piątek, 25 maja 2018

Interview with Arif/ Faizal/ Vijesh/ Code Error!

      As a grind aficionado, I am constantly on the lookout for new acts around the world. One band that has got my attention recently is, Code Error. It features members from 2 of the best grindcore acts from South East Asia, Wormrot and Tools of the Trade. The band released a self titled EP a couple months ago. The 7 track release is a grindfreaks delights. I spoke to the band about their self titled release, recent shows with Rotten Sound and more. Peter 'Trendcrusher' K.

      Peter: The band features members of Wormrot and Tools of the Trade. How did you get together?
      Arif: We are friends for the longest time. So why not. It is a for fun side project for now. Who knows what’s in store for us in the future.
      Andy: People avoid code errors, they usually erase them. Do you have plan to survive in cyberspace?
      Faizal: Haha! No. Code Error is just a name for the band that we want to interpret as what currently happen in entire world and focusing all the good and bad things happen in our daily life.

wtorek, 8 maja 2018

Interview with Paul/ Christcrusher and co-funder of Melbourne Grind Syndicate.

      The conversation with Paul motivated me to uncompromising, deliberate action. Everything has a beginning, firstly I owe you an explanation of changing the blog name. My family is involved in the whole process. My sister Heather visited me during one of the journeys around Europe, as always, she brought me various gifts, one of them was t-shirt, I have all of them to this day, but one has a special value for me. It was Brutal Truth- Grindcore For Life T-shirt. This slogan stuck in my brain. For long, too long. The following interview is a trigger. I decided it would be the pleasant way to thank my older brother for constant inspiration and to start a new chapter together with Christ Crusher/ Melbourne Grind Syndicate.
       Paul, as a co-funder of Melbourne Grind Syndicate, please explain to us what we are dealing with.
      The whole thing came together around 1997 when Roby (BlastasFuk/ The Kill etc) were making stickers for our old band Open Wound. At the time, Sydney Hate Core was a thing, and we were touring there a lot. We felt a need to represent where we were from and what we were about because you have to understand, back then, we were playing with a bunch of Straight Edge and HC bands, and we were blasting our asses off-playing as fast as shit, so, we just wanted to attach an image to our little crew, and Syndicate was it. In the following years it came to encompass our friends from the area; Stand Against, Disgorge, The Kill, Fuck, I’m Dead, Vaginal Carnage etc. and obviously continues today with Christcrusher.
      What should I do to join the Syndicate?
      Haha! Someone from Sydney seriously asked that a while back!
      Move to Melbourne and hang out with us? Haha!