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Interview with Raphael and Julien/ Bain De Sang!

      BAIN DE SANG is a straight to the point and rageous mix of intense grindcore and hateful hardcore. Enjoy the intervew with Raphael and Julien made by Zsiga Zoltán/ Blast Fanzine.

       Please introduce yourself and your bandmates, and give us a detailed summary about how Bain De Sang came into being. All I know about you is, that some members were playing in Blockheads, so I’m curious about how did you get togehter exactly, and what other bands and projects did you have in the past.
      Raphael: Hi Zoli! First, we’re very pleased to answer this interview, thanks a lot for your support! I played guitar in Blockheads for a couple of years, during the Blockheads / Mumakill split and tours era mostly! Way before that, I played in a band called Aenima, it was 15 years ago, and this is when I met Julien (singer) and Yves (bassist), when we played and party quite often with our respective bands! We discussed a few times with Julien over the past years about starting a band together. And we finally did, it was somewhere in the end of 2013. And it took about 6 to 8 months to finally gather all the bands members. Julien is singing, Yves is playing Bass, Guillaume is playing the drums, and I’m playing guitar. We also might have a second guitarist joining someday!
      Julien: I used to sing in a French act called Judoboy, around 2000 something, and this is when Raph and I met! I then played in a band called “Baron noir”, in 2006 I think, with ex members of Flying Workers, a French screamo band somewhat popular at that time. And that’s pretty much it until Bain De Sang. Yves is an old friend of mine, we were both living in the city of Amiens, and he used to hang out with the guys from Judoboy. About Guillaume, he used to play drum in Comity, a chaotic hardcore band from Paris, on Candlelight Records at that time. Also, Judoboy and Comity played quite a few time together. Long time buddies!

Bain de Sang at Le Klub/ pix shot by Valentin Beaucourt.

      My first contact with you was the live show at Obscene Extreme, did you enjoy your gig, and the whole festival? How did people react to your music? As a simple viewer, what other bands did you enjoy the most from the festival?
      R: Hahahah THAT GIG! Well, that’s a long story. We played early in the morning, most of the tech crew was hangover or not even here, Guillaume had an explosive diarrhea while installing the drumkit on stage, and Yves disappeared during the really short soundcheck. It finally appeared he was getting a beer at the bar, and it took longer than expected… We were about to start without him as we had no news… So, this was clearly not a relaxed show, and we had to shorten it as it started late - for all the reason above! Hahaha But it was fine anyhow, good and nice crowd considering it was 11AM on the last day of the festival! We even sold some merch, so I guess some people enjoyed it! Hahaha About the whole fest, it was not my first time, and this is always the same fun and party for everyone there. I’d say this is definitely not a usual festival!
      About the bands we’ve seen, it really depends on each person, Julien for instance has been blasted by Cattle Decapitation, for me, the performance of Rotten Sound was a huge thing considering the drummer was injured. But mostly, I am frustrated by the amount of bands I wanted to see and did not (for various reasons), like Livet Som Insats, Melt Banana, Palm, Toxic Holocaust, Famine, The Dog…

      Bain De Sang means Bloodbath in english, who’s idea was that name, and what motivated you to choose such an aggressive-sounding name?
      Rl: Hahahah, we were initially thinking about another name for the band. But when Yves came at a band practice for the first time, to listen to our music, he just said “guys, your name sucks, I don’t know, you should call yourself Bain De Sang or something similar” as a joke. And here we are.
      J: Sadly, the name has been an issue after the terrorist attacks in Paris.
      R: Yep, bad press, bad reputation on our name, fuckers! hahaha
      J: The name is raising reactions from whoever is reading it. People do feel uncomfortable with it. That’s cool!

      Your first material, „We Are the Blood We Are the Fear” is out on 12” vinyl lp, released by french Up To Eleven & Emergence Records, and Dingleberry Records from Germany. How did you get in contact with them? Maybe know each other from the scene since years, or do you addressed the labels to help release the Lp?
      R: Well, I am Up 2 Eleven! Hahaha
      J: Emergence has been doing records forever, and he’s an old friend, it was just obvious to us to ask him to be part of it. And he did accept! Hahaha
      R: About Tim, actually, we didn’t know him. But a lot of my old friends from the “french scene” were releasing records with him, and he used to set up gigs for most of their bands. That’s how we decided to contact him. Now we know him, and I can say he’s quite a dude! Playing Giessen, his hometown, was a lot of fun.

