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Interview with Jay and Robert/ INVERTEBRATE!

      Hailing from Oakland, California, Invertebrate delivers intense, agressive grinding tunes since 2012. I spoke with drummer Jay Peacock and bass player Robert Avery about the band's origins, about their split with Meloow Harsher, as well as about influences and upcoming records, among many other interesing topics. Enjoy! Zoltan Zsiga/ Blast Fanzine/ GCP.
      Greetings from EveryDayHate Grindblog and thank you for this interview! Can you please tell us the biography of Invertebrate and explain, how the band came together? Can you introduce the members? Which other bands, projects are you also known for?
      Greetings! Jay (drums) here, and thanks for having us! INVERTEBRATE started with Donovan and I (Jay) back in 2012, I was playing in a Death Metal band called Ominous Ruin and he was freshly out of touring with Buried at Birth. We both wanted to start a project with influences of Iron Lung, Early Pig Destroyer, and so on. A couple years later after being a two piece, we came across our bass player Rob, who is from Badr Vogu, and Self Inflicted, to name a few.
      Rob: I play bass and do vocals, I was in STRAINS OF THE APOCALYPSE(Grind), FARTICUS(wierdo sf band), I was a founding member of BADR VOGU, and SELF INFLICTED(the bay area version in 2008).

      Any story behind the band name? Why did you choose it and did it took a special meaning? Who’s idae was to use the Earache font type in the logo?
      J: Good question. It took us a while to think of a band name that wasn't already taken. And something that wasn't typical for Grind bands. Our lyrical themes revolve around misanthropy, so the idea of invertebrate came from the thought of how spineless most people in society are. The original logo we had was drawn out by hand by yours truly, and after a couple years we decided to have one professionally done, in the realm of Earache, our bass players idea. He's pretty old school and it seemed to fit.
      R: I wanted a different logo and hit up Graham Paige to do it, I saw some of his logo work on the internet and asked him. I wanted something that screamed Grind. hahaha
      What got you into this kind of music? What would you say are Invertebrate's main musical influences? How would you describe your style and sound?
      J: I can only speak for myself here, but after years of listening to Death Metal I was always seeking something more intense, more aggressive, and more circumstantial for lack of a better word. I feel that Grind is more about a state of consciousness rather than a formula. I've always loved, especially with bands like Pig Destroyer or Nasum, that they were able to put out records that were very different from their kin; able to explore and experiment without hesitation and without consequence. Invertebrate has so many influences that it's really hard to pinpoint one. We all come from Death Metal backgrounds and also from Grindcore or Powerviolence backgrounds. We usually just implement a giant mix of all musical styles while keeping the same integrity of fast and heavy music. If I had to describe our sound or style I would say that it would be a mixture of all the things we love about extreme music. We don't necessarily fit into one specific sub genre of extreme Metal. But we do try our best to remain relative.
      R: I was going to a lot of Death Metal shows in early 90s in texas and caught Napalm Death, Cathederal, Brutal Truth and Carcass on the same bill and and have been hooked on crazy extremes of music ever since. Im influenced by a lot, for me though i guess my main influences would no le$$, Agents Of Satan, Bolt Thrower, Suppression, and a ton of other bands and sounds. I would describe our style and sound as spastic hate with slow anguish.
      I got in contact with you on the Mellow Harsher / Invertebrate 7" split. What attracted you to doing a split with these guys?
       J: That's another great question Hahaha. Actually Gream was the one that hit us up about doing a split. Apparently he just really enjoyed our music and wanted to work with us. We have future shows planned with them in the summer and fall. They're very nice dudes and super talented musicians I think we are all glad to call them friends. We did three days with them in the past summer for ONEFEST and it was amazing. Sharing a van with those dudes was probably the highlight of my touring career.
      R: I met sfn through the in disgust dudes when i was booking shows in oakland around 2007, sfn and i struck up a friendship, wich has endured through several projects and have always been a fan of greams styles so it just seemed like a natural thing to do with good friends. Get together and blast haha.
      What can you say about the recording and making of this split? What were your primary goals, when you set out to create the record? What were you aiming for?
      J: We really just wanted to be who we were and play fast and be angry and hopefully match up with those dudes. Their side of the split is probably one of my favorites in the last couple years.
      R: It was a fun process with Phil (Nightal) and i was totally happy with the results. I think personally i was aimiing for a departure from the regression tape we tape we did, and be more straight forward Grind ep.
      Did any bands have an influence in the creation of this split, or did you draw specific inspiration from anyone?

