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Interview with Logan/ Backslider!

      Power Violence it's fun with tunes, sometimes super fast, other times sludgy... If you're looking for unusual solutions in extreme music, take the chance to see Backslider live during the European tour with Wake. Interview with Logan, Andrzej Dumała.
      Hey, What caused birth of Backslider?
      Backslider formed in the summer of 2008 when myself and former drummer Patrick Forrest decided to start jamming based on our shared musical tastes, which back then were significantly more limited than they are now.
      How could you describe Power Violence as a genere, ideology and way of living?
      I can't speak for the other members of Backslider but I personally don't believe in ideologies representing certain genres of music or vice versa. I can say what initially attracted me to the early "Power Violence" bands of the West Coast was that they all sounded totally different and unlike anything I had heard before and the negativity they were able to convey. I think that was a matter of time and place and therefore won't refer to current bands, or Backslider, as Power Violence.
Wake & Backslider European Tour 2017 poster.

      Backslider is hybrid of Power Violence, Grindcore, Hardcore and Sludge, blend of all this kinds of anti-music is a coincidence or it's more complicated?
      Every member of Backslider has a different personal and musical background, and each of our tastes vary greatly. Our sound is representative of our different tastes, not a lot of thought goes into that, but we try to take the care to craft songs that are fun and challenging to play and listen to.
      What could expect fans of extreme tunes from Backslider show?
      Each show is different. Some nights the Backslider "sound" can be very owerful. I think the best way to experience us live is with no expectations.

      PV, GC bands usually try to find connection during the shows with audience, and its not only eye contact or giving hi5, but also changing the lyrics occasionally, doing extra stop and goes or jaming and doing unusual things. Whats your way? When you know that someone get the point?
      Again, speaking only for myself, any kind of personal connection DURING our set matters little to me. I enjoy meeting and speaking with people before and after, but during the set my only focus is the music.
      Live we play different versions of songs, add and remove parts, link songs together, and other things that don't appear on the records. This is why I say that it is best to see us is without any expectations.
Backslider live at Silent Barn NY/ photo credits: Suren Karapetyan.

      What stuck in your minds after the first EU tour?
      European audiences overall appear more grateful than American audiences. That's not meant as an insult to our American friends, but I sometimes think that we are spoiled and entitled.
      The anti-fascist sentiment (graffiti, organizations, protest, etc) in Europe is inspiring and something that the US could benefit from in these dark times.
      It's your second European tour, what needs you need to satisfy this time?
      It's actually our 3rd time ;) as with the previous tours I want to try different food, visit important memorials, witness the historic architecture and do things we're unable to do the US. And of course I want to destroy when we play every night.
      I wish you a safe tour, have a blast.
      Thanks a bunch Andy, it's been a blast thus far. Take care!

 WAKE/ BACKSLIDER European Tour 2017 schedule:
16/08/17 GER Essen Don't Panic
17/08/17 GER Hamburg Astra Stube
18/08/17 GER Magdeburg Heizhaus
19/08/17 GER Gießen AK44
20/08/17 NL Hengelo Innocent
21/08/17 BEL Antwerpen Music City
22/08/17 GER/CH contact joe@statelesssociety.com
23/08/17 AT Vienna Arena Beisl
24/08/17 SVK Bratislava Fuga
25/08/17 HU Budapest Robot
26/08/17 CZ Prague Fekal Party / Modra Vopice
27/08/17 GER Weimar Gerber 3
28/08/17 PL/GER contact joe@statelesssociety.com
29/08/17 GER Potsdam La Datscha

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