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Interview with Dondon Crust/ Maticrust!

       The United Arab Emirates is a country consisting of expatriates from around the world. Grindcore band Maticrust has been in the country for 5 years and made of of expats from the Philipines and India. This week, they released their first EP Inhumane World Deprivation. I spoke to vocalist Dondon Crust about the EP, performing at Obscene Extreme and also their plans for the rest of the year./ Peter 'Trendcrusher' K.
      To start off, tell us what it like being a Grindcore/ Crust band in United Arab Emirates?
      Being a Grindcore/ Crust in the U.A.E is a little hard at first because not all of them are listening to Grindcore, but now they appreciate it as part of The U.A.E’s underground Musick.
      How did the band get together? Do you know each other from bands/gigs in Philippines?
      We’re formed back in 2012 here in the United Arab Emirates but before we already have a band in the Philippines in 1995.We only Extent our struggle and recruit Rippon of Tsvet Reptilia as our permanent drummer here.

       You recently released your first EP Inhumane World Deprivation and it sounds killer. Tell us a bit about it.
      The EP consist of 13 mins. of Noise, Raw and Fast-Faced Musick Dedicated to Grindcore Enthusiast out there.
      What was the inspiration behind the EP?
      We’re inspired by the things that worsen our society such as War, Killings, Injustice and Corruption that still happening that is why we’ve put heavy emotion to the ep musickally because we feel the struggle each day.
      The production on the album sounds raw, was that intentional? What was the recording process?
      Yeah we prefer Live Studio Mixing because to us that’s the sound that Grindcore/ Noise has to offer for the grinders.
       You have been in United Arab Emirates for some time now. What are your thoughts on the music scene in the country with regards to extreme metal?
      With regards to extreme metal here all I can say it’s improving time to time, because aside from Grindcore they are open on Power Violence, Noise, and Crust Musick nowadays.
      You were the first band from UAE to perform at Obscene Extreme last year. How was the experience?
      Uff it’s a Memorable Experience especially we represent our country ( Philippines ) and we enjoy a lot especially we’ve play with our Influence band such as Insect Warfare, Extreme Noise Terror, Rotten Sound, Hellbastard and many more to mention. Trully it’s a most important Archive for us.
      What are your plans for the rest of the year? Are you planning any gigs/tour?
      As of now aside from our ep we also preparing our 7” Vinyl Split with Filthy Element of Copenhagen. Hopefully it will be released this April, new tracks for another EP and our much awaited Asian tour on July in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.
      Thanks for answering my questions. Do you have any final words?
      Thank you very much Peter K for this exciting and cool interview, more Grind-power to Trendcrusher zine!


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