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Interview with Anders Jakobson/ Axis Of Despair.

        Hey, I know about axis horizontalis, axis verticalis, axis sagittalis, axis superior... but Axis of Despair is a new thing for me. Could you explain?
      The combination of the words is picked from an Assück song called “Perpetual Cycle” (“The perpetual cycle rotates on the axis of despair.”). We worked for so long to come up with a band name that was unique and that all of the members liked. Axis of Despair was that name. I think it's a good description of the current state of the world or mankind, and it's a great starting point for our lyrics.
Riistetyt, Crutches show at Plektrum Bar Örebro/ 2016-10-29/ Photo credits: Malin Rosenback.

       The covers of "Time and Again" and "Mankind Crawls" seem, at first glance, very similar, but they're actually very different. What was the concept?
      They are the left and right part of the upper part of a bigger picture to be completed on future covers. Once the picture is complete the concept will be clearer, if there is a concept. In all honesty, the design was a way to do something different since we recorded two 7” EP's at the same time. Somewhere a long the way an idea of creating a sort of graphic profile for the band came up, which led into the idea of splitting an image into several parts.
      There is no simple definition of what 'time' is, from one's birth to one's death. How we live our lives depends on us, consciously or unconsciously we make the decisions individually. Your lyrics confirm my conclusions, I have impression it's a warning message.
      We have no specific agenda with our lyrics, i.e. there isn't an overall message that we try to express. We write about what concerns us at the moment,which might be anything from colapsing relationships to the apathic generation that grows up as we speak. But some of the lyrics connects with your reasoning regarding time and life and such.
Artwork and design by Anders Jakobson.
       Axis of Despair is a group of experienced musicians from well-known bands like Nasum, Coldworker, Necrony, Infanticide, Livet Som Insats, Krigshot, Overtorture... Does experience helps in the creating process? Is your approach more planned, or spontaneous?
      I always love these descriptions as it sounds like there are at least seven members in the band. Anyway, yes, experience helps a lot. Three of us have been playing in the same bands for more than ten years so we really know how we work as musicians and friends or whatever. We can rely on eachothers skills and that makes the creative process smooth and fully working. Spontenaity isn't really a part of our creative process. We prepare songs at home, do simple demos before we bring them to the rehearsal room, but every song needs some kind of final spontnateous layer before it's finished.
      Can Grindcore as a genre be defined? If so, what is your definition?
      It's aggressive music performed effectively fast, short and to the point! Something like that. When I speak to people who listen to “normal” music I usally say that grindcore emerged when punk bands and metal bands at the same time realized that they could play their songs even faster.
      Soundlab Studios, the mother of eternal albums, home for European Grindcore. Working in SS is a challenge or pleasure? Please tell us about working in the SS.
      Ouch, that was NOT a good abbreviation... Well, speaking for myself I've spent a lot of time in Soundlab during the years (I even helped to build the studio once upon a time) so it's mostly a fun and relaxed experience. How ever, when you're recording your own parts it can be a bit stressful as you want to perform as good as possible as fast as possible as you are paying for every minute and hour you are in the studio. You don't really need a classic studio to record these days but it helps to get the band focused and so forth.
      Can you tell us what to expect from the debut album?
      We're aiming at having 20 songs on the album. At the moment we have made pre-production demos of 16 songs that are considered complete with titles and lyrics and so forth. We have a few more songs in the works so we will most likely record more than 20 songs and either save some for a split 7” EP or something else, or just leave them be. As for the material we haven't really changed our style, but we are trying hard to make good, strong songs, that have seperate identities. No one wants to hear a grindcore album with the same song over and over again.
      This, this is the end.
      No, this is the end! Follow Axis of Despair on Instagram and Facebook for news and info about our upcoming album, shows, merch and whatever. Thanks for the interview!


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