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Interview with Smattro Ansjovis/ Birdflesh!

       Smattro Ansjovis is a founder of one, of the oldest and most recognizable Swedish Grindcore bands, Birdflesh is having their 25-year anniversary this year. Andrzej Dumala.
        Hey Smattro, Birdflesh is having their 25-year anniversary this year as a one of the oldest and most recognizable Swedish Grindcore bands. What are your thoughts on the legacy of Birdflesh?
       Hey Andy! Yeah, 25 years ago we started Birdflesh. It's really crazy. Though it took a few years to learn how to play and write songs, haha! It has been lots of ups and downs through the years and I am the only original member left. But I can't imagine my life without this band. It's like a family member.
       Playing Carnivalgrind for quarter of a century is an excellent opportunity to celebrate, Are you gonna have a big party to mark the occasion?
       We haven't really thought about doing anything special to celebrate. Sadly there is no time. Family, work and our other bands take a lot of time too. We have a few shows coming up this year so I guess we gonna have some beers with our fans who care about our 25th anniversary. We save the big party until we turn 50.
"Thanks Ryan and Evan + crew for having us at NDF. People say we had a great time. Cheers to all crazy people who moshed at our show." Birdflesh 2017.

       Let's go back to 1992 when there was no Internet, and times for young musicians and extreme music fans were totally different. How did you get into extreme music? What were the first bands you listened too?
       We were many metalheads who bought records and borrowed records from each other. And when you borrowed records, you always recorded them on tape. I found out lots of music via MTV too. But most of my extreme music came from a friend called Slask. He bought every album that came out. Bands like Napalm Death, Morbid Angel and Macabre were huge influences back in the days.
       Many people start playing an instrument after they get into extreme tunes. Do you remember how you first picked up the drumsticks? Before or after you decided to start a Grindcore band?
       At the same time actually.
       Where and when did Birdflesh start rehearsing? Would you be able to describe how the band was formed and developed?
       We were three guys having art class in 9th grade, listening to mix tapes of Death Metal when we decided to start a band. One of us did already play the guitar and I had taken some drum lessons five years earlier. I think the first rehearsal was me trying to play a two beat on an AC/DC riff. We had two guitar players at that time but one got fired after the first rehearsal. There were three rehearsal rooms at our school with all gear that we needed. And we could use everything for free. We started to write our own songs because we were too bad to play cover songs. We still are.
       From the beginning, your "ideology" has been atypical for extreme-music bands, with hilarious lyrics, covers and especially the band logo. Is the purpose of this to break down stereotypes?
       I think we just wanted to be special at that time. Since our music was really crappy, we needed something extra to make people interested. "At least they looked funny", you know. But we have never thought other bands were boring or anything. We just wanted to do something that not every band did. Our costume thing started at our first show in 1993. Our bass player was so embarrassed to play with us so he wore a mask to cover his face. People thought it was cool so at our second show we all used custumes. Most of all this is insane brains though.
"Towards Brutal Assault!
I wanna rock n' roll all nite, and part of everyday.
" Birdflesh 2016

       "Alive Autopsy," "Night Of The Ultimate Mosh," "Mongo Musicale," and "The Farmers' Wrath" seem to be major benchmarks in the history of the band. Do you agree? If so/not, why?
       Well, these are our album releases, and I'm pretty satisfied with them all. Around the Mongo Musicale time we were a bit confused and not so sure in what direction we were going with the band. And our bass player left the band some time after the release. When we got a new bass player we had a fresh start and new energy and started to write the Farmers album.
       Your a great lyric writer. Would you be able to write lyrics for a song entitled "IPA Hammer"? What do you like the most about writing lyrics?
       Thanks! I am able to write about anything really. Except "serious" lyrics about politics and stuff. The best thing about writing lyrics for Birdflesh is that I can write about just anything from satanic Black Metal lyrics to stories that happen in real life or just bizarre tales that comes to mind.
       Birdflesh has played at all major extreme festivals around the globe. Could you choose a favorite? If so, tell us about your experience and how it started.
       It's between Obscene Extreme in Czech republic and Maryland Deathfest. They are both amazing every time. The best and craziest fans are there.
       It all started around 13 years ago so I don't remember anything. It's too blurry. Everyone says we had a good time.

       Smattro, as a great drummer, musician, Grindcore freak, and member of Birdflesh, General Surgery, Jigsore Terror, ex. Sayyadina, ex. Entrails, husband and father. What are your top 10 essential albums?
         Twisted Sister- Stay Hungry
         Mötley Crüe- Shout At The Devil
         Edge of Sanity- The Spectral Sorrows
         Satyricon- Nemesis Divina
         Cryptopsy- None So Vile
         Bad Religion- No Control
         Repulsion- Horrified
         Dissection- The Somberlain
         Ozzy- Bark At The Moon
         Rotting Christ- Thy Mighty Contract
       Or maybe ten others.
       Long live Birdflesh!
       Thanks Andy! Miss you.

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