We are the blood we are the fear 12"EP cover.

      There is the infamous burning church on your cover art and the reversed cross in your logo. For an unsuspecting buyer this symbols can easily refer to a black metal record. So why are you using them, are you anti-christian or anti-religious band? What do you think about organised religions at all, is this an important topic to you?
      R: There is a burning church indeed. It could have been a synagogue or a mosque, but the only good picture we could use from the internet was this one hahaha. Also, the church was the safest option, Christians are pussies, other religions are way more dangerous. Hahaha To answer your question, we’re not a political band, but we all agree religion is more than a danger, it’s a curse.
      J: cool, I was looking for a new song title, thanks Raph.
      R: The black metal reference is not something we’ve been consciously looking for, but we already heard this comment a few times.
      J: Yep, the reversed cross is more a sign of protest against religions. We’re not Satanist for instance.
      R: And I like the idea that a lot of people are feeling uncomfortable while looking at it.
      J: hahaha we have a patch with the band name and the reversed cross. It’s definitely scaring people in the streets!

      Connecting to the previous question, who writes your lyrics? They are full of rage, nihilism and negativity, so what kind of thoughts and issues inspiring you to write such kind of lyrics?
      R: Julien writes all the lyrics. And yep, he’s not a funny guy when it comes to it!
      J: I don't really like human being in general. Human being is fucked up. To me, we are a genetic accident.
      R: You know, we live in Paris, and this city is fucked up, a concentrate of violence. So I guess this influences our vision of things and does sweat in our music and lyrics.
      J: I’m mostly inspired by all the crazy thing happening everywhere in the world. But also by human relationships, dominations, etc… I’m currently writing about death and grief.
      R: Fun fact, a promoter refused to have us for a show because our lyrics are too violent and aggressive! He also suspected some sexism because there is the “cunt” word in one sentence. So, to clarify, no, we’re not sexist, not at all. About violence… well, I don’t think any of us is violent in the band, but I have violent thoughts quite often.
      J: I used the “cunt” word the English way, as an “generic” insult, I could have written “douchebag”, but the guy would have probably said it’s also sexist!

      As a grindcore / hardcore band, what are you stand for, are there any political/ social issues what are really important to you?
      R: As we mentioned earlier, we’re not a political band. But we all have political beliefs, and there a few things we all stand against, like sexism, homophobia, or any racism or oppression of any kind. We’re regular punks hahaha I’d love to talk about politics, but this would only be my own opinion and perspective, so I don’t think this is the right place to do so!
      What I love in "We are the blood we are the fear" is the incredible amount of intensity, tension and anger, plus the very good vocals and sound. Where do you get the inspiration to create such an intensive record, which bands influenced you in general?
      R: Thanks! As I mentioned previously, our city might be our inspiration.
      J: I hate this city.
      R: And I think this city hates us too. Actually, this whole society we’re living in hates us and is fucking oppressive…
      J: About our influences, we all listen to a lot of different things. For me, especially music from the early 90's and the mid 80's and 60's. Yves and Guillaume have been listening to a lot of French hiphop for quite some time. And what inspires me most is certainly not the most violent bands I’m listening to.
      R: I do listen to a lot of punkrock, hardcore and grindcore. The bands that might have inspired me the most lately are probably Nails and All Pigs Must Die, but I can also mention bands like Magrudergrind, Nasum, Indecision, and a 100 more!

