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Interview with Rado and Jan/ Sedem Minut Strachu!

    Hello guys, welcome to the pages of Blast fanzine, from Hungary. First of all, can you tell us everything about the origins of 7MS? You mentioned on your bandcamp page, that the band was formed in an Exhumed gig, and it sounds good. Did you maybe know each other from long time, how the lineup has completed? Introduce all of the members please, we want to know everything.
   Hi and thanks for your interest. Well, if you have read our bandcamp than you know everything. We are good old friends, the idea was mine and I did not even for a second think about any other person than Richard and Jan for this band. I was like walking the street and you know, suddenly it klicked... and 7M$ was born. Seriously. Few days later I’m at that Exhumed gig explaining to Richard and Jan they are members of 7M$. Jan, because he is a great drummer and we need him so two guys with absolutely no guitar skills can make bass noise, scream and pose in front. And Richard because he knows to pose well and was the most active guy in the scene around. And they both like dirty lo-fi grindcore so are the most close to my musical taste, and that’s very important for a band, if you ask me. None of us is vegan, nazi and pro-life, each of us love Repulsion, beer and Pacho.
   What was your main goal when you first started to practice and writing noise together? The style and the concept was clear from the very beginning, as you mentioned: „to rip off and recycle noises of two of the best bands ever: Seven Minutes Of Nausea and Fear Of God”. What is it about their noise that appeals to you?

   I’ve always loved dirty, raw, extreme grind/ noisecore and I always felt that the musicianship is not at all important for this stuff, I mean, I don’t say that if you know how to play your fuckin’ expensive BC Rich you can’t play good grindcore, but if you love it, really love it and feel it, you can play the most aggressive shit with three strings and no knowledge of any fuckin C-major at all, that’s what I believe. We never tuned bass and I can’t remember the most primitive Nirvana two chords song if you show me, fuck that! I better headbang with two fingers on two string to some Motorhead track or just scream and jump around my room to some old Arsedestroyer shit. I just want to bang, to pose, to play fast and loud, I have no time to watch my fingers to not make mistakes during some average metalic grindcore shit, I want extreme music to be nasty, raw, dirty and as radiounfriendly as possible. Well, you see now what I love about 7MON? And Fear Of God? Just in case you don’t know, Sedem Minut Strachu means Seven Minutes Of Fear in english. Oh, and the very first goal when we started was to get rid of the shame and to learn to follow 1-2- 3-4 rhythm.
   Beyond those two bands, what would you say as what has made Sedem Minut Strachu the band that it is? Maybe your social environment, alcohol, specific books or movies, or simply you got bored about the average "extreme" metal stuffs, and wanted to do something really extreme?
   It’s alcohol and the „bored about the average "extreme" metal stuffs”, as I said in previous question. Both equaly balanced: fuck riffs & not a note sober!
   By the way, if we talk about inspiration, what other bands have influenced your style? Do you like for example the noisecore stuff Noise Grind Power Death from Insect Warfare, or maybe Sore Throat? Do you like these bands and their approach (unfortunately they aren’t active anymore)?

   I love SoreThroat a lot, of course, Insect Warfare was also very good but I haven’t followed them that much. My other inspiration for 7M$ except for 7MON and FOG is Incapacitants, Gowl, Motorhead, Deche-Charge and The Gerogerigegege.

   Why do you call yourselves to Onion Terrorist Commando and wear onion bags in your heads? Are you maybe too shy guys?
   We wear onion bags just for fun, it’s our “fuck off!!“ to all the corpsepaints, skimasks, terrorists and Ghosts and SunO)))s plus onion is the real fucking terror, as everybody who cooks know. I have this idea to add some onion extract to this fog machines when we are huge, supporting Nasum on their final final tour, so you all can experience the OTC yourself than!
   How do you compose and record, do you have a standard process for it, or everything we can hear on your records are improvisation? Do you need a special mood to create noise?

   We compose like: drink it, smoke it, noise it! We are pure improvisation with some practiced signals like „hey, Motorhead” or „go Impetigo” where we just try to follow Jan’s primitive rokenroll or gore rhythms and pose in the way of these bands. Our version of Iron Fist after 6 beers, on 3 strings is perfect, I think.
   There is one thing what isn’t really clear for me, do you write lyrics? I see some text in the booklets, but I guess you don’t have lyrics.
   We for sure want to spread some message, so we write songtitles and shit, we are not any political, sci-fi or apocalyptic shitcrust band, we just want to know bad people to fuck off and nice people we love them. So not really a lyrics, more like one-two- tree fuck you kind of thing or blahblahpissedegg shitcore stupidity to make demented people feel like they are not alone here. Fuck untitled songs!
   You are using 2 bass guitar, and no guitar, this was the part of the basic concept, or you simply didn't found any guitarist who has the right attitude and skills, and fits to the musical direction of 7MS?
   Well, first of, we are not musicians, to handle 4 strings is more than enough to us, I often play with just 3 or 2 same strings or whatever is in my bag, although “to play” is not the right word, I preffer we “act” or “pose”. Other than that bass is much more brutal, in sound and in image as well, I wanna be Cliff Burton on stage not a fuckin’ Malmsteen. We never thought about guitar, if anything, we better think about contrabass or ship horn.

