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Interview with 13/ Sick of Stupidity!

      hey 13, before we start talking about Sick of Stupidity I would like to ask you why have you crucified 18-years old Jesus Cröst? Is this is the main reason of starting a new band? I have feeling that Sick of Stupidity is a continuation of your sarcasm started years ago by Jesus Cröst.
      Hey Andy, Thanks for the opportunity to do a interview for EDH! Yep, Jesus Cröst is dead. Sick of Stupidity is the shit now a days. I don’t want to spend much words on the JC breakup. We’re still good friends, but just have other priorities in our lives now than this band. A pity we stopped a thing we got started in 1996. But we reached maximum as a 2 piece powerviolence band I think. It was the right time to call it a day.
      Sick of Stupidity (SOS) has nothing to do with sarcasm I think. This band got positive vibes. All is easygoing, although things were going real fast the last year. We got asked for a lot