage, and General Surgery. This is how I celebrated my 19th visit to the Obscene Extreme Festival. Silence Sucks, Grindcore For Life.
Johan Jansson/ ASOCIAL. Photo by courtesy of Urban Skytt.
      Back in the day when I was living for OEF, I went with my dog to the forest for a walk and she hurt her foot. Blood was everywhere. But I went to OEF anyway and left her at my friend’s place. On the way back home, we arrived at 7 am at my friend’s door. My S.O.B. (Sabotage Organized Baltazar) looked at me with surprise. I opened the car door and she jumped in like a Hollywood movie. As she lay in my lap, I thought to myself, “she is the toughest dog in the world.” We licked our wounds together all day Sunday.
Naru Sekine/ BUTCHER ABC. Photo by courtesy of Urban Skytt.

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