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Interview with Pibe/ Whoresnation!

      Whoresnation what it means to you?
      It means that all nations are shit oppressive apparatus, a scum system serving Capital. This name has also sometimes become a burden, it's been discussed and we understand why, however after talks we decided to go on with it. It has to be seen in an anarchist perspective, not mysoginistic.
      People are so superficial, they lie in the name of power and money. Did the methods you use to show the truth give you satisfaction?
      I don't think we are showing some truth, at best we may raise questions on some point but we´ve always been blurry in our lyrics. All the topics we bring up are usual routine discussion within the punk scene, hopefully it touches some people who hadn't think of those before. Last album isn't political perse, of course it is still loaded with intentions but lyrics are more personal, a pessimistic view on humanity in general. What mostly make us a political band is the scene we evolve in, the places where we play, the causes we support.
      And yes we are fully satisfied being part of this, and we´re gratefull toward all actor of the anarchist, diy scene. Even if we re heading toward new networks as well.
Whoresnation 2018. Shot by Floriane Miny.

      During the exploration of however we named it, scene, I was shocked by people who pretend to be „true” and the only thing they made was judgment. I give you funny example, a political Grindcore band who is super true and DIY: drinking cocacola, living on parents bill, stabbacking other active punks and so on; but the bands ideology, covers, lirycs are seriously. It's made me sick and I'm in pain. Could you tell me Your thoughts about routine discussions and our community?
      Practice what you preach isn't always easy. Some people are searching for means to exist, activism and the punk scene are of course some of those, but some people seem to be actually using these not as means to exist but as something fashionable and then bright thanks to their popularity. This kind of patterns create narrow-minded beings. We try not to be be stuck in a manichean view of our society and people in general. We don't have examplare life, we're dealing with life how we can and of course we make unethical things, willingly or not, who are we to judge ? Coming back on our terrible name, we've had problems in the past and we had the chance to observe different reactions in discussions, it was both funny and irritating but in the end we were able to understand the different outcomes because we're not stupid assholes, we do have a brain and a sense of consensus. What we meant by routing discussions is of course all the anti-opressive aspects of punk, anti-capitalism and it's aspect and feeling awkward in this world. On « Mephitism » there is a song talking about that in some kind of negative way. Punk scene is sometimes a bit superficial in discussions and we always bring the same discussions, and you always hear the same arguments, in the end it's not changing anything and talking about this again with someone that has the same point of view become pointless. What we like about the grindcore is the eclictism of the scene, you meet many different people with different lives with different view on different problems.

      Ha, your start talking about eclictism- I'm in. I love to disturb the calm of others, deliberately and sometimes accidentally, by behavior and also word. Creating extreme conditions makes it possible to cognize the real intentions, I treat it as a key, I open the door or intentionally close it. Meeting people is accompanied by a celebration, a mating dance. Being on a continuous tour, you have to deal with it, do you have any interesting observations?
      Life on tour is not very difficult for us, we get along and know each other and each other's bondaries. Surrounding people are not really the point of interest while touring, except if you have a crew or your sharing the tour with others, most of the time it has been great for us, it's always a nice experience. We're down to earth people and do not embarass with this mating dance, we talk and sometimes make friend. We've met strange people on the road or at our show, we thought some of them would kill us, we saw a guy burning is forehead with a lighter while we were playing once, we've met shit met bands acting like rockstars, we've seen terrible musician habits, but mostly we've survived others' anxiety.
      Did you talk with this guy who burn his forehead? It could be a mating dance, Your first record could give some light on this case.
      Our drummer did tchat with him, or at least the dude talk to him, it was about finding god and such deep things, total weirdo. what do you mean about the record?
      This liberal act is showing freedom, as Your album did. Who’s Your god?
      No god no master. We worship blast beat, riffs and some of us praise the unholy weed, but no god.
      Do you do anything else beyond the worshiping of blastsbeats?
      There ain't nothing beyond blast beat, this is a full time activity, if it doesn't monopolize your body your mind is always busy with it, grind grind grind. Of course as any cult, blast beat worship do pump quite some money so beside we have to work to make the green. We're not dedicated worker so at the moment only one of us actually has a job, but from time to time the two other have get in the working game. All other activies gravitate around the constant use of blast beat, or riffs. Dealing with our different noise involvement is rather time consuming. Lopin has another punk rock band and take care of our booking and merch and so on, Tonio is the working man and practices a lot his drums and Pibe run a label and has many other project, both Lopin and Pibe are active members of the mincecore collective Grossel.
      Livin' the dream, it's hard without support, looks like Besançon's independent DIY culture is active, what I should to know about your town?
      Besançon is a very nice town, the architecture is amazing and the city was built around a river the center is almost an island, we call it the loop. It's a city that definitively worth checking. On the other hand it's not a big city, population is more or less 130 000 people. But activities hardly make it outside the loop so you can notice this phenomenon where everything happen in the city center. Nightlife is quite hectic since it's a student city but there no autonomous venue or squat (open to public activities), only one cool bar remains, that's the place where organize gigs from time to time and where most shows take place. Besançon has a strong Indie Rock scene with many bands, often given birth by the same gangs. The grind / crust gang consists of only few people and you probably know about Human Compost for exemple. Lately the scene has geographically spread a bit and bands mixing members from Besançon and other remote cities such as Strasbourg have poped up, which is great!
      Mephitism have Mat's Sidney painting, is there a figure of the god of silence- Örgung, rummages in the reeds of Doubs?
      Might be! Matt's artwork is highly perfect, we've always followed him and his amazing works for other bands, unfortunatly he had never done much oil painting for the music scene, we thought that it would be great to have one for our new album. The painting was done with only few indications from us and therefore remains open to interpretation, even to us. But what one may see is a negative mist taking over, something stenchy is going wrong, see what you want in these fumes but don't be positive cause it ain't.
      Indeed, I Have few records with his works on my shelves, and Im going for another, this is a sing. Last words are yours.

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