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Interview with Convulsions and exclusive stream of debut full length!

Cultivated the Spanish Grindcore traditions debutants from Convulsion attacks with debut full length album. Enjoy the stream and interview, Andy.
       Hey, convulsions are involuntary muscle spasms, what was the reason for selecting such a brutal name for the band?
      Hey! We are Campos (vocals), Héctor (guitar) and Binky (bass). First things first, thanks for counting on us for this interview.
      Campos: It wasn’t anything we thought a lot, actually. We just wanted something aggressive as a name, since the music is fast, and we liked this one.
      What would you say to a person who hasn't heard your debut album?
      Campos: Sincerely we haven’t invented anything new in grindcore nor we are going to, we simply like to mix old school grindcore, bands like Denak or Excruciating Terror, with raw grind like Insect Warfare, Death Toll 80K or Internal Rot. If you like blast beats, take 15 minutes to have a listen, which is the length of our EP.
      Héctor: Turn the volume up and enjoy.

      Your lyrics are in Spanish, could you explain us (speak english or die people) Convulsions ideology?
      Héctor: Hahaha, we don’t speak about convulsions, I wouldn’t know what to say about them. Lyrics are about injustices and social problems mostly, inequalities, against war and capitalism.
Photo credits: Marisol Huertas Bailen.
Photo credits: Marisol Huertas Bailen.

       How did it happen that you play Grindcore? It's not so popular genere, your won't be rich or famous.
      Héctor: We decided to play grindcore because we love the genre, we don’t want to be rich or famous with this (we couldn’t even if we wanted to), sharing our music with other people, playing with other bands, making friends and having a good time is enough for us.
      Binky: I think it comes from the will of taking things to the extreme and next level. Grindcore is like the very last thing before harsh noise, power electronics or that kind of stuff.
      How would you define an anti-musical genre that is Grindcore?
      Binky: For me it’s the best of both worlds, because I grew up listening to a mixture of metal and punk, so it’s like keeping the evil sound of death metal but the aggressiveness and raw attitude of punk at the same time, and of course the ideas. For me grindcore has to take a stance on political and social issues (no tolerance for homophobia, sexism, racism…). That’s the beauty of it in some way, a grindcore band is not out of place in a squat because it keeps the message and it’s basically sped up hardcore punk with growls.
Photo credits: Marisol Huertas Bailen.
       Campos, I know your very active person on the local scene, your booking shows, doing festival and now screaming in the band. Could you tell us more about your activity and the scene in your area?
      Campos: Yes, I am part of an association together with Héctor and some friends from the city, we set up underground shows along with Pedro (owner of Hecatombe Records), and to be fair we are really active. We set up a fest called “Extiércol Extreme”, surrounded with greenhouses and with a truck as stage.
      2016 was a good year for the anti-musical scene, would you do a summary?
      Héctor: For us it was important because it was the year of our musical birth. It’s good that there are bands and distros appearing, because they keep the underground scene going on. This way you can share music all around the world and receive it, touring is way easier and there are more people at shows.
      Binky: Yes, it was. Some really good releases, the Sick/Tired and Triac split was awesome. I played with some of my favourite bands (ACxDC and Harm Done) with the band I used to play in (Rencor), so all in all it was pretty cool.
Photo credits: Marisol Huertas Bailen.
      Last words are yours...
      Campos: Thanks for wasting your time with us reading this interview and greetings to everyone who reads the blog and supports us. Grind or die!


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