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Interview with Philip/ Dead Instrument!

The following interview was made with the Danish Grindcore squad Dead Instrument, the news about their upcoming split with Whoresnation and Chiens was just announced a few weeks ago, but this will be unfortunately the last release from this killer band. I talked with Philip about the end, about their last split with the dirty Sludge lords, Meth Drinker, and about some personal topics as well. Enjoy! Zoltán Zsiga.
Hello Philip, greetings from EveryDayHate Grindblog and thank you for this interview! First of all, I’d like to talk about the upcoming split Lp; including you, Whoresnation and Chiens. Can you tell us some words about this release, and about your songs? What can we expect from the split?
Hey Zoli, thank you for the Interview! Our contribution to the split was recorded in the same session as the songs for the Meth Drinker split and it's been a long way coming! I believe it was Lopin from Whoresnation who wrote us a long time ago about doing a split. We liked them, so we agreed, but had some other stuff to get out of the way first. Then we played with them and Chiens on our tour with PLF, and they were both fucking amazing – I bought the Chiens Vultures are our future 10” later on that tour and was blown away by it. I think the talk of individual splits with both bands was drunkenly brought up on the night of the show and the idea changed to do a threeway split not long after. I might be wrong, but I think it was Michol from Chiens who suggested, that each band contribute with five songs that had the same overall lyrical themes. In that same spirit, the running order of the split is divided into those five themes, instead of all the songs from each band one after another. It's unusual, but feels nice to do something a little different, and everyone delivers a 100% on this thing, so I think it worked out well!
Upcoming split LP w/ Whoresnation and Chiens.

Unfortunately this material will be the last one from you because the band aren’t active anymore – can you please tell us some words about when and why did you decided to finish the story of Dead Instrument?
I believe we decided to stop early 2015. We had played together for over a decade and it seemed like it came to a natural end. We had originally wanted to do another full length and had talked about calling it quits after that, but after a round of practicing up to a long tour, going on a long tour, and then going in the studio afterwards, it had probably begun to tear at us a bit – and that was only 8 songs! I think we realized that a full album would most likely be close to two years in the making and that prospect was a bit exhausting. When everyone's heart isn't completely in it anymore, it's hard to move forward with the band, no one was expendable and I think everyone needed some new stuff to do.
Are there any plans about how to continue? Do you already have any upcoming projects – maybe a new grindcore band or something else? Is there a different genre of music you would like to try out now as a musician?
Already some years before we stopped, our drummer Emil was getting into electronic stuff – buying lots of gear and bringing lots of heavy manuals and literature on software and patching and shit like that on tour, and he's still doing that and getting better at it, but hasn't put anything out as of yet. Our singer Jacob had a sludge band called Weak when we quit, but they decided to stop a while after us though, I think he's mostly focused on writing literature now. Sebastian began at university when DI finished and is studying, working and traveling around the globe as much as he can with his girlfriend. He's also involved in a hardcore band with some of the guys from Death Token, but they don't have anything out or even have a name yet I think.
I always wanted to try and make a simple melodic rock band, vaguely Neil Young type stuff, and have tried to get it off the ground a couple of times and failed. I could honestly never find enough time to be serious about it because DI was time consuming and I was also in two full time hardcore bands over the years, that I kind of fell into (Love Potion and Dogmatist, if anyone cares). Dogmatist and DI ended the same year and I was able to get into the more tender stuff, and with some help I got a band together eventually. We put out a demo on our bandcamp site in October and just played our first show, which was great! We're called Birds in flight – I guess you could say it's sort of an ironic name. I imagine that people who are only into Grind, Punk and Metal stuff, that want to throw the stereo out the window when they hear a Pixies song, will want to steer clear of it haha. I could also imagine doing some Grind stuff again, I'm still writing the odd riff, but it would need to be under the right circumstances and with the right people I guess.
Violent Death 12"LP

