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Interview with Paul/ Christcrusher and co-funder of Melbourne Grind Syndicate.

      The conversation with Paul motivated me to uncompromising, deliberate action. Everything has a beginning, firstly I owe you an explanation of changing the blog name. My family is involved in the whole process. My sister Heather visited me during one of the journeys around Europe, as always, she brought me various gifts, one of them was t-shirt, I have all of them to this day, but one has a special value for me. It was Brutal Truth- Grindcore For Life T-shirt. This slogan stuck in my brain. For long, too long. The following interview is a trigger. I decided it would be the pleasant way to thank my older brother for constant inspiration and to start a new chapter together with Christ Crusher/ Melbourne Grind Syndicate.
       Paul, as a co-funder of Melbourne Grind Syndicate, please explain to us what we are dealing with.
      The whole thing came together around 1997 when Roby (BlastasFuk/ The Kill etc) were making stickers for our old band Open Wound. At the time, Sydney Hate Core was a thing, and we were touring there a lot. We felt a need to represent where we were from and what we were about because you have to understand, back then, we were playing with a bunch of Straight Edge and HC bands, and we were blasting our asses off-playing as fast as shit, so, we just wanted to attach an image to our little crew, and Syndicate was it. In the following years it came to encompass our friends from the area; Stand Against, Disgorge, The Kill, Fuck, I’m Dead, Vaginal Carnage etc. and obviously continues today with Christcrusher.
      What should I do to join the Syndicate?
      Haha! Someone from Sydney seriously asked that a while back!
      Move to Melbourne and hang out with us? Haha!

      I was expecting the ceremony of accepting a new Syndicate member, something like "stand under water for 20 minutes", there is a lot of water in Australia?
      Ha! Australia is technically an island so yes, plenty of water, although Melbourne is quite a metropolis.       I can barely swim so no, you don’t have to have aqua lungs to be in the Syndicate.
      We'll change it when I be a part of Syndicate management. Until now, everything was easy, but we're always curious about the causes, did Christcrusher was called to life for resurrection and salvation of the dead?
      I literally threw the name at the guys at a bar and we all agreed that it was great. Maybe I should have done a little research because there are at least two other Christcrushers in existence; one of which is a white power band, haha!
      Hahahaha your funny. Grindcore is above anything we can named, it’s the way of livin’, it’s universal value as truth, I’m wondering about your point of view on this case.
      I feel that it is first worth acknowledging that Grindcore was conceived from DIY Punk and HC, rather than Metal. Subsequently, the hands on and realistic approach of these scenes aid in the purveying, or at the very least, somewhat serve to contribute, to an unfiltered and honest approach to morality, politics and of course, how we choose to express these humanist attributes in our lives. Grindcore in 2018? Does it still derive from an honest and heartfelt attempt at some type of protest? This depends on who you choose to listen to. There are so many bands for which, on the surface, sound and act like they are completely savage, brutal and groundbreaking however, are complete fucking wankers and hypocrites in person. On the flipside, you can go to a third world country in Asia, and hear a completely devastating and unbelievably tight Fastcore band that plays through the shittiest gear, and they reinstall and thus perpetuate, the honesty and sincerity that Grindcore was founded upon.

      I would say yes, yes and yes. I have an impression that for many people life became a rat race, at this point they simply can't understand the genesis of the genera. It conecerns both, bands and audience. I would leave them with this, I’m not a Christ. However, I would be happy to have such conversations more often, should I move to Melbourne, Rochester or Huston?
      For every ‘hometown hero’ Grindcore band (Bloodduster, Wormrot, Rotten Sound etc, etc) there are always going to be dozens more from that area that we never hear about. I guess 20 years ago, without the luxury and rapid information transfer that broadband internet affords us, we could be forgiven for our ignorance. So many good scenes happening right now across the globe. Ask me about Polish Grindcore and all I know is Dead Infection, Suffering Mind and Antigama. I am truly ignorant! Who should I be checking out Andrzej???
      Also noticed that around the globe so many exciting things is happening. The Grindcore scene in Poland is old, the list of bands closes Meat Spreader , Psychoneurosis, Struggle Manifesto. As you can notice is a „blank card” since many years, the rebirth of this scene will take place.
      While the Punk and HC scenes are doing great, for example Ohyda, The Dog, Government Flu, Dodskamp and Sanctus Iuda (back from the dead).
      It's certainly interesting that the new wave Jazz scene became extremely active, groups like BNNT, Merkabah, Lotto, Waclaw Zimpel and The Kurws. I assume that the edge between GC and Jazz is tight and the great composers are above barriers and patterns.

