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Interview with Rob/ WAKE!

      Wake straddling a perfect line between cohesion and chaos, violence and sheer aggression, massive groove and raw Grindcore, it's a fuckin' execution. Beware, they're coming to Europe for 2 weeks tour with Backslider, check the interview with Rob and tour schedule. Andrzej Dumała.

       Hey Rob, since 26th of February/ the premier of Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow album your touring, how is rolling the life on tour? Where did you played so far and where was the best audience?
      Things are alright, man. We've played quite a few shows around Sowing.. We've done shows across Canada, US and Mexico. It's taken awhile but this will be our first time playing these songs live in Europe... It's hard to believe it's been 3 years since we toured there with Primitive Man. I'd probably say Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or Tuscon, Az have been my favourite shows of the last little while. Our release show in Calgary was pretty sick as well. haha
Wake & Backslider European Tour 2017 poster.

      Your plans are to annihilate Europe in a week, tell us about the schedule please.
      A few familiar cities and a few new ones. We've never played Prague or Budapest before so we're pumped to visit and make some new friends, level some venues and check out some rich history. As for the rest of the schedule we love to explore, find swimming spots, good beer, metal bars, techno parties.
      What can fans expect who will come to WAKE show for a first time?
      Volume and Hate... We've opted to play some new music as we have a new record coming out towards the end of the year along with a fair chunk of tracks off of Sowing the Seeds... It's a good mix.
      Backslider, coincidence or a conscious decision?
      Logan and Backslider are great people and we've talked about touring together for some time. They are one of the best Power Violence bands going right now and we're stoked to to play with them night after night and listen to W.A.S.P. with them in the van.
Wake on MODIFIED GHOST FESTIVAL/ photo credits: Shane Lange/ factoryworkermedia.com/
      Your set list is set up and played for hours on rehearsals? Your favorites songs to play live?
      Yeah, man a lot of rehearsing . We've been going non-stop for the last few weeks getting everything sounding nice for tour. It's also helped that our drummer Josh has relocated to the city the rest of us live in now. Favourites to play live? The newer songs we've been playing are starting to become some of my favourites to play but I still very much enjoy playing most stuff from Sowing and a few jams from False.
      What will you avoid during the fourth tour in Europe?
      Not much to avoid besides the police and maybe Wódka luksusowa... things got messy last time.
      How is your mood before the upcoming 14 shows?
      Extremely depressed : ( 14 days is not enough in Europe. No but for real, We're extremely happy to be coming back and hope to party with some old friends, make new ones and see some savage European Grindcore.
      I wish you great audience, fair promoters and safe ride, would you like to add something?
      Thanks to Andy and Everydayhate for the continued support.


WAKE/ BACKSLIDER European Tour 2017 schedule:
16/08/17 GER Essen Don't Panic
17/08/17 GER Hamburg Astra Stube
18/08/17 GER Magdeburg Heizhaus
19/08/17 GER Gießen AK44
20/08/17 NL Hengelo Innocent
21/08/17 BEL Antwerpen Music City
22/08/17 GER/CH contact joe@statelesssociety.com
23/08/17 AT Vienna Arena Beisl
24/08/17 SVK Bratislava Fuga
25/08/17 HU Budapest Robot
26/08/17 CZ Prague Fekal Party / Modra Vopice
27/08/17 GER Weimar Gerber 3
28/08/17 PL/GER contact joe@statelesssociety.com
29/08/17 GER Potsdam La Datscha

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