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Interview with Gorillaz/ Grassroll!

   It's first interview for GCP by Leonidas Douras, he chose to talk with his friends from Grassroll, enjoy. Andy
   Hail Gorillaz! Congratulations finally you attack the studio to record a full length album! So whats the deal with Grassroll, why it took you so long to make a full album?
   Hey there! Hope you are doing well in Poland! As you know first of all we didn’t have the money and after that we had to manage our time because we all work (unfortunately!!!). Moreover we had so many tracks that we had to rehearsal many times in order to have them completely ready so to record them.
   Give us some details about the album.
   We haven’t decided yet if all of the tracks will be included in the album or split them. Music and lyrics is more aggressive this time combined (always) with the stupidity we hide inside us… The drums have been recorded in the Tube Sound Recordings studio by Jimmys Tube, mixing and vocals recording will take place at the Soundflakes Studio by Kostas “CallMeLazy” and guitars/ bass will be recorded by us (ass) and our LOVELY sound engineer Nikos “MykonosPatiknos” at our place.
   What are your plans about live shows?
   Well, first of all, we are waiting for our dearest drummer and student to come back from Spain as he left us for 6 months in order to “study” there. So at this right moment we just imagine live shows and dreaming the day of his return (cry…). After that we’ll try to play as much live shows as we can and we’ll try to tour around Greece with our friends! ( ;) ).

    You still prefer playing concerts than destroying the studio?! Or with the new album something change on this...?!
   Obviously, we prefer concerts than studio but as we rarely get in the studio we enjoy that process too. Have always in mind that we are LIVE FREAKS.
   So far, how do you see the grind scene in Greece?
   If you have in mind that this country is under an economic and social disaster then you’ll realize that grind scene is very productive and qualitative. DIY lives keep on rising more and more and the bands are making awesome records. Just listen to the last album of our brothers Stheno!!!
   Politics and music. What do you think about this connection?
   Politics and music must be one. We believe that it’s not possible in our day’s music not to be combined with the problems we face every minute, every day. Grindcore can be used as an expression of our hate and anger. Can be used in order to help political prisoners, self-organized actions or moreover to wake up someone.
   In general are you satisfied overall of the feedback your band is taking from the people and from the gorillaz worldwide ofcourse?
   Sometimes we are wondering of what our friends like in our music… Yes, of course we’re satisfied and we do not complain about anything as the first and last thing we want is to have fun and express ourselves.
   Grindcore and sludge, from Eyehategod to Warfuck, this is Grassroll?
   Absolutely. We love speed and aggression but we also adore to dive in abyss and sickness because THAT’S LIFE. We are 4 guys with more than only grindcore influences so we like mixing up our shitty tastes in music.
   The situation in Greece generally is madness as we all know, in some way this chaos can feed a band with ideas to keep on doing a good job?
   Of course! As we told you before grindcore (for us) is connected with the political chaos of our days. The situation we are dealing with is a non-stop inspiration and feeds our minds all the time.
   Are you still eating bananas and cookies on the trees?
   We are eating bananas, cookies and we are cleaning our heads from the lice. You do not have enough hair to clean YOUR head from the lice. You lucky bastard!    Give me a gorilla hug and some last words to close this shit! Cheers to all of you!!!
   We send you an enormous hug from the 4 of us. We also thank you for the interview!!! Have fun and make grindcore a THREAT!!! We love you, you cookie monster!! 
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