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Interview with Gendo Ikari!

      Gendo Ikari is a young talented band from the UK's Grindcore scene, they attracted the attention with first 7"EP Unit_1. Even though they borrowed the name from Neon Genesis Evangelion, you shouldn't have to be an anime-freak to enjoy the creative and effectve brutality of this fresh band from Glasgow! Let's check our interview with them! Zoltan Zsiga.

      I would like to discuss first about the origins of the band, and do an overall introduction. Can you give us a brief history, how did you get together? Who’s who; and what other bands or side-projects do you have, or had in the past?
      The band is Gerald (guitar), JJ (vox), Chris (bass) and George (drums). We've played with each other in various bands before and don't like talking to anyone else, so this is sort of just kind of happening. George also plays in Blanca Grande, who sound like a Satanic Slint and Chris plays in Party Cannon and Iniquitous Savagery. Gerald, JJ and George used to play in a tech metal band The Colour Pink Is Gay, and the guitarists left the country so we decided to make a new grind band with Chris.
      Please tell me about your inspirations and influences as well. How did you get in contact with this kind of music, when did you realized that Grindcore is the genre for you?
      We like it when the drums go GA GA GA GA DUGUGUGUGUDUDUGUGU GAGAGAGA and fast playing, where the notes don't make sense and it's off kilter. Blast beats are yas.
Gendo Ikari in action!

      To play this kind of extreme music with such an intensity and anger, is a chanel to you, to get rid of negative feelings and everyday frustration? What are your main intentions with this band?
      We love discordant music and how everything sounds like it's almost falling apart. We want to out-pace other bands. It's a competition. Or basically see previous answer.
      With the atypical band name, Gendo Ikari (btw it sounds really cool), you’ve attracted the attention of the scene. This name is coming from a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime. I’m curious about why did you choosed that one – could you explain? Are you huge fans of anime series in general?
      George came up with the name and two of us did watch Neon Genesis: Evangelion a long time ago. The name sounds pretty cool, it's a short harsh name, so it fits. The character is a total dick. We're not massive anime fans but have watched a few, particularly into end-of-the-world apocalyptic scenarios in general.
      By the way, did you see the new adaption of Ghost in the shell movie with Scarlett Johansson, haha?
      Let's discuss about Unit_1, the first release of you. This material was really well-received, both from fans and from critics’ side. I have seen a lot of positive reviews and comments about it. Did you expect such a good feedback?
      We were surprised by the overwhelming feedback from fans and crtics – it's been weird but great overall. We pulled the material together after a few rehearsals and recorded the EP in a couple of sessions. We're used to playing fast, grinding music together so it came together pretty quickly.
      Unit_1 has a brutal gore artwork, a dead man is lying on the concrete, his head is exploded – that’s a shocking artwork, like an old Last Days Of Humanity covers, and that is strange because you aren't a Goregrind band. What was your concept?
      You'll have to ask Mind Ripper, they sent us some designs and we opted for gore.
      I really like the creative blasting brutality of Unit_1. Nice raw sound, interesting tempo changes, stunning guitar playing and really good songs – sometimes Brutal Truth and Discordance Axis are coming to my mind, but there is no need to compare your music to anybody else, because you have your own sound. Do you agree? Are you completely pleased with the material, or is there anything you would like to change on it?
      Lots of Grind is repetitive and like all genres, bands are just rehashing and copying each other past and present. The guitar playing has been compared to DA and people have compared us to early DEP. Given how fast it came together, the EP came out raw and unapologetic which we were pleased with. We try to make music for ourselves.
      I guess it wasn't so easy to establishing a sound, which is not overproduced / computerized, still raw, but powerful in the same time, without being too messy. Were all the members on the same page as to what sound you wanted to achieve?
      We tracked in the Audio Lounge in Glasgow, where George works at. We got recording and mix time easily through the studio. We tracked the instruments the way we usually do – drums first, bass and guitar then vocals last.
      What can you tell us about the creative process of your songs, how long it took to write and record Unit_1? How do you compose? Were there any differences in opinions in the creative team, how should your music sound?
      We all bring riffs to the table in the rehearsal room and slam it together. Usually it starts with a riff and then we develop it together in the rehearsal room. The idea is to keep songs short and to the point.
      Apart from this material, do you have any unpublished songs? Or cover songs, maybe?
      We're in the processing of writing new material and hoping to record a split soon.
      What are the main lyrical themes you write about? What message do you want to spread? Can you explain your lyrics a bit more detailed?
      We don't subscribe to pseudo political lyrics. JJ writes all the lyrics.
      The 7" version of Unit_1 was released through Mind Ripper Collective, how did you get in contact with Graham? What was your first thought when he announced the end of his label?
      Graham is a friend of ours, we've played with his band Endless Swarm in the past several times. Graham was great for helping us out in sorting out a 7 for Unit 1. He also was the person behind the Unit 1 cover. We were saddened by the death of Mind Ripper as it was great for getting early exposure for our material.

      Tape version is available from Overflöd Records as well, and it seems, that this format is becoming more popular again, especially by the extreme music groups. As far as I heard this version of Unit_1 is sold out, right?
The tape opportunity has been amazing and working with Overflod Records has been a pleasure. We're expecting to get some more tapes soon. How much shows did you do with Gendo Ikari so far? When will you do a complete European tour – do you see any possibility to that? We've been doing local shows in Scotland. We're hoping to get some shows in the rest of the UK and some shows outside. We all work jobs outside of bands so time, money and energy permiting, we'll get out at some point.
Unit 1 7"EP cover art.
      What bands have your attention nowadays, what is your current playlist?
We like a lot of bands locally – Endles Swarm, Civil Elegies, Boak, Droves, BRITNEY, Dark Habts, HORSEBASTARD, The Afternoon Gentlemen and Famine. Internationally, WORMROT, Artifical Brain, Plebeian Grandstand, Dying Fetus, Cult Leader, DEPHOSHORUS and Full Of Hell.
      Thank you for your time, and for the answers. Finally, when can we expect Unit_2? Are there any new material in progress right now?
      New material is in progress. We've not got a date for the next record, but expect it before the end of the year.
Thank you for the interview, it's been a pleasure.


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