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Interview with Niklas/ The Arson Project!

      Hey Niklas, The Arson Project is back to the game due to debut album "Disgust". What caused the disgust?
      Hey Andy! I would say the combined abstinence of not being able to express feelings, be creative/writing music or touring to the extent that we would like to - and the huge frustration of living in this fucked up ignorant and selfish world where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, while the rest of the people are jumping from one foot to another unable to decide whether they should care more about the new Iphone model or where celebrities buy their underwear. The forests are soon gone, the seas are already filled with garbage, the meatgrinder keeps on going and more wars and more suffering is ahead of us. But just relax because you can be 100% sure that there's some way that they will be able to blame the immigrants for all of it too. However, the purpose is not about enlightening anyone, it's more like a personal way of processing it. I gave up long time ago.

       Your album is complex, undefined and unpredictable, it's going to be one of the most important title for Grindcore scene in year 2017 with no doubts. How would you describe the essence of "Disgust"?
      We write songs that we enjoy playing. Songs without any rules or forced song structures - inspiring and mainly based on shots of adrenaline. We have never tried to sound like any other band, but sure take influence from a lot - without any goals to be progressive. Me and Oscar have been writing punk songs together for 17 years, and we basicly don't even have to talk to eachother while doing it. He can't play the guitar and I don't know shit about drums but it usually works out the best that way. Maybe I'm wrong. Listen and decide yourself haha
       TAP from the very beginning sets own path, which resulted in hundreds of played shows. I was wondering how you did it. Misanthropic hate is the key to connecting Grindcore, Hardcore, Punk and Metal scenes?
       We've always had our fingers in many jars. Nor have I felt that we fully belong in just one of them. I think that we've picked up feelings and atmosphere from different scenes rather than just riffs, no matter what label people like to put for me it's all punk. Maybe it's the reason why we've slipped through some nets. To believe in what you do and being passionate about something is the only key for me to write good stuff. People who listen to your music or go to see your band live should sense if it's real, regardless of their references.
      Almost four-year silence from the TAP camp was the calm before the storm? Simply you were focused on the work on the album? Do premiere of the debut means your back for good?
      We've been working on the album since the middle of 2014. Roughly around that time we had enough material to record a LP, but just like a couple of times before we weren't satisfied with the end result and the overall quality of the songs. We threw everything into the bin again and started all over from scratch. At that time I wasn't even sure if there would ever be any album. We've lived spread out in as most five different cities, and everyone was working different weekdays/hours and with strained economies. The conditions were shit. When Elis and Oscar moved to Malmö it was easier to find the time, and we could go jam in our rehearsalplace whenever we felt creative instead of planning certain practise occasions for weeks ahead which rarely resulted in anything. We wrote the 'DISGUST' songs in about nine months, since then we've spent hundreds if not a thousand hours during 1,5 years in different studios, and to plan and organise this whole thing while working hard as fuck to fund it by ourselves. We will see what happends next, I hope to be able to tour as much as possible and we already have ideas for some new songs that I'm looking forward to try getting together.

      I know your working/ booking the TAP tour till 4am every day, how it's going? Is it easy to keep working DIY this days?
      I'm booking a seven-week tour for April/May and started way too late so it's kind of stressy and hard to find suitable shows in the last minute. Competition is constantly getting harder, many venues are really busy and most promoters also have to take care of their normal day jobs, families or are touring with their own bands. Still, DIY works great. You can book your own shows, make your own promotion and release your music on your own. But it will take a lot of your time and energy doing it.
      What's your tour plans?
      We will focus on Europe to begin with as we don't have money to fly anywhere. But people write us from all over the world and I guess that the long term goal would be to play anywhere where it's possible to play. We did a tour in South East Asia back in 2012 and that was one of the best things we've ever done. Several times we've also had plans about going to Australia, Japan and North/South America but were never able to pull it through.
Artwork by Oscar Lindberg.

      2016 was a good year for the anti-musical scene, would you do a summary?
      Haha I'm always so slow with new releases. It takes a lot of time for me to accept a new release, and even longer (if I like it) to get bored of it. Until then I'm rarely eager to check out any new things coming out. I think most of the albums that I'm listening to are at least a few years old. The only two recent ones which I could find are Halshug - Sort Sind and Conan - Revengeance. Both of them are great. For the rest ask me again in another five years haha.
      It's always better to greet than to say goodbye, last words are yours.
      I agree. I wanna thank everybody who have supported us throughout the years, without you it would have been totally pointless to keep on going. Take care of eachother. Go to a DIY show. Don't be an asshole.

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