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Interview with Ryan/ Meth Leppard and PowerXchuck!

      Meth Leppard is a 2-piece Grindcore band, hailing from Australia. They are about to embark a Europen tour this summer, so I contacted Ryan to discuss about the tour, about Meth Leppard, and about his other band, PowerXchuck. Enjoy! Zsiga Zoltán.

      Hello Ryan, thank you for the possibility to doing this chat with you. Actually, you are about to embark a long tour in Europe this summer, including the legendary Czech Obscene Extreme festival. Are you excited about this tour? Can you tell us, how many dates are planned in the touring schedule?
      Hi mate, first of all thank you very much the interview, yes we are all extremely excited for this tour, it is always great to meet new people. We plan to do roughly 17 dates on this tour.
      What are your plans and expectations from this tour? What cities or countries are you looking forward to the most?
      If our livers hold up we will be playing 8 countries, we can't wait to play with European Grindcore and Powerviolence bands.
Meth Leppard US tour 2017.

      How stressful is to organize such a long trip? Do you have many contacts all around Europe, so that is easy, or you have to struggle with a lot of problems and unexpected issues, regarding instruments, and merchandise products?
      Booking tours can be stressful but once it comes together you forget about all the stress. We have always been DIY and we are grateful for all the help from friends and promoters to make all this happen. We have released a few splits with European bands and gained many contacts.
      A lot of people will see you for the first time ever, what can they expect from your shows? Can you please introduce both bands in a few words for those, who have never heard about them before?
      Meth Leppard is a 2 piece Grindcore band that formed in 2015 and sounds like Terrorizer, Repulsion, Looking for an answer.
      Powerxchuck is an old school Powerviolence band that formed in 2013 and sounds like Crossed Out, Spazz, Lack of interest.

      Ryan, you are playing in both bands, Meth Leppard and PowerXchuck. How hard and exhausting will it be for you, to play with both bands every single night?
      It’s not too bad because the sets around 15min per band. It was much harder touring USA last year because i had to play 52 sets in 5.5 weeks. This tour i will only be playing 32 times.
      Your set list is completely rehearsed, I think. How many songs are on your setlist, and which ones are your favorite songs to play live (with both bands)?
      Meth Leppard will be playing roughly 22 songs and my favorite songs are the new songs which we are excited to play. My favorite Meth Leppard song to play live is Tru Lies.
      Powerxchuck has 25 songs on the setlist and i still like playing the older tracks plus the new ones. My favorite Powerxchuck songs to play live are Depression Song #69 and The Clap.
      Meth Leppard have released a 7" split with the Hungarian grind unit, called Jack. How did you get in contact with the guys, how did this split came to be?
      I was a big fan of the Jack's Neurozis release so i contacted Vatai (Jack singer) and asked them if they would be interested in doing a split with us and they agreed. I got Dahmerart to do the cover art.

      Can you tell us some special info about your songs on this split? How did you composed them?
      I basically wrote all the songs in a few weeks then i contacted Wooaaargh records (Germany) and they agreed to press it so then i just asked other labels to contribute to a co release.
      Do you have a lot of new songs, are there any new split releases planned? Can you introduce your actual records, the 7” split with Durian from the USA, and the split tape with BruceXCampbell?
      Yes we have 2 new splits coming out, first is a split Chicago Grindcore band Minimum Wage Assassins. It will be released next month on Wooaaargh (Germany) XDispatchX (Usa) Death By Digital (Canada) Mono Canibal (Spain) Get Pissed Stay Pissed Records (Usa) Ecocentric (Germany) Drinking Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary) Grindhead Records (Australia) Toilet Teeth Records (South Africa) Here And Now Records (Italy) Grey water collective (Usa). The second new split will be with USA Grindcore band Deterioriation and will be released later in the year by Bloody Scythe Redords (USA).
Meth Leppard releases:
Meth Leppard demo CS (2015) Bloody Scythe Records
Meth Leppard/Brucexcampbell split CS (2016) Toilet Teeth Records
Meth Leppard/Jack split 7" (2016) Wooaaargh Records (Germany) Drinkin' Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary) Loner cult records (Belgium) Mondo Canibal (Spain), Grindhead Records (Aus) Stocked (Aus) Grey Water Collective (USA)
Meth Leppard/Durian split 7" (2017) Aggromosh, Brain Hemorrhage Records, Jerk Fila
Meth Leppard/Minimum Wage Assassins split 7" (2018) Wooaaargh (Germany) XDispatchX (Usa) Death By Digital (Canada) Mono Canibal (Spain) Get Pissed Stay Pissed Records (Usa)Ecocentric (Germany) Drinking Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary) Grindhead Records (Australia) Toilet Teeth Records (South Africa) Here And Now Records (Italy) Grey water collective (Usa)
Meth Leppard/ Deterioration split 7" (2018/19) Bloody Scythe Records (USA).
Meth Leppard and PowerXchuck European Summer Tour July 2018.
       Give us a bit of background information about Powerxchuck please. How did the band first come together, who initiated everything and who is currently in the band?
      Powerxchuck started back in 2013, it was started by the Powerxchuck singer. He liked my grindviolence band called Peter Brock and wanted to start a Powerviolence band like it. He hit me up and we started the band.
      Were there any band from the Powerviolence scene you all agreed on trying to emulate at the start?
      Yes i love old school Powerviolence bands like Spazz, Crossed Out, Lack Of Interest, No Comment.
      Why did you choosed the name Powerxchuck? It sounds a bit weird. Can you explain?
      Fryz (Powerxchuck singer) actually came up with the band name Powerxchuck when he was drunk and tried to say "Powerviolence" and drunkenly said "Powerxchuck" instead.
      What is the main message of this band, what are your lyrics about?
      The Powerxchuck lyrics are mainly about surfing and having fun.
      How is the scene in Australia at the moment? What are the best bands currently from Australia in your opinion? Do you like the new album of Shitgrinder? Are all the grind bands from Australia stick together? How healthy is your grindcore scene?
      People overseas think Australia has a big extreme music scene but truth is it’s not as big as it was in the late 90's, the scene started getting smaller around 2010. Don’t get me wrong there are still plenty of great bands around now like Christcrusher, Blight Worms, Shitgrinder, Headless Death, Internal Rot, Shitwreck, Captain Cleanoff, Dead Root, Uncle Geezr, Disparo, Frame 313, John Howard, Supressant.
      Finally, thank you for your time, and good luck to the tour. We will see each other in Budapest!
      Thanks for the interview, take care.

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