      I must check those bands out. I’m familiar with Psychoneurosis and am keen to check those HC bands you mention.
      Whilst I don’t know too much about Jazz ethos and sensibilities, I do know that both Jazz and Grindcore were born from a frustration and desire to dismantle the established normalities, and recreate something new and exciting. It is therefore imperative that Grindcore does not stagnate into formulaic responses. There already is a real danger of it becoming so, no matter how brutal or fast your band is. 20 years ago, I would never have thought that blastbeats etc would be where it is now. It’s virtually mainstream what with the big metal labels harbouring their ‘go to’ blast/ gore/ Grind/ death bands, no?
      I guess we can draw similarities between the free form aspect of modern noise acts and OG Jazz groups also-maybe we need to strip it back to its primitive roots? Certainly with Christcrusher, Dino, Neil and I make a point to make our sound Punk Rock. We try not to be too technical and for a crappy guitarist like myself, that’s not too hard.
Melbourne Grind Syndicate.
       Rawness, harshness and primitivism is from Punk, so than you sound Punk Rock. Internet causes faster progress of globalization and media manipulation, It is frightening to use such methods by Metal labels, it's a miracle that support for them is increasing. The return to the roots is inevitable, we live according to the laws of nature and she works according to cycles, their repetition is of course different. Christcrusher is a perfect example of beauty, which is the foundation of the genre. I wonder if Mick Harris expected the expansion of blastbeats to all extreme generes, looks like everybody want to be grindy?
      It still trips me out. I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me all of this would be so commonplace in 2018. Does this negate from the sincerity of Grindcore? It’s essence of Speed, fury and noise as a protest becomes somewhat diluted. Society accepts it, and commodifies it. How long until we see/ hear blastbeats in McDonalds advertisements?
      Fortunately, I miss the advertisement of the screaming Ronald inviting me to McShit, I haven't TV for many years, the use of blastbeats seems like a bold move but who knows. Grindcore can be freely interpreted, however the genesis remains unchanged. Using only blastbeats is like using a tool to reveal your superficiality. Knife's Edge EP is devoid of emotion, how did this happen?
      I like to think that the record evokes rage and an absolute desire to destroy populist mentality. Dino and I make a point to write songs that we struggle to play. Subsequently, we get so amped to play these songs live and as such, end up playing them a lot faster. All of Neil’s bands (Undinism, The Kill, Infamous Butcher) inspired many audience members to smash shit up. He really is a ball of hatred and anger. We would be nothing if not for these emotions.
      Haha I love your attitude, live shows should be faster. When I saw The Kill shreddin’ in Europe I had the impression theyr faster. It's because they Melbourne Grindcore Syndicate, I guess. Your record made me happy, smile and relaxed because emotions your talking about are already in me, it’s rare to share such feelings. What connects you with graffiti underground?
      Yes. Watching The Kill play live is something special. Especially when Neil was on the mic. It really had an unbridled ferocity that evoked chaos into anybody lucky enough to bear witness.
      We have a lot of crew who come to watch us and support us, who also love to paint. I grew up in a lower, middle class area of Melbourne and subsequently, graffiti was a perfect, expressive outlet for many of the kids at the time. I ran with a big crew for most of my teenage years; just bombing and fucking up. Many of those dudes are still in the game and are still killing it all city. There is a certain and undeniable connection between graff and Grindcore. Both desire to destroy the norm in order to create something better and both do this in extremely unconventional ways. Beyond all of this, we really feel that much of the artwork associated with and related to Grindcore is a little cliche. We are certainly not the first to employ graff to our records; we just wanted to have something that also stood out from black and white pics of dead bodies etc.
      Long live the resistance. We will come back to this conversation, the last words belongs to you.

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