      J: I think that if we drew any inspiration from anyone it was MELLOW HARSHER.
      R: Gream and I had been talking about a doing a split for a while. I think the inspiration was to have fun and make a fast record haha.
      What is the writing process like? How did the writing and recording process take place, who recorded, mixed and mastered the album?
      J: Our writing process is pretty basic: we write a bunch of riffs and then bring them back to reality. We usually shorten and everything And make it as fucked up as possible. It was recorded at Nightal Lab Studios in Oakland. It was mastered by Dan Randall, who does all of our stuff.
      R: we usually throw our riffs around and figure out what works with what, then shorten everything.
      One of the most striking things about the split is the diversity of vocals, which is far above average. Where is the idea come from to share the vocals with all memers?
      J: The vocals are one of my favorite things. Before Invertebrate I had never done vocals on a recording. Playing drums and doing vocals was another new challenge. I gained inspiration from doing the trifecta vocals actually from a Death Metal band called ORIGIN who I always loved mainly because of their ferocity and the fact that when all of them did vocals it sounded so inhuman. I always wanted that intensity in our recordings, and I think it shows well.
      R: for me the idea came from bands like Carcass, Plutocracy and no Le$$. I love the chaotic style of multiple vocals.
      What other materials do you have in your discography so far? Can you please describe them to us?
      J: Everything is available via band camp, we're bummed that we can't give it away for free anymore but it's all there. We record in March for a split with LA's NERVE GRIND (good friends of ours) and then we're going to do our own 7 inch. The record should be out in May.
      R: There is the demo Don and Jay did, REGRESSION/DEVOLUTION ep that we did as a full 3 piece, INVERTEBRATE/SEATLESS PANTS(tx) split tape that has sean our short time vocalist and some of our slower stuff, and the MELLOW HARSHER split.
      Do you have any specific themes regarding your lyrics? Do you have any specific message? What are the lyrics about?
As stated before most of our lyrics are about how much we hate people, or ourselves hahah. I think a lot of it is more metaphorical than literal, but at the end the day it's a pretty straightforward Grindcore lyrical set. We say the words "shit" and "fuck" a lot. And sometimes we try to keep it light and somewhat humorous but were very angry dudes that have very rough jobs and we just need a little bit of release at the end of the day.
      R: we say fuck and shit way too much.
      Is there any upcoming material in progress? If so, can you share with us everything important about it?
      J: Yes like I said we're recording in March, this material will be our most ferocious yet, we've been running for over a year. It's definitely our most intense and straightforward and I feel that we finally found our stride. We'll be recording with Bart Thurber at House of Faith studios, in Oakland, and part of these recordings will also be that split with NERVE GRIND. I think this will be a very important record for us because it will be us at our most vulnerable and us at our most raw and our most angry. We've been through a lot in the past year in our personal lives.
      If you couldn't play Grindcore, what would you use to express all the stress and negative energy we have to deal with?
      R: probly Death Metal haha.
      Can you recommend to us some other killer bands from Oakland? How is the climate like in Oakland, do you enjoy living there?
      J: Necrot, Mortuous, Homies in Concussive, really all of them man. We love to support our local scene, since they have done so much for us. We support all Oakland/ Bay Area bands, Grindcore or not.
      Finally, thank you very much for your time and for the answers. Is there anything you would like to add in the end?
      J: It's our pleasure to be part of this interview and thank you for considering us and devoting your time. I would love to add that we want nothing more than to support our fellow musicians in all the scenes and all the towns around the globe. We've had so much fun in the last five years and we want to help everyone else have as much fun as we have. No one is ever to small or too big. Stay humble and support your friends.
      R: thank you. Im looking forward to touring the midwest this summer with MELLOW HARSHER and meeting new grinders at the shows.


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