   You played a 7 minutes long live set in Obscene Extreme festival, with Deche-Charge and 7 Minutes of Nausea few years ago, and that was my first contact with your noisy art. What were your impressions about that show and the whole festival? By the way, you’re always playing 7 minutes long shows, or sometimes you have longer sets? If you play live then it is improvisation too?
   OEF noisecore night was awesome, not the best place, that huge stage, for noisecore, but the mood was great and we enjoyed, thanks to Curby once again! We had lot of fun with Nausea and Charge guys, totally great people. We have already played with 7MON before, they are very nice and I have enjoyed their set at OEF, great antimusic opera by masters! And you should see the Deche-Charge set there, they destroyed 2 Marshall heads during their 5 minutes long set, madness! Rest of the festival to me: Terrorizer, Unholy Grave, Hemdale, beer and vitamins, hmmm ...! Yes, we always play only 7minutes of improvisation, we got a timer, it’s much more than enough of our stupid, talentless nonsense, I think.
   You've finished a Japanese tour. I’m really jealous, because Japan is on the top of my whislist as a coutry I always wanted to see. so tell me everything about this road, where were you exactly, how much gigs did you do, and so on… What are your experiences, are there any highlights or amusing incidents?

   Ahh, I know, Japan is on everybody’s wantlist, we actually started this band to get there, haha find some older interview of ours, I really said that like 2 years ago! I mean, people, be nice, find friends, start a band, do something... and I bet you can get to Madagascar for a tour with your stupid nsbm band or whatever, it’s not that hard. Japan was great, better than we expected, we did 8 best gigs and one best recording session ever in 10 days around Tokio, we have met the best guys ever and we have eaten nothing but the best food ever and saw the best shows and best bands ever. And no bad shit happened. And if anybody thinks I exaggerate, it’s his/her problem, go there, check yourself!
   Did you see many interesting/ weird things in Japan? Capsule hotels, female lap pillows, schoolgirls in uniform, etc.? What was the most bizarre thing you’we seen there, or the most interesting food or drink you tried out?

   The most bizarre thing in Japan was that I haven’t seen one fuckin’ cigarette, can or bottle in the streets of the whole city, seriously! Yes, we slept in the capsule hotel, saw geishas, ate rotten fish, drunk special sake etc., but none of that seemed bizarre or weird, more like interesting to me. I felt very comfortable in Japan. Sure some things are hard to manage, like all the nonenglish, japanese writings in subway and generaly very low english language abilities in Japan, but we were always traveling with locals, so this was more like fun to us. The best food to me was sea urchin and generaly sushi and raw fish, the seasoned tuna sushi was something unforgettable. I love seafood so Japan was like heaven to me!
   What can you say about japanese beers, did you tried out some?
   I tried and drunk some, and it’s not very good, but I have to tell you that I’m very, very picky about beer and, honestly, who cares about the beer when in Japan? They have cans of iced tea mixed with sake so I was sorted, that was good.

    Did you have a chance to meet personally with the duo of Sete Star Sept? You have a split 7” with them which I also have in my collection. What other bands do you prefer from the japanese scene?
   We have played with Sete Star Sept already twice in Europe before and yes we also met them and played with them in Tokyo. While here in Europe Sete Star Sept were great, let me tell you that the show in Tokyo, on that huge and loud PA, was one of the highlights of the tour to me. They rule, they are great people and maniacs on stage and I love them. There is so many great bands in Japan, I Iove Cunts, Napalm Death Is Dead, Spacegrinder and really, really every band we played with was fantastic, we often thought we are like the weakest on the bill ... Final Exit, Self Deconstruction, Realized ... it’s hard to remember them all. Of course I love many others like Incapacitants, Pain Jerk, Gerogerigegege, Endon, C.S.S.O., C.U.M., Forward ... ahh, toooo many. Nikudorei, Mamarracho, GBN... oh shit.
   2015 was a great year for the band I think. You had tons of releases, with Hades Mining Co., with De Blenders, with P.T.A.O. (your best in my opinion), the 6 way split, split with 7MON, a japanese tour, gig at Obscene Extreme... What are the best moments for you from that year?

   Oh yeah, you are right, 2015 was exceptional for 7M$, we are sincerely thankfull to all the people that helped us with anything. I’m sure we all agree on Japanese tour being the highlight, but fuckin’ hell, we did splits with most of our dream bands plus many new, excellent acts, played at so many nice places, so it was really a fantastic year for us.
   Lets discuss about your split with 7MON in detail. Can we say that your dream came true with this cooperation? How did you get in contact with 7MON first, who’s idea was this split?

