poniedziałek, 26 marca 2018

Interview with Sonia/ Psychoneurosis!

            When I was a kid, back in 90s, Psychoneurosis with Dead Infection, Rotting Head, Blöödy Psycho bring to life the Grindcore in Poland. Andrzej Dumała.

            hey Sonia, after all do you know what is happening with our money?
            Hello Andy. Good old times! Yes, I know what happened with our money. Government, politicians, and church - nothing changes still same Polish shit. It's sad but true.
            The reunited of Psychoneurosis is an escape from a sad, harsh reality?
            Yes, but mostly it is escape from wife hahahaha. For all these years of being not active on the scene I really missed music, people, all the conversations and talks. You know, for 15 years I was on grind retirement hahaha. Nowadays, I am relaxed, full of new ideas and strength for further action. So we came back but we will not play often because I live in UK.
Psychoneurosis by Rafal Kotylak.