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Interview with Jan/ Agathocles!

Agathocles legacy is impressing, because of the many formats of records, from multiple sizes vinyls, tapes and CDs, different style of Mincecore, and the most important aspect theyr sincerly and truely support for mankind and DIY scene.

Hey Jan, your last show was in the old cows shed, it's not typical place to play. What's the most weird places your played?
Last show was great. It was in semi-squated cow shed in the french speaking part of belgium, which in the end 60’s beginning 70’s was squated by students of the university there. The meaning of the gig we played was French speaking and Flemish speaking punks TOGETHER against the fucking national linguistic fascist movements in belgium. LONG LIVE FRIES, BEERS AND PUNK!
Agathocles create Mincecore, new kind of anti-music. How would you describe this genere?
It is NOISE and noise for a good purpose. Making alternatives for young kids to start bands, because the only good musician, is a dead one, hahahaha. NO, just kiding. With the mince core thing, we just wanna say that you can do all by yourselves by believing in what you do and creating your network of friends. Not your network of coke sniffing money grabbing record bosses/ managers.
Agathocles on Mosh It Up Festival/ photo credits: Docent Stopczyk

 What prompted you to grindcore? Do you remember what bands or records made you want to pick up an instrument and start writing your own music back in 1985?
Yes, TOTALLY....many bands...... i think the biggest for me were HELLHAMMER, BATHORY and NIHILISTICS. There were/ are many others and it would be so great to give them space here, so I will mention some: ACCURSED BLUDEON, OCCULT (USA), HEL’HAMMER (Germany), SATANIC CHRIST, SATANIC LEGIONS OF DEATH, NOB, UBR, LARM, NEOS, .......So many..... Listen this:
The contents, timeless lyrics is a important part of Agathocles. Do you think people will ever learn how to treat world and themselves with respect and dignity? Do you have any ideas why surrounding us reality is so cruel?
No, people will be people....arsholes we will always be. But that does not mean that we must not try to behave like more caring creatures.
Agathocles on Mosh It Up Festival/ photo credits: Docent Stopczyk

Your recorded many different kinds of tunes, from Mincecore, Noisecore, Grindcore to movie soundtrack (From grey... to black album). What inspired you guys to create this? How is your songwriting process like?
All the bands and noises and train/ bus trips which make noise inspire me. Young and old people inspire me. Because I think, what AG makes, is only the result of what is going on. Action –reaction – action,..........
Whats your opinion about D.I.Y. community? Is it possible to keep doing this nowdays?
TOTALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on! AG is DIY and stands for „FUCK YOU MAINSTREAM“...... that does not need any comment. And hell no, DIY does not need a fucking bible or handbook.... Just DIY ....
Probebly many people ask you whats your favorite Agathocles record or split, and Im curios too. But also let us know whats your favorite songs.
For me, it is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=372blP_igZ0
Agathocles is the only band I know who released so many live recordings, it’s hard to record live sets with things undecided?
„only life is real“ 
The last words are yours.
Sorry for short answers.
Agathocles on Mosh It Up Festival/ photo credits: Docent Stopczyk

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