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Get ready for interview with Ape Unit and exclusive stream of Zoopocalypse Grindcore!

      I will release a unique 7 inch of plastic on 30th of June. It's a split between Ape Unit and Horsebastard, together 11 songs of Zoopocalypse Grindcore. This is a great opportunity to stream a new Ape Unit's song and talk with Steve. Enjoy, Andrzej Dumala.
      hey Steve, what's Ape Unit?
      Ape Unit is a project started almost ten years ago by five bored primates who decided to join forces to play as fast and noisy as they can. The band changed a lot along the years, but the original concept has remained the same : five friends having fun playing extreme music!
      What causes boredom?
      Nothing in particular, really. At the time, all the original members of the band were into extreme music, so It was easy to start the project, even If It first came as a "joke band", and It turned into something more serious months after the first rehearsal.

       What's Ape Unit purpose?
      We just really want to have fun playing the music we like the most! This band is giving us the chance to have awesome experiences, so we just want to go straight this way, trying to play live as much as possible, and keep on spreading our jungle noises!
      How would you describe Jungle Noises?
      As the perfect and ultimate description of how Ape Unit music sounds like.
      Suppose I'm deaf.
      I honestly think that the French artist Craoman has managed to create a perfect visual representation of what is the music of the Ape Unit with what is the cover of our previous album, "Turd". If you do not know this guy, check him up immediately. And now don't ask me to suppose you are blind, because things could get pretty hard here ahaha!
      What's the concept of Turd artwork?
      We had nothing clear in our mind at the beginning. We looked for many artist and we discovered the amazing art of Craoman. The only hint we gave him was the mess-scenario, than we sent him nothing but the lyrics and he did the rest. We were all stunned by his great work, and basically no changings were made after we saw It the first time!
      What's the inspirations for your lyrics?
      Everyday weird situations we get involved in or that we see around us.
Ape Unit live, photo credits by Marco Roasio.
     What's the weirdest situation/event you've witnessed?
      There are really tons of them but I want to remember this one : A guy attending a gig in a venue near to the place we live was drunk and undressed himself in front of the band that was playing. After this he started pooing in the middle of the venue entrance shouting The name of The band that was playing but misspelling it. That was just crazy also because in the whole venue there were something like 30 people. And he was the only one wasted. Local hero forever.
      Supporting D.I.Y. scene is important as a fan, band, venue or promoter, what can you say about the scene in your neighborhood?
     I don't like to talk about "scene", as I think that its concept has lost meaning. I prefer to talk about support, actually. Support is the most important thing. Not only our area, but all the italian territory is full of awesome bands that we know and respect. And, even If there are (are there will always be) many people ready to complain for lack of good shows or good bands or whatever, I can say that we are full of guys who do their best to set up top class gigs, and to keep the DIY activity alive! So I am very proud of our situation here!
      It's a houndreds of bands out there nowdays, so its difficult to catch up all of the good ones. Maybe you could recomended us any Good records or bands your listen to recently?
      Among the tons of good bands/records that I've listened to in this months I would say the 2016 release by Cavernicular and the absolute evergreen "Hill Valley Powerviolence " by xDeloreanx from Italy, every song ever by our UK fellows Ona Snop ( simply love that band and those guys); I'm listening non stop to "Lifeless Paradise", the latest album by Shackles and I've just discovered this sick band from Germany called Negativ Null, that is actually on the top of my personal chart since months. Talking about USA, I would suggest without thinkin "Served Cold" by Mellow Harsher, "Life Of Crime" by Goolagoon (completely felt in love with them), "Choose Your Way" by Endorphins Lost and everything made by Cave State and by Chest Pain. Last but not least, the Cloud Rat latest split with Moloch is a mind blower.
Ape Unit/ Horsebastard split 7 inch cover/ art by Danny Bellone/ facebook.com/dannybellone/
       Your new record is split 7 inch with UK's Horsebastard, what we can expect from your side?
      We are very happy with our side's result. Songs were written not that long after we released "Turd", we were in a great songwriting mood and I think you can feel it in the tunez. No spoilers from our side though, let the people do the talking ahah! What can I say is that the Horsebastard side is an ear-crusher : probably my fav tracks from them by far. Simply awesome.


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