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Interview with Alex/ Deboned!

      It's a perfect time to introduce you fresh flesh of Canadian grindcore underground scene. Zoltan made chat chat with Alex, vocalist of the Deboned. Enjoy.
      Hey guys, my name is Zoli, greetings from Hungary & from EveryDayHate grindblog! Let’s start with an introduction. Have you all been in other bands previously, or Deboned is your first band? How, when and why did you started Deboned, can you give us a background info?
      Hey Zoli! First of all, I’d like to thank you for the interview. It means a lot to us. To answer your question, each one of us already had a band before but nothing that was recorded so it’s safe to say that Deboned is our first band. Me, Etienne and Dispa had a Death Metal band called Exciser back in high school and Yan had a band called Unholy Matter before he moved to our town.
      Who’s idea was the name? I believe you aren’t vegetarians, but why only fillets without bone? What about a good beef shin stew, or lamb chops, you don’t like them?
      I actually brought the name to the table but I found it in a Carcass solo title. I guess I was reading their lyrics and I found out about this word and I thought it would fit the kind of music we wanted to do. I think it’s from the song ’Pedigree Butchery’.
      Ok, fuck the cuisine, go ahead. Recently you had a line-up change with the departure of bassist Pierre-Alexandre. What was the reason for him to quit, and did you already found the new member?
      Dispa, as we like to call him, left the band recently for some personal reasons. I think he wanted to concentrate on school and he didn’t had enough time on his hands to play with us anymore. We’re still good friends and always will be even tho it pains us to know that we won’t share the stage with him again. As for the new member, we already had some plans to take my friend, Rudy, as a second guitarist since Etienne is moving to another town so we could still pratice when he isn’t available. By chance, Rudy is mostly a bassist so we asked him if he wanted to join in as a bassist instead and he was way more happy with this!
Deboned shreddin'/ pix shot by Stephanie Goulet.
      I’ve met with your music first time on the split 7” with Mesrine, and after hearing that, I started to entrench myself deeper in your music. I think you aren’t a pure grindcore band because I hear other influences in your music as well. Can you tell us, how did the Deboned-style and sound developed?
      Well, at first we really wanted to play old school grindcore that was ’in your face’. We just settle for this, each of our riffs had to be ’in your face’ hahah! I’m sure you can hear a lot of our influences in our sound such as Repulsion, early Napalm Death, Impetigo, Rupture, M.D.C, Poison Idea, Unseen Terror and so on. Long story short, we wanted to stay away from the classic grindcore sound which too many bands have today. By that I mean, straight Napalm Death/ Warsore worship. We like it but to us, every grindcore band seems to sound like that.
      I’ve seen a few reviews, where your music was compared to Repulsion, but to be honest, I don’t think that this really fits (ok, maybe with the exception of your first demo). Your sound is more unique nowadays, and in my opinion, much closer now to bands like Coke Bust or even Righteous Pigs, than Repulsion... Do you agree? Can you tell us about your musical roots and influences?
      FINALLY. FINALLY someone who think we don’t sound like Repulsion. I’ll take it as a compliment, because in some way we’re really influenced by them but we don’t really sound like em that much. If you ask me, I think we’re closer to sounds like Unseen Terror and like you said, Righteous Pigs. As for our roots and influences, I kinda answered that in the previous question, hahah.
Deboned / pix shot by Rudy.
      The cover of the Mesrine split looks truly hm… interesting, with this fat, hairy man sitting in the toilet. He has scissors in one hand, and his penis in the other. What does he do? Reinventing the way of masturbation? I’m really interesting, how did this picture born, who’s idea was it?
      Hahah. The idea of the cover was from the four of us, when Dispa was still in the band. We had the songs and everything ready for the split but no ideas for the cover. We then sat together and we brought up the simple idea of a freak slicing his own dick. As simple as that haha. We asked Kyle Messick to draw it since I really liked his work and he came up with the fat guy design. I mean, we never asked him for a fat or a skinny guy, we just assumed he would bring something cool and he did it perfectly!
      By the way, all of your materials have disturbing imagery, like a fat girl with a hairy armpit (split with Striver), or sex with a dead man (on the demo artwork)...Are you maybe sexually perverse? If yes, why the foot fetish is not represented yet? What do you want to express with this kind of imagery?
      As far as I am concerned, we always thought this imagery fitted us but we recently got tired of it. If you go to our bandcamp page you can see the cover of the upcoming split with Existench which is a guy ripping off his acid sprayed face!!! Gory but no sex there. It’s not that we don’t like our old imagery but we just don’t want to be considered as a porno/snuff lover kinda band. But don’t misunderstand me, there will still be gross covers to come. We don’t really want to express anything with it and it doesn’t represent us as persons either. We just always loved and wanted that kind of imagery for Deboned.
      The Mesrine split doesn’t contain the lyrics, so tell me please more detailed about them. Are they simply obscene issues, or you write about more serial things? What are the messages & thoughts behind the lyrics of "Put Wings On Pigs"; "Humungus" and "Ol Johnny Had An Inbred Child"? Or in newer songs such as "Fuckin Melt!", or "Decaying Rotten Insides"?
      I mostly write horror songs with a touch of dark humour into it. We wanted to have Impetigo style lyrics and that’s what I’m trying to come up with the more often that I can. As for the subject of these songs, Put Wings.. is about a guy who become crazy, kills his wife, robs a bank and then proceed to fire at the police which ends up his life with a bullet to the head. Humungus is about the villain in Mad Max 2, just some kind of homage to him. Ol Johnny... is about a guy who fucked with his cousin at some familly party and now he has to murder his inbreed child else his familly will never forgive him. Fucking Melt is about receiving an acid shot to the face and your brain is melting slowly as your facial skin crumbles. Decaying Rotten Insides is just about you decomposing in your coffin. Pretty disgusting but that’s just my kind of things, hahaha.
Deboned shreddin'/ pix shot by Riley Hoffman.

