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Interview with Sonia/ Psychoneurosis!

            When I was a kid, back in 90s, Psychoneurosis with Dead Infection, Rotting Head, Blöödy Psycho bring to life the Grindcore in Poland. Andrzej Dumała.

            hey Sonia, after all do you know what is happening with our money?
            Hello Andy. Good old times! Yes, I know what happened with our money. Government, politicians, and church - nothing changes still same Polish shit. It's sad but true.
            The reunited of Psychoneurosis is an escape from a sad, harsh reality?
            Yes, but mostly it is escape from wife hahahaha. For all these years of being not active on the scene I really missed music, people, all the conversations and talks. You know, for 15 years I was on grind retirement hahaha. Nowadays, I am relaxed, full of new ideas and strength for further action. So we came back but we will not play often because I live in UK.
Psychoneurosis by Rafal Kotylak.

            I remind you, this is an anti-music interview. Speaking of conversation, you mean the dialogue between the band and the audience? Nowadays, it's hard to find an interlocutor who understands what he is hearing.
            I did not mean conversations with people but all this concert atmosphere, exchange of opinions, drinking beer, do you know what I mean? Yes you’re right, recently a lot of people on gigs are random ones with no interest to the music and all the things it stands for.

            Sure, hanging out with friends around world is amazing. I meaned conversation by ideology, by lyrics vs reaction of audience. Whats your message as a band?
            Well, our texts are basically no different than 15 years ago, that is politics, war, exploitation, human stupidity or religion. We were always a band with a certain message and attitude. Today I am singing more about the World extinction, beside this I love all conspiracy theories in which I have keen interest. One can will say it is nonsense, but other just think I see what is going on around and somehow it all makes sense. We even have two texts about modern "grind core" scene. Being around it for already 27 years with a break obviously, I see some injustices, layouts or deceptions, and some things piss me off so that felt I have to write about it.
            What are your thoughts about Grindcore scene? The „false Grind” era starts, nobody even think about it 15 years ago.
            Saying “false grind”, I think you mean all those poor copies of Gut. Yeah from some time I’ve noticed the popularity of those dressed up people who don’t have anything in common with grind core. It is just more metal in general. There is less and less of meaningful message and valuable content. Someone will say that the genre it's growing but I think I'm too old for it and it's not going in the right direction.
            I have no idea what’s „false Grind”, who am i to use so offensive term. I notice its born a while ago and people using this. Your too old to Grind? What do you mean by saying „not going to right direction”?
            Look at the Carcass and the first two albums, or Regurgitate – I like such gore grind. But if I see that someone puts a toilet seat on the head or runs around with toilet paper, is it fun? Not for me... and musical level of such “fund” bands leave much to be desired.
            Lets clear this up, whats your definition of Grindcore?
            I am an old school so the only true direction is the first two Napalm Death albums. This is a grindcore embodiment for me. Short pieces. Blasts and political socially engaged texts. For years, this genre has evolved into different parts but true GxCx originates from Punk.
             I would say Grindcore comes from animals kingdom, and there is only one direction, vertical, answer is truth. You made me confused, I was sure your listening Agathocles every day.
            I passed through that period with Agathocles, although I like to go back to their earlier albums on regular basis. My musical dream came true, I was at Jan's house, we spent the whole day together, he showed me his city Geel, we talked, we played together, I was in the room where he is rehearsing, I was in the club where it all started. Well, he was my idol hahahaha,I know “Kill your fucking idols” and what they sang but you know it was when I was 17 years old back then. I remember when you made me a surprise to take care of them as they came to Poland and it happened! Thank you for that. I was very stressed because I did not know the language hahahaha but I’ve done it with pleasure.
Psychoneurosis by Rafal Kotylak.
            I'm bit disapointed Sonia, should i treat you the same and listen only to old Psychoneurosis records?
            I just do not fancy much the new Agathocles. I prefer their grind core times. With all due respect to Jan and his crew but “Razor Sharp Daggers” is my favourite album. If it comes to Psychoneurosis it is up to the people to say if they prefer our music from 15 years ago or from today, no stress about it.. Even though I have their all albums.��I just collect.
            It’s all about likeing Or understanding?
            You know after all these years listening to grind for 27 years my tastes taste is changing. I like them obviously, if it was not the case we would not have a shared release now.
            I found peace through forest walks with my dog, cooking without meat and meditations. What are your methods to survival in the XXIs century?
            My method of survival is certainly staying off TV. I do not watch it from when I moved to UK and it's already 5 years. I travel a little, I listen to a lot of quiet music like Two steps from hell, Enya or Enigma. I bicycle a lot nowadays and just run a lot. A god way to switch off and to separate from all the shit that surrounds us and poisons our minds.
Psychoneurosis by Rafal Kotylak.

            We're on the same path. The last words belongs to you.
            Thank you for the interview, I hope that once again that we’ll drink a few beers again, just like in old times. If someone interested our band, just write to us, greetings to all and if you can come to see us playing live, and get a copy of our split CD with Agathocles released by Selfmadegod of course! ��

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