      Some slower sections are also used in your songs, and it makes the complete record more diverse. This was your goal when you started to write songs? An album, which is punishing from start to finish, but diverse in the same time?
      R: hahaha, yep, exactly. I really love the way you describe this record, “punishing from start to finish, but diverse in the same time”! Thanks for the compliment. I just think this is also a reflection of all the different things we listen to, and we do enjoy playing.
      How do you compose, are there a main songwriter, or it is a common job? How often do you rehearse? Please write about your rehearsal room and the gears and amps you use too.
      J: Usually, Raphael is proposing new riffs or structures during band practices, and they do work on these bases. I then add my vocals once the draft is quite advanced.
      R: We usually rehearse once a week, which is not a lot… But we have to deal with everyone’s life. About the rehearsal room, it’s in the basement of Francis Caste’s recording studio. We share it with 5 or 6 bands, it’s quite small, messy and expensive, but mostly way better than other places we’ve been practicing in so far. About gears and amps, I will mostly talk about mines. I usually play a DeArmond JetStar I’ve been looking for for years and finally found on a Craiglist’s like few years ago. Pickups were not the original Dearmond ones, and I replaced them with an active setup. At the moment, I’m using two separate amps, a JCM800 a bit modified and a JCM900 with a HM-2 in front of it. I’m not a gear nerd, but I’m trying to design my sound, so I’m experimenting a bit and this setup will probably change in a few weeks or month! Yves is playing a Fender Precision Bass going into a OCD distortion pedal and then into some low budget Bugera head amp that, as crappy as it is, does the trick!

      This idea just came up now in my mind: aren't you thought about releasing "We Are The Blood..." as a 12" split instead of a single sided Lp? Are you planning to do some split materials in the future?
      R: Well… no, we did not plan to release it as a split record! Haha we always considered these songs as a records on their own. The single side LP is something we wanted to do since our songs are short enough to be able to do it. But yes, I’d love to release some split materials in the future, even though nothing’s planned at the moment. It all depends on the upcoming opportunities.
      Can you give me a brief report about the french grindcore scene? I only know Warfuck, Blockheads, Chiens, Whoresnation, Doomsisters, Department of Correction, Inhumate or Satan. Are you friends with them? Can you recommend us some other french acts?
      R: Well, I think you have most of them written here! I don’t know all of them personally, but for sure, there is a really good grind scene emerging in France these past few years! We’ve been talking with the Blockheads guys about playing some shows together in 2017, but there is no show booked yet.
      You can also check Benighted, Warsawwasraw and Harmdone, which are quite big here, and also the smaller bands Affres and Riposte!

      If we talk about French festivals, many people would say Hellfest above all, or maybe Motocultor. But aside from this major metal festivals, where can grindcore gigs take place in xour country, are there any smaller festivals, which are specialized for grindcore, crust or powerviolence?
      R: For sure, these two festivals are the main ones, you could even say they’re mainstream. 10 years ago, grindcore in France was mainly popular in the North and East of France. But now, you have grindcore gigs happening everywhere in France! The same goes for smaller festival, even if they’re mostly not only grindcore festivals, but generally about programming punk related genre or extreme music in general.
      What are your personal all-time favorite albums? Like a top-10, and shouldn't be only grindcore releases, but can be from any genre.
 The Smiths, all of them
 Beatles, Revolver
 joy division
 Anthrax, Sound of white noise
 Converge, “Petitioning the empty sky”
 And lot of bands early 90's like helmet, pearl jam, sepultura...
 Lot of folk music too
      R: Dude, I hate this exercise! Hahaha That’s a mix of an all-time top-10 and of the things I’ve been listening quite often lately:
 Napalm Death, Apex predator – easy meat
 Nasum, Helvete
 Beatles, the white album
 And you will know us by the trail of dead, Lost Songs
 High On Fire, The Art of Self Defense
 Fugazi, End Hits
 Slayer, Repentless
 Indecision, Most Precious Blood
 Blockheads, This world is dead
 Gadget, The great destroyer
 Trap Them, Crown Feral

      What are your future plans, any new material in progress? Thank you for this interview.
      R: Yes, we are currently working on new material, that we expect to record somewhere in the first half of 2017. I think this is going to be way rawer than “we are the blood…”, probably faster too. We have no label in mind, we don’t have any offer anyhow hahaha. You mentioned it, I’d love to put a few songs on a split, but we don’t have any band in mind. Also, we’re starting to look for opportunities to play a bit more in 2017, stay tuned!
      Thanks a lot for your questions, we can’t wait to come play Poland, Hungary, and Eastern Europe, hopefully in 2017!!!

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