      Your split with Striver is finally out in Europe by Sick Phoque Records, so now we have a chance to get a physical copy of the 7". But as far as I know, the songs are a little bit older, according to bandcamp, the material was recorded early 2014, right?
      Yes, the whole split was recorded in 2014, at the same time then our split tape with Nekro Drunkz. It took time to find some labels and get it pressed since it was one of our very first release but thanks to all the labels involved it is now available. I’d like to give a shout out to them too, so cheers and many thanks to Seb/ Striver & d7i Records, Desro/ Doomsday Machine Records, Ivan/ Morgue Ritual Records, Chris/ Sick Phoque Records, Bonobo Stomp & Le Mort Records!!!
      The new split with Existench is already at the pressing plant, and I can’t wait to keep it in my hand, because this songs are your best to date! Those are the catchiest and most balanced songs from you, brilliant performance! Do you think I hit the nail on the head, or should I go fuck myself? Did you tried out something new on this release in terms of writing and recording?
      Thank you, Zoli! It is also my favorite Deboned stuff to date and I’m pretty sure it’s the same for the other members of the band. We recorded somewhere else this time, with Jack Moose from Mesrine. Thats why the quality is better. He really did catch the energy we got live and I think that’s what makes this session our best to date. We did the splits with Mesrine, Existench and Lurking Fear there. In terms of writing, I guess we just naturally improved our songwritting and we can clearly see that we found our own sound there, in my opinion.
      You are using a lot of intros and samples in your songs. where are they from, maybe specific thriller / horror films? How do you choose them, which movies are your all-time favorites?
      We always wanted to have that Impetigo style of intros, some people don’t like it but we think it’s part of the whole thing. I can’t imagine myself listening to Impetigo or Mortician and skip the intros, hahah. They are for the most part taken from old horror/exploitation movies. As for how we choose them, I guess we try to come up with something that fits the lyrics. As for my personal favorite movies, I’d have to go with some Japanese classics like Lady Snowblood (first one, dump the second in the trash) and the whole Lone Wolf and Cub series.
I also really enjoy Dawn of the Dead from 1978, which I probably saw like 8 or 9 times. Slime City by Greg Lamberson is also one of my favorite even though most people will hate it ’cause it’s cheesy and a bit out ofcontrol, hahaha. I was more into horror/gore movies when I was in high school, now I just watch too much japanese cartoons for my own sake.
      Most of the bands allows only a few listenings on bandcamp for free, before people have to pay for it, but not you. All of your materials are available for free download on bandcamp. Why? What is your point of view in this topic?
      Well, we always thought that music shouldn’t be sold and if it is then it should be so that the bands can go back to the studio or so they can print merch to promote themselves. Music is music, you shouldn’t make a lot of money over sounds, especially if it’s punk or grindcore. I know most people will hate on it, but me and Etienne are really into this Dirty South/Trap music and most of these rappers just puts all of their stuff on free download. I think it’s totally DIY and every band/artists should do the same no matter what genre they’re playing.
      Continuing the previous question; how it is possible for an underground extreme band to find the balance between using nowaday’s internet-based social media for promotion and spreading the music; and the ’’old modell” with a physical releases (viny, tape, cd) by a DIY label & printed fanzines, etc.?
      I guess it was easier for us then it used to be for old bands to be known. With Facebook and Bandcamp, it’s so easy to share your music and I think it’s awesome. I got to know most of the bands I listen to on the net, through Youtube or Facebook posts. I guess things just had to evoluate to this point, if you know what I mean.
That is also how I got to meet so many great people from all around the world that I wouldn’t have got to know if it wasn’t of Facebook, as weird as it sounds.
Deboned shreddin'/ pix shot by Stephanie Goulet.

      I’d really like to experience the feeling of a Deboned live gig, with the energy of your music your live shows should be an aural punishment, that’s fucking sure. Do you see any chance to come to Europe for a tour? What was the smallest audience you have ever played for, and what was your worst-organised show ever?
      Hahah, thanks a lot! We’d love to play Europe and we already talked about it. I guess we should just ask some promoters? Maybe it would be possible for us to come and rape your ears! As for our best and worst shows, I think we never really had one. I remember a show that was boring cause it was in a shithole and nobody came but it wasn’t so bad, else we never had a ’bad’ or ’badly-organised’ show yet. I’m sure it will happen someday tho.
      So what’ next? Are you in writing-mode, can we expect new songs from you soon, and what are your future plans? Thanks for the interview!
      I guess this interview is the best place to announce it, so there you have a scoop! We are currently writing stuff for a full Deboned 7’’ on Bringer of Gore records. There will be only new stuff there, and I can guarantee you that it’s gonna shred your ears, melt your brain, rip your face and rape your asshole like never before! It really is our best stuff to date, we really pushed ourselves on this one to bring the best shit we can to the table. I can’t tell you exactly when it’ll be out, since we haven’t record it yet but it should be near the end of 2016 or maybe before. Big shout out to Marc Luyten, the real bringer of gore, for the opportunity. I’m really glad that it’s gonna come out on his label!!!
Thanks to you for the interview, Zoli !! It means a lot to us that you took time to write !! Cheers and take care!!

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