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Interview with Kristofer/ Livet Som Insats!

      Hey Kristofer, did you expect such good feedback on the Check Your Grind album? People say that you fill the void after Nasum and Sayyadina, and that you’re one of the top Swedish grindcore bands at the moment. How do you deal with this?
      Hey Andy! Haha not really, we were kinda prepared that a lot of people would be confused about the cover. (That’s maybe a reason that we choose to do it. To provoke by not using the “classic” black and white theme) but actually some people think that the cover is the best part of the album and the music is shit. Hehe.
      One of Swedens top grindcore acts at the moment? Well, we don’t have so much competition in that department really? There aren’t so many active bands out there now a days? But I can live with being in the top with the old farts in Gadget.
      Living the DIY way is very honest, and as a band you’re doing everything you can in this area. Recording. Releasing. Artwork. Distributing. Did you chose to live this way as a band, or did it simply come about naturally?
      Well, to put it simple. We are very restless souls. We don’t have the nerves to spectate. We gotta get some action now.
Livet Som Insats shreddin'

      All Livet Som Insats records were recorded in your rehearsal room, how the hell did you figure that out? You have a very good end sound, especially on Check Your Grind. Is there any reason that you work this way, i.e. convenience, tranquility, finances? Or do you simply want to do everything on your own and know exactly what you need?
      When we first started we had no fucking clue of what we were doing. Haha. “Should we put a mic here? I don’t know?”. Me and our old bassist Patrik had a long trial and error run in the beginning. But for this album we invited a friend of ours that studied sound engineering to help us out with the mics. And with a good “base” sound you can come really far nowadays.
      Plus, we like the feeling that you don’t have a clock that’s ticking. No studio rat that’s looking at the watch and can’t wait until he can cash in. We take the time that we feel necessary.
      It's kind of funny, you’re a truly self-sufficient band. LSI is a perfect example for people who think that behind every good production are hundreds of euros, which is simply not true. Do you think mainstream labels are killing the underground? They jack up the prices of records and merchandise because they spend a lot of money on studio recordings, promotion, video clips, and so on. But this is silly.
      The recent problem I’ve notice is that since “record store day” came around, all the big labels realized that they could do some serious dough on vinyl records. All the exclusive Beatles represses get first in line and the underground records has to wait…
Check Your Grind album cover.
      On both Livet Som Insats album covers we can see all you handsome dudes from Sweden – all the girls say so. It's not so common for underground bands to put their faces on their album covers. Did you not want to be like other bands?
      Haha. I don’t know how to respond to that properly. Guess we’re not like other bands.
      I know that Swedes have a very rough sense of humor, and that making jokes is a big part of your life ahahaha! Almost all of your lyrics on the new album are in Swedish, but only in the booklet. When you listen to the songs, some "Swedish lyrics" become English. Is that done on purpose? Is it about checking your grind or what?
      Haha really? You have to tell me more about the rough Swedish humor you’ve encountered some day.
      I guess we (I) use a lot of English words in my Swedish lyrics as well. The song ‘Like and Share’ for instance is a Swedish lyric but with a English title. Guess I don’t make any sense… Haha.
      Currently you’re playing in 3 bands: Livet Som Insats, Infanticide and Axis Of Despair. I’m going to ask you about two things, but first please tell me everything about the songwriting process of these bands. Is it the same in each, or totally different? I know the lyrics for Check Your Grind were written in the studio, but I can’t imagine you doing same thing with AOD.
      Infanticide and AoD has quite the same process. Usually one person has a whole song ready, and we try it out.
      In LSI one of us might have a riff or two ready before practice. We try that out with a lot of different tempos and structures. Than we settle for the tempo we find most suitable. Usually full speed ahead (duuh!)
      What about Infanticide…after releasing Misconception Of Hope, you played a few shows, and now you’re silent. Is it because you have other projects, or because you’re just working?
      Right after the release of Misconception of Hope our drummer Kribba got a wonderful daughter. After that we decided to take things slow for a while. But we got together and recorded to songs for an upcoming compilation that will be released this fall. We aren’t completely dead. I promise.
      Axis Of Despair is a new band, but you’ve already attracted some attention in the underground. You’ve released a debut 7 inch, and one more is on the way? Could you tell us about how AOD was born? I bet working on music with legend Anders Jakobson is an exciting and creative process. Is it very challenging?
      Axis of Despair started right after Coldworker decided to quit playing. Anders, Joel and Oskar felt that they needed to do something else so they started AoD with another guitarist. They wrote a couple of songs but after that the guitarist quit. Oskar bought some records from Spela Snabbare records and I was going to Örebro that weekend so we decided to meet up to skip some postage. We talked a bit about their new project and the day after he asked me if I wanted to try out for them. The biggest challenge for me was to play in a drop tuning. I never done that before. All my other bands use standard tuning.
      LSI is working on a tour before OEF, so your busy I guess. Have you booked all the shows, or do you still need some help?
      Nah we have three gaps still.. Two shows that pretty much was booked fell through one and a half month before the tour starts. And we haven’t been able to fill these gaps yet.
      What do you think about the grindcore scene nowadays? It seems like it’s bigger than ever, but also very divided.
      I can’t say I’m super into the scene. So I’m not an expert on the subject. I haven’t felt that it’s so divided. All the grindbands (In Europe at least) I listen to usually helps me out with promotor connections and vice versa.
      So this is what I've got to say to you all: be true to yourself and you will never fall! And now I'd like to pass the mic to the K.J.
      Ahh shiiiet! Touché. Nice move.

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