If you are looking back, what were the highlights and the most memorable moments from the band's existence? You’ve gained a great reputation in the European Grindcore scene with your discography. Do you have any unfulfilled dreams or plans you wanted to reach with the band, but not succeed?
Sure! We were never really a lazy band when it came to going down to the rehearsal space and knocking out songs, but we were really bad at organizing and getting shows and tours together and putting out our material. Our 12” Violent death was actually recorded like two years before it came out. I think we sent it to like 4 labels. Maybe one or two wrote back and said they liked it, but were to backed up with releases, so we kind of gave up haha. It was only when Nikolaj, a friend of ours, started a label basically to get that record out I guess, that we got it on vinyl and it got some attention. He also put out our 7” See through negative, a split with PLF and one with Meth Drinker on his label, Raw Birth Records. We also toured a bit with Meth Drinker and then with PLF a month through Europe (definite highlights!), and Nikolaj arranged all of it. He's the patron saint of Dead Instrument. I'm sad that we never got to go to Japan or the States to tour, and I wanted to do another full length, but what can you do?
Split 7"EP w/ Meth Drinker.
What are some hard lessons you have learned during the existence of Dead Instrument - not only about music business, but in general? Do you think the fact, that you’ve played in a Grindcore band, had an effect on your personality as well?
I don't think we've had too many “hard” lessons musically or on the business side, but maybe that's just my point of view haha. In our younger days we were a lot more reckless and stupid, and the band's existence was definitely tested at times, but we made it through somehow. Anything you do as a major part of your life, from your late teens through your twenties, will have some effect on your personality I think, but it would be hard for me to say how exactly.
I didn't know much about Grindcore when I started playing it, but was curious and sort of learned by doing, while discovering most of my favorite bands in the genre at the same time. For me it definitely opened up a whole new perspective on how to think about music. You can expand that to a life philosophy and it's basically taught me to keep an open mind dude!
Last year you had a split 7”, released by polish Drop Out Records. This was actually a pretty unusual split, with a Sludge Metal band, called Meth Drinker. How did this came to be and where is the contact from with Meth Drinker? How was the overall feedback about the split, was it well received?
Our friend Nikolaj had come across the first Meth Drinker record, which they released on their own label in New Zealand, and we all loved it! He contacted them and ended up releasing it in Europe on Raw birth records, and he arranged some tours for them here as well. We toured with them for about a week and got along really well, and we both liked each others bands. So the talk of the split kind of grew out of the tour, but didn't happen until a few years later. Obviously those two genres are polar opposites tempo-wise, but I think we all felt, that Grindcore and Sludge done “right”, sort of tap into a similar vein of aggression, and actually go pretty well together. I have no idea how it's been received, if there's a review out there, I don't think I've read it. The sound production of your songs were sharp and massive, but well balanced on that split. Did you have a clean vision how things should sound, and did you take part in the engineering / mixing process?
Lasse Ballade recorded and mixed the last couple of releases. We gave him some notions of what we wanted, but he's pretty much the one that should take the credit.
Split 7"EP w/ P.L.F.
Still about the Meth Drinker split: the songwriting were more impactful and intense than ever, if possible. Was it a conscious effort to make that three song even tighter / tenser than before?
Thanks! Yeah, it was the idea to make it as relentless, full on and fast as possible, and of course, still try to have some nice hooks. We're going faster than we've ever played before on these songs. Looking back at it, I sometimes feel we should have slowed things down just one bpm or two for the sake of dynamics, but I think it works out ok.
The style of grindcore you’ve played was without any fillers, just straight to the face onslaught with full-speed intensity. Compared to the beggining you’ve almost completely eliminated the slow parts, increased the speed and decreased the metal influences in my opinion. And sound-wise you have definetly improved. So, for me the progress in your music was obvious, but how do you see internally?
Thanks again! It was a conscious decision to go for a more homogenous sound as we went along, which basically meant full blast! Too many breakdowns and it felt like we lost momentum. Songs where there was little room to breath, got the most intense for us to play, so it seemed natural to push the writing in that direction. And so we've tried to hone that over the years, and have tried to always have a couple of nice hooks of course!
Still about the past: how did you get in contact with grindcore music? What were your biggest influences? Did each of you bring different influences to the band, or all members had more or less similar musical taste?
I met our singer Jacob around the beginning of the millennium, when I was about 18 years old. We were mutually into stuff like The Bad Seeds/ Birthday party, Dead Kennedys and other fairly random bands, but he was a lot more adventurous than me. He played me Prowler in the yard, which was pretty new at the time. I had no clear idea what was going on in the music, but was drawn to the energy and intensity, and on some level, I could hear that there was some great song writing going on. Not long after, I heard Discordance Axis and Assück, and that was it! Everyone was definitely into those bands when we started DI. Also bands like Yacøpsæ, Fleshparade, The Kill, Hellnation, Insect Warfare and Denak could be counted as influences.
See Through Negative 7"EP
How healthy is the Grindcore scene in Denmark? I only know UxDxSx and Piss Vortex from your Grindcore scene, can you recommend some other acts to us?
There was no real Grind-scene when we started and we were usually the odd one out. There grew a bit of a scene in Copenhagen some years ago (Copenhagen Grindcore family), and we've played with a few of those bands that seemed promising, but sort of came and went. I'm not really tapped into it anymore to be honest. We played with Hardcore bands or Death Metal bands most of the time, and very rarely Grind bands - It was strange for us going on tour with PLF and there were 5 Grind bands on the bill each night!
What bands have your attention right now (both form Denmark and from abroad)?
In Copenhagen there's a trashy sort of psychedelic Punk band called The Monoliths, who have a full length on the way, I'm looking forward to that one. They can clear a room full of Punks like it was nobodies business, so it's not for everyone I guess. I think there's also a new PLF record coming out soon - I'll definitely check that out... Right at the moment I'm listening mostly to Ween though, which is pretty far away from Grindcore!
We are coming to the end. Thank you for your time and for the answers, and I wish the best to your future projects. The last words are for you.
Thank you for your thoughtful questions and good luck with the zine! And thanks to the people who came to our shows and bought our shit over the years, hopefully some of you enjoyed it!

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