   7MON split is nothing but a dream came tru for me, absolute cult band, one of the reason we started our band so it was our goal from the begenning! 7MON are very nice guys, we met them at the noisefest in Brno last year, I came to Mick and gave him a demo tape and the shirt with our 7MON ripped off logo and told him I love his band and blablablah and theye were super nice, we all were drunk so I don’t remember if we talked about the split but one day the CD-r with lyrics arrived and that’s it. They are (Mick) very hard to communicate by email, we only changed email or two and the split was agreed and soon released with a great help of Vivan/ Underground Pollution records.
   You have released quite a lot of stuff over the years with a number of different record labels. Do you have any favourites among your releases? Which one was the hardest to create and record?

   None of our recordings was really hard to create or to record, to get drunk/ stoned always take more time and logistics than to record, when we play/ record we just fucking bang. None of the recordings took more time than what you hear on the final product + some aditional sound editing/ cuttings but that’s again more like beers and “yeah, cut it there... add some noise, blaaah meeeeh ”… like that. We really don’t fuck around too much with anything. My personal favourites are probably the split w/ Deche-Charge, 10” collaboration and stuff from upcoming split CD w/ Massola.

   What does your family and friends think about your noisy art? Do they understand what do you want to express?
   I’ve been listenning to music since I was a kid, the older I was the more extreme music I listened to, so all my family is perfectly ok with this. I for sure had more than 500 tapes before I have met my wife and we are just abut to record our new stuff featuring my daughter on violin, so you see, to me it’s like a family business haha. My coleagues at job and friends out of the scene know about my band eventhough I don’t spread the word intentionally, but you know, everybody has youtube and internet so they know and don’t understand, often having laugh about it but who fuckin’ cares what a guy with latest iPhone and into Nightwish thinks about Sedem Minut Strachu!?
   Can you introduce the Sedem Supraphon Minút Family Strachu collaboration too, what is it exactly?

   It’s us and Supraphon Family, legendary slovak noise duo husband and wife, we are great friends for ages and so we thought it would be cool to record something together. So we went to studio, they play vacuum cleaner and hand saw and stuff like that, we did our shit and so we recorded that 10”. We did some shows tohether as well and we have some plans for another common release again this year. We love them!
   Jan, can I ask you why you've decided to finish the story of Idiots Parade, and do you miss sometimes that band?

   Yes. I'm still missing Idiot's Parade. It was a great times with that band and I have a lot of nice and funny memories. We dont had so much free time and energy for completed all our plans and I know that we left many people disappointed. For us it was more important stay friends.
   Apart from Idiots Parade, are the members of 7MS involved to any other bands or side-projects now? Do you have any other activities, such as fanzine, label, distro, or booking gigs?

   Two of 7M$ guys just started some shitty, pseudobleak metal band that spends 4 hrs at pub, than 40 mins at rehearsal room, and back to pub. For now they are top secret antiblackmetal warnoise stupidity trying to record as shitty and primitive stuff as possible to sell it to some label as a forgotten blackdeath Bolivian band’s 1987 demo. And one 7M$ member is involved in huge all star international noisecore conspiracy that will release some shit soon. That’s it. And I had quit label and fanzine, Richard had quit booking gigs and Jan had quit Idiot’s Parade so now we have much more time to relax in pub.
   Pretend to a minute that you could be a part of a four-way split, with any three other bands, active or already disbanded, doesn’t matter. So a kind of „dream split”. Who would you choose and why?

   Since we already have splits with more than half of my dream bands + I only dream about active bands, I’d love to have a 4way split with these: Cunts (because they are simply the best active noisecore around), Gowl (because they are more grind than grindcore itself) and the The Gerogerigegege (because onetwothreefour is here again).

   What are some records that changed your life, personally and musically? And please name the 3 best noise, noisecore or noisegrind albums that no one heard, but more people have to know acc. to your opinion.

   Live After Death, Help, Kill’em All, The Good Son, Standing On a Beach, Anticapital, Kollaps, Pleasure To Kill, Highway To Hell, The Burning World .. etc, maybe not the best albums by these bands, but my first and still beloved! Hmm, grinders and noisers are maniacs I doubt they haven’t heard anything I write, but I think shit like Anarco Vomit Noise from Brasil, Nuclear Witch only demo from USA and Nyrkki from Finland deserves to be mentioned here.
   Finally, thank you for your time and for the answers. What are your next steps, what does the future holds for Sedem Minut Strachu? Last words are for you.

   Thank you very much for your support! Soon will be out split tapes with CSMD and Reeking Cross, split 7” EPs with UxDxMx and Erectile Dementia, „Rehearsal tape 2015/ 2016”,split/ collab CD with Massola... and some more.

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