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Interview with Dan from RESONANCE CASCADE and exclusive stream of "Violent and disappointed"!

      Hey, your a new band for the maniacs worldwide, could you please introduce Resonance Cascade?
      ok. First some boring facts: We are four guys from Scania, the very south of Sweden, from towns like Malmö, Lund and Osby and consists of: Johan Bergström – vocals, Arvid Borg – drums, Andreas Johansson – bass and Dan Widing – guitar. We started the band autumn 2012 , with another drummer. That drummer left the band cuz he said ” I don´t play fast enough for you guys”. So the first recording we did ended up as a seven inch on a cool U.S label called Cricket Cemetery sometime late 2014 early 2015. Don´t remember. Anyway, you can´t hardly find it in europe I think. if you want to buy it you have to go directly from us haha. Don´t know about the distribution. Anyway we got some nice reviews for it and for being the first songs we wrote it´s not to bad. So for excisting for well almost five years we have only done three gigs, our fourth we be done on the release party for our upcoming split LP with Järnbörd the second of march in Malmö. Haven´t worked to hard to get shows, haha. Really hope that we can get out more on the road and hope the grinders enjoy the split LP, cuz I really liked how our recording turned out. Raw and fast!

       What made you to form a Grindcore band?
       Well, no one of us have played in a gindcore band before RxCx. We all played or plays in death metal bands. For an example, we got members who have been in swedish veteran death metal band Deranged and members who are in Deranged at the moment. Anyway, so the blastbeats have allways been there. But we wanted to play fast and do short songs with no bullshit. So we started RxCx to do quite simple but raw and effictive songs. We all are music nerds and do other bands in other styles like harsh noise, sludge, progressive stuff and so on. So it´s awsome to do this band aswell.
      "NO FUN - NO TREND - NO ART - JUST GRIND", I like your approach. I'm very curious how would you define the Resonance Cascade tunes?
      Haha thanx, Andreas came up with that line. What it means is that what we do is no brain surgery . Songs got simple riffs and simple song structures but raw and fast with harsh vocal lines. No bull shit.
      Yours lyrics are outspoken with no hope for humanity, what made you to choose so pessimistic way, it's the only way?
      Yeah, lyrics fits the music and the world is a sad place to live in. So many ass hole leaders all over the world that oppresses the people, greedy business men that destroys our world with their industries.... and yeah, Now that Trump is president in the U.S... the end is near. For real.
Front cover art for split CD/ 12"LP w/ JÄRNBÖRD.

      On 26th of February is a premier of Resonance Cascade/ Järnbörd split CD and LP, why I have to reach for this album?
      If you like fast, hardcorish and metallic music and want it from fresh bands you should buy this record. We are more metal and Järnbörd are more punk so together it makes a perfect mix of different angles of fast music I think. And if you don´t like the music you can nail the LP to the wall and you´ll get a beautiful work of art.
      Could you please recommend a 5 Grindcore releases from 2016? What made them so special?
I just listed fullength albums hope that is ok.
Full of hell/the Body – One day you will ache like I ache. This release is so stressful, weird and harsh. This is not for the weak. I think this is a masterpiece.
Magrudergrind – II. A fast hardcorish rind album with really good songs and awsome production. Relly loves it A fantastic live band aswell.
Gadget – The great destroyer. Awsome riffs and song structures, Really violent and heavy as fuck. Listen to that bass sound! Ohhh lalala. Low end nuclear war. And cool dudes of course.
Mortalized – Complete mortality. This is a discography over a band that is sadly overlooked. The guitar player, Takafumi Matsubara, known for his other bands Gridlink and Corrupted, have done some of the most weird riffs ever. This CD is a most have if you like japanese weird and awsome grindcore.
Wormrot – Voices. A really weird album. Got this awkward dissonant neocrustish riff and kinda straight on typical grind riffs mixed and they can form really cool songs with it.
      End is near, the last words.
      Thanx for your support Andy. You rule!
Hope you grinders out there dig the album and don´t be afraid to contact us for whatever reasons.
Stay fast!


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