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Interview with Mikko/ Slave Hands and full album stream!

      Some time ago I received a message from Mikko Ahokas, we share news about important moments. I will write that our cognizance is flowing. The decision to make the interview was natural, I started by sending photos of my hands, everything that happened after, you'll find it below. Andrzej Dumała.
      During daily works I use my slave hands, but today I show you my hands. Could you tell more about yours and the Other ones?
      We have three pairs of dry, shaking, tense and slow moving hands at least on musical instruments.
      In a world rid of all living, this hands has owners, yours philosophy could give a light on the records I have in my hands.
      I guess the philosophy lies undetermined somewhere in the presentation of the band but most of the themes lie somewhere in physical and mental struggles of every day life. From seeing and being part of things you detest but have no other choice than to be involved in. The aesthetics and ”feel” of the band is something we take very seriously. From the covers to the choice of samples etc.

      Yes, when we talking about Slave Hand works, we can talk about aesthetic values, the process of experiencing accompanies the feeling of incarnation as a prophet, it is a dignified state. I got the impression that the samples are also your authorship, and the thought that it is not fascinating and suggesting further questions.
      Of course and I hope everyone can find their own interpretations of the lyrics. A lot of my favorite music has qualities that can be interpreted many ways depending on how you look at it. And I must say that although were serious about these things doesn’t mean that we have no sense of humor about and in the things we write or do. We certainly don’t take ourselves too seriously as I think anyone who does any kind of more extreme music shouldn’t.
      I would say it’s natural sens of humor, the best jokes are when we laugh at ourselves.
      You're totally right and there's so much to laugh about.
Slave Hands shreddin', 3.2.2018 Vastavirta, Tampere. Shot by Jouni Parkku.

      How to deal in a world where universal values ​​such as truth, kindness, freedom are forgotten?
      It's hard for sure. I guess just trying to be the best you can for people that are close to you and have a mutual care for. Also not taking in all bullshit just because you "have to".
      It’s a pure plassure to hang out with cold inside people, the sense of salvation is great. It looks like the only thing left is to enjoy the moment, Did You thought about it?
      Yes you're totally Right. That's the best way to avoid getting overwhelmed by all the negative aspects of life.
      Please introduce the Helsinki’s independent DIY culture.
      There's quite strong underground scene in Helsinki with many genuinely supportive and excited people and many great bands. Most importantly people aren't afraid of trying new things or having some crossover of line-ups at gigs which makes gigs easier to organise and also expose a variety of styles to the crowd.
      Thank you, I will be waiting.
slavehandssludge[at]gmail.com slavehands.bandcamp.com

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