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Interview with Leonidas/ Stheno!

Hello guys, my name is Zoli, greetings from EveryDayHate grindblog! Let’s start with a small introduction, how and when did you get together? Who does what, introduce the current line up, and the ex-members as well please.
Hey Zoli! We start in December of 2013 in Volos/Greece. We just went to have some fun to the studio but really soon this fun became a band and here we go, this is how Stheno was born. Now we are a three-piece band so to the live shows we are not using bass guitar, for the album "Liberty crawls in waste" Leonidas was responsible for guitars and bass as well. We started as a typical fou-piece line up but after the first EP our bassist left the band, another guy joined us he record the 2 splits with Grassroll and World Downfall, but again after all we continue three of us.
Are you all long-time musicians and have you played extreme music before this band? Do you have (or had in the past) any other bands or side projects?
Yes, Vaggelis and Vaggelis (voicals-drums) were playing together to Unfit Earth, was a crust band from Greece and Leonidas was in Bedlam, a grindcore band from Greece, not active since 2003. Also we passed through many bands of punk/ thrash/ crust/ death metal some are still active some not.

The name, Stheno comes from the ancient Greek mythology. Can you explain it’s meaning, and the reason, why you’ve choosed that name?
Yes, Stheno in greek mythology was a monster-gorgon sister of Medusa. The name derives from the word sthenos, which initially meant physical strength. The word today means "major spiritual strength, courage, resistance and determination". Our band adopted this name renewing its meaning. We indicate through it that both spiritual and moral strength are essential for conquering any obstacles with decency. These elements are the most needed by every people on earth eternally struggling for a better future.
Stheno aren’t playing pure, straightforward grindcore, elements of other different musical styles (black metal and crust) can be found in your sound as well. Can you explain to us, where this mixture is coming from, and how did your sound and style evolved and progressed over the years of your existence?
Exactly, Stheno is not a pure grindcore band, is the bastard thing who is connecting every musical sound we grow up with. Playing pure grindcore in ourdays is impossible for us cause we would repeat the same riffs again and again, we cant go front like this. So its more interesting for us to add black metal-crust even punk and death metal, but always fast and aggressive. Everything that brings the feeling of rage is welcome, this is how we like it and this is how we are going to continue, this is sonic hooliganism bro!hahaha; There are no rules in music anyway. We had a grindcore sound to our first EP but to every release this starts changing. Liberty crawls in waste has a massive metal sound produced by Stelios "Stelth" Koslidis and we love it. Some people say we are a typical metal band, some others that we are a grind band, others that we are a blackened crust band, well... all of them are right!!hahahaha; who cares if you like what you are listening dont have to put a stamp on it! The point is that we understand what we are doing and we embrace it more and more everyday.
What are some bands that really influences yours music from metal and grind territory? Is there any fights about musical direction (maybe some member want to play more in a grindcore direction and the others want to have more black metal themes, etc….), or are you all on the same point of view?
Well we are influenced by many bands, some of them cause of the lyrics and some cause of the music and their political stanch. Doesnt make sense to start adding band names but we start from the first anarcho punk movement till the brutal black metal stuff and ofcourse the oldschool grindcore scene. Yes we are all at the same point of view we like what we are doing and we are going to keep it like this, the day we will release a standard album its the day that Stheno died hahaha :)

This year you've released two different materials, the Liberty Crawls in Waste full length, and the 7" split with World Downfall. Let't talk about the 7" split first, how did this material came to be? The songs for both materials (full-length and 7”) were born during the same recording sessions?
Lohm the vocalist of World Downfall, he came to Greece for a festival that we were taking part in 2014. We new each other from before so he join us on stage for a Nasum cover song, after this he just said lets make a split together, ofcourse we agreed its a great band and a good friend so this is how it happened. No, the songs werent born at the same recording its a totally different thing. Thats why they have and totally different sound.
The debut full-length is a huge milestone in every band’s existence, so tell us everything about how Liberty Crawls in Waste was born? All members were participated in the songwriting process?
Yes thats true, debut full length album is really important for every band. Leonidas is composing the main music and all together building the songs. Vaggelis (vocals) is writting the lyrics. There is nothing special behind the born of Liberty... some old songs that we never record before and some new. We record this in at Dry Field studio in Volos and we send the recording to Stelios Koslidis in Thessaloniki so he made the mix/master of the album. The results are this what we want, maybe we would change some things now after so many times of listening but nothing serious, Stelios did a killer job. In general we are very satisfied with the album and we worked a lot to make this shit happen.
In terms of writing and recording, did you try anything different on the first album? What is the biggest difference between Liberty Crawls in Waste, and the previous 7 inches in your opinion? I think the songs are more coherent, have more metal elements then even before, and the sound is definetly progressed, do you agree with that?
The album is very different, its a little complicated what is metal-what is not, what is grind-what is not, every person has a different opinion on this. All are connected somehow. You are right about the sound its a big progress also we work more on these songs. To the 7inches we had a plan how we want to make the songs, to the album there is no plan. Every kind of riff and sound that made us feel nice and made our ears bleed was welcome, hahaha. As we said before there are no rules to follow. So a path of no rules, musical police wasnt there to stop us, hahaha!
Can you explain the lyrical subject of the album? What was the concept of the cover artwork, is it connecting to the title or to the lyrics?
The artwork is the face of asphyxiation, all the wounds around the world. The lyrics are also connected with this, social-religious- war-propaganda- history. We care about the lyrics we like spending time on this, also to every release we are adding a small article so everyone can understand that we have a stanch against all the deseases like racism-neo nazi bullshit-slavery and so on.
Do you have any touring plans to promote the new album?
Touring no but we have few concerts around, tour is coming next year in Germany, but its too early to have more specific infos.

There are many death metal bands in Greece (Inveracity, Murder Made God, Mass Infection, Vulnus, Dead Congregation, Abnormal Inhumane, Carnal Redemption, Birth of Depravity, Cease of Breeding, Sickening Horror, Terrordrome, just to name a few…), but not so much grindcore. Apart from Raw Noise Apes (and their projects), Cut Your Throat, You, Progress of Inhumanity, Grassroll and Head Cleaner, I couldn’t say too much other band. How is the grindcore scene in Greece, can you recommend to us some other grindcore acts from your country?
You already vomit so many bands, i dont know all of them hahahaha. There are two things about greek grindcore scene. First you have to check Into the gore-bureau of disgust (2006), not active band but this is the best greek grindcore release ever. Second thing, just wait the debut full length album of Grassroll.
What is your current playlist, do you have favorite bands from the current scene, or you’re listening just the older classics?
The old classics will be always on the top of the line. But also the current scene has great bands like The Kill- Facada-P.L.F- Noisear blablabla. Also bands like Nails-Wake- Full of Hell-Keitzer and many more, the scene is like a factory never stop producing new shit.
Finally, please tell us about your future plans, what are the next steps for Stheno? Thank you so much for this interview! Next steps are two splits, with Facada from Brazil and Abyssus from Greece. Both will come out in 2017 and we are really happy for this, great bands- different bands, great people. Thank you too brother, cheers and take care! Blackened Sonic Hooliganism for free minds!

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