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Interview with Gurdip Singh Narang/ Gutslit!

      I first heard Gutslit when they started out in 2007 and they have come a long way in the past decade. The band has released 2 albums and toured Europe multiple times despite line up changes. Their second album Amputheatre via Transcending Obscurity records is out now and it sounds great. The album is huge leap ahead of their previous album Skewered in The Sewer with regards to songwriting and production. Find out more about their recent European tour, Amputheatre and upcoming plans in my interview with bassist Gurdip Singh Narang below. Peter 'Trendcrusher' K.

      Hi Gurdip, you recently got back from your Brutal Grooves Grinding Moves Tour tour across Europe alongside Stillbirth, Splattered and Carnivore Diprosopus. How did it go?
      Hey Peter, the tour went perfect. The shows were packed, a few sold out, the traveling between the cities was smooth. Perfect planning and execution. Probably the best tour we have played till date.
      Amputheatre is about the different forms of torture. What was the inspiration behind it?
      I have personally been a fan of psychopath killers. Torture devices just come along with it. They even add to the charm of innovation and magnificent detailing. The creators not only made them to hurt someone, but also designed them in a way to extract information, confess crimes and ultimately kill them slowly, while enjoying their screams and call for help. Humans are known to inflict pain. Kingdoms and dynasties were known to leave behind torture trails and fear in the minds of people to win over more land quickly. We just talk about that.

      The album sounds a leap ahead of your previous album Skewered in The Sewer with regards to songwriting and production. What was your approach this time around?
      Prateek Rajagopal, our guitarist took over the wheel after Skewered in the Sewer and immediately got to songwriting. There was no turning back from that. He went all out with songwriting, production, recording, post recording mixing and everything that was needed. His influences and love for metal helped him a lot to visualize his parts and my constant nagging since the start and introduction to my side of the bands added to the spice. He is quite a hard working musician in general and killed it at the overall execution. Aaron Pinto killed it at his parts and his hardwork only helped us to finally go for live drum recording and justify the drums on this album. Kaushal LS, our new vocalist not only added new elements to the songs, but also defined quite a lot of parts vocally and lyrically. I honestly love themes and storytelling in songs and he did it quite well.
      Amputheatre veers more towards the death/ grind. What brought about the change of sound?
      Our love has always been for Brutal Death Metal and Grindcore. We have always been juggling between the two. So for this album, we just decided to merge the two like in Deathgrind and stuck to our guns.
      What impact did the addition of Prateek and Kaushal to your line up have on your songwriting and recording?
      The result is in front of you. This album is the result of the addition of these two and the core strength of Me and Aaron.
      Eliran Kantor (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Incantation) has created a killer cover art for the album. What was brief/ direction given to him?
      When we approached Eliran, we had a few ideas about how to go about with this. We briefed him about this more than a year ago and started working on ideas about torture devices and how we wanted to get the central theme going. It was going to be huge as we went in for the two page spread to get as many elements as possible with a lot of detailing too. The central idea of the king worked out brilliantly well and the crowd wearing crowns to depict the change of power was perfect. We invited the king’s family to the Amputheatre and they gladly obliged by letting the queen and the sons go through their set of torture devices. Quite a sporty family I must say. Eliran started working on it and came up with this masterpiece. We love it and loved how the two page spread worked out.
      You shot a video for the track Scaphism, how important do you feel music videos are in the age of YouTube and Vimeo?
      Very Important. In fact I now realize that we should have done more of these videos. We feel we are kind of lagging behind in terms of digital data and visual content. Getting our game strong on that now.

      When you’re not writing or playing metal, what are you currently listening to (metal and non-metal)?
      Almost everything under the sun. I love music that speaks for itself. Mostly ambient, post rockish, drone kind of music.
      What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you have any shows/tours planned?
      We just played our home city Bombay and will be touring the east and north east part of the country. We have confirmed shows in Kolkata with a few local bands and an international act. We are later touring with Benighted in North East, playing Guwahati, Imphal and Itanagar.
      Thanks for doing this interview. Do you have any final words?
      Thank you to you and I hope you and the people who buy this album like it. Thank you. Cheers.


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