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Interview with Harry Bryan/ Prisoner 639 and exclusive online stream of split w/ Throw Me In The Crater.

       Harry Bryan is a guitar player in raw and primitive deep-mouthed Powerviolence duo Prisoner 639. I met him personally during the tour with Nothing Clean in Warsaw's Chmury Klub. As a D.I.Y. label I helped them to release split 7 inch with Throw Me In The Crater. This is a great chance to share the stream officially and post interview we made some time ago. Andrzej Dumala.

       hey Harry, it's millions of prisoners out there, why you chose the Prisoner 639? Is he special?
       Prisoner 639 is very special, actually, and anyone who appreciates Asian cinema may well be familiar with them already.

       What's your prison?
       My prison? Trying to break out of an endless cycle of Bojack Horseman. Well... I say trying, I never tried very hard. Classic stuff.

       3 ways to get early release from prison by Harry.
       An actual prison? I can't say that I'm an expert. Other than keeping your head down and not shanking other inmates, I'd say some kind of elaborate system of tunnels would need to be dug out, presumably using a network of other inmates, not so many as to risk detection but enough to make the work possible within a short space of time. Thirdly I'd say using underworld contacts to have someone pilot a helicopter into the prison itself, over the walls and lowering a rope ladder into the exercise yard. Obviously there'd be a lot of chaos, but fortune favours the bold.
       639 is making noise that is difficult to describe, how would you do it?
       I'd say it sounds a bit like a cross between Sordo and Electric Wizard. I guess we have our own sound, but yeah it's pretty much on the sludgy end of power violence.
       Tell me about the process of creating tunes with Brame.
       I write the riffs, Brame plays the ol' drums. It's pretty straight forward, sometimes I write out songs on the road, just imagining them, writing the tabs out on some scrap paper in the car then trying them out when we have time. Usually that works well.
       What is P639 intentions?
       Intentions? Well, we always existed to play shows really, to tour. We're enthusiastic about releasing music but for me at least, touring was the number one goal. We're not a band who have especially lofty goals, we just want to meet new people, travel to different countries and eat truck loads of vegetables.
       Everyone feels emotion, but not everyone knows how to express themselves, which type of lyrics have you chosen for your songs?
       I admit the lyrics are something of an afterthought. The music is far more raw an expression of emotion than I think the words are. Often I might pick a topic and the lyrics will just be words shouted which tie in with that subject, so I suppose in a way some of the lyrics are quite abstract.
       What music artist or group you've heard recently has most impressed you?
       Mmm, that's a tricky one... I recently toured with my other bands, CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE and Dzhumagaliev, so was lucky enough to see many good bands. Ficken Liben from Kolin in the Czech Republic were really good (I hope that's spelled correctly), as well as Septic Assault from Hungary. To be honest there were loads of sick bands but I don't want to make a huge list. There are heaps of amazing bands scattered all across Europe right now, it's a good time to be active within the scene.
       Imagine that you could change the world. What would you change in the world?
       I can't speak for Brame, but if I could change one thing and one thing alone, I would say I'd change the way people view animals. Sadly people think of other living beings which we share the planet with as below us, as lesser forms of life. There's no God who decided that we as humans have the sole right to pick and choose which creatures should live and which should die. It's disgusting enough that we feel comfortable maiming and slaughtering other people, never mind animals who have no way of defending themselves. We profess to have a monopoly on ethics, on intelligence, yet all too many of us are too small minded to see the suffering we cause, or too inconsiderate or selfish to care one way or the other. It's all well and good to talk about the misery of slavery or the inequality caused by capitalism, but it all means nothing when we're systematically enslaving and murdering countless living beings for our own pleasure. To be a human while such killing continues makes me ashamed. The first step towards creating a compassionate society is to live a compassionate life. When we choose to be cruel when we could instead be kind, we have no moral foundation on which to tell others how they should behave towards one another. In all areas of your life, I believe that when you can be kind, you should be kind. This is a simple principle which anyone can follow.

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