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Interview with Miłosz/ Abhorrent Funeral!

       Ghouls dug them out of graves and crypts. They eat brains, rotten flesh and drink blood, abhorrent beings. Their hunger is satisfied only by playing Troglodytic Horror Metal and watching horrors. Beware, they're coming for you. Andrzej Dumała.
      Looks like the necropolises, cemeteries, crypts and caves is your natural environment. How do you assess the contact of primitivism with civilization in the 21st century?
      UGH! Primitivism in the 21th centure is doing well. You know, I think, that at the moment there is somehow a million degrees of warmth outside and I’m dream about hidding in cold cave or crypt in the midlle of stormy night. Just lying on a couch in arctic cold darkess, playing video games and watching horrors and bite everyone, who want enything from me.
      Yep, primitivism is fantastic thing, I love prehistoria,I love primitivism in music... but for god sake, I will never wont go to the wood worship some trees or squirrels, or playing in some caveman survival. There is no chance to me, to leave 21th century and my electronic toys.;)

       I live in a cave, things that are indispensable for a man such as TV, fridge, washing machine, bathroom, dishwasher are unnecessary for me, I draw water from the brook. I shout loudly "primitivism in life is fantastic, ugh". What caused the creation of troglodytic dream?
      If someone have troglodytic dream and want to shit in the bush and eat beaver soup, so this is his own business, no my problem, ;) I must to say, that I saw "Evil Dead" many times and I remember, that living in small cabin in the wood is very dangerous! Our troglodytic dream is realised fully in playing old school, ugly, heavy as fuck Death/ Doom/ Punk Metal (or, wat we call this noise: Troglodytic Horror Metal) and worshiping old Gore gods of Metal/ Punk and Horror!
      I would say that living itself is very dangerous. We count corpses in films and through glasses, sunglasses. The reality in which we live is a film for me. The constant suffering, fear and pain of people is everyday life. Imagine meeting with Mia or Regan, you can meet in Tesco or wherever you want. It's your scenario.
      Yes, life is dangerours and hard thing, so we trying to find stuff to make it little bit happier, like playing in the band or watching favorites movies, or making some sports. However life is also beautiful, so ultimately it is not so bad. How you think? You are not a happy man? But, what can I say? Maybe this: life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get, haha? Man, all of my words here is so much clicheche, haha. There is no big serious subjects in Ahorrent Funeral, only pure fun!
      Could you talk about your favorites movies, scenes? Im curious how do you chose samples for the records.
      Dude, I have a lot of favorite movies. Of course my beloved genre is horror, but I like also some masterpieces of cinematography like The Godfather Trilogy, Quest for Fire, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future Trilogy, Butterfly Effect, Casablanca, Rocky series, Forest Gump. I watching this pictures a milion times, but the most important movie for me are both versions of Night of the living Dead (1968 & Tom Savini 1990 version... yes, I know, that somebody maked later one more version, but please, this movie is so much piece of shit :D ). When I was something about 10-12 years old, I haved real obssesion around this film. When I finally finded vhs with this film, I watch them two times in one evening, one by one. ;) Other horrors I love and watch often are some iron classics like The Thing, Exorcist, Braindead, Nosferatu, Gremlins, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blair Witch Project, Ringu. Oh man, I can watch this shit day by day and never fell bored!
      Now let be honest - our samples is no much oryginal, right? :D We bassed on absolutly classic of horror. Process of finding samples looks like that: we make song, when make something like refren, we automaticlly know, how will named song and on which movie will based the story. Then we take most ugly fragment from movie sountrack, or one of most coolest quotes and this is all.
      I can tell you, that on future records we planed also songs based on comic - Xenozoic Tales, fps cult game - DOOM... so, not only films, but still ugly, absolute cult horror pulp stuff!

      Your samples fits to the songs, this is important. How is it possible that watching the same movie repeatedly makes you happy?
      Back to movies is something like back to good friend. You know excatly, what to expect, you have favorite moments, favorites quotes. Of course I still dig deep in horror dungeons from the past (on this moment I especially crawling in swamp of prehistoric pulp movies), but there is some disgusting horror milestones for me, without which I can't live and must watch them from time to time. The total horror happiness for me is when I have chance to watch favorite movies in cinema. Is nothing more awesome to horror maniac, than watch in real cinema for example Evil Dead, Night of the Living Ded or Re-animator (this one I have saw few years ago with Tomasz Knapik as live lector performance - total cult for me, hehehe!).
      I would go to the cinema for Beauty and the Beast with Mr. Tomasz Knapik as a live lector. Your sounds like a person I could have a beer or two, the best opportunity for such a occassions are shows. I can imagine a venue full of ghouls, freaks crawling and eating brains. How its end up in polish reality?
      To this day we was played really rarely. On our gigs we try to give 200% from us, but reaction of this few people which comes to see as is... rather restrained. ;) Maybe people don't know, how to react to us, becouse in Poland on top is still rather serious death metal in leather pants, not this party one in short pants and sneakers, hehe. Or mayby - and this is reather the most likely solution - we are not so good, what we are think we are, haha. Anyway, I really hope so, that future bring much more gigs for us. I think, that the fulfillment of our gig dreams would be to be able to play some day on festivals like Obscene Extreme, Netherlands Deathfest or Killtown Deathfest. Maybe some day, but if not, we will be happy to play small local gigs all the time. Undeground music is definetly not a business, this is only real passion. And of course I hope, to drink that beer or two with you on some gig in future!
       I guess it's because its no scene in Poland, the things happening here terryfing me. Lets do a short long story of your musical influences.
      I think, that in Poland is pretty good Death or Black Metal scene... but in our style there are no much company. ;) How I say somewhere above, Abhorrent Funeral inspiration bassed on bulldozering gore gods of Metal and Punk. Such classic bands like Cianide, Hellhammer, Master, Slaughter, Necrophagia, Abscess, Autopsy, Coffins, Six Feet Under, Impetigo, Winter, Obituary, Jungle Rot and also Discharge, Misfits, The Exploited, Mortician, Repulsion, Terrorizer or some scandinavian Crust Punk acts from 80's.
      I agree, you are one of a kind, following own path has pros and cons, how it is in your case?
      Do not get me wrong, man. I absolutly don't think, that Abhorrent Fueral is something oryginal or special. Absolutly no! We don't even want be oryginal. If somebody tell me, that we are oryginal, I'll be very sad, haha. Around the world there is pretty a lot bands playing very rotten and ugly death metal. Only in Poland we have problem with this. Of course we have The Dead Goats, Incinerator, Nuclear Holocaust, Putrid Evil, Deathreat, also soon will be realesed demo of newcomers from Haunted Cenotaph... something more? I dont think so. So... what are the pros of being in the minority? I dont see them, haha. The cons - in first place definietly a lack of good gigs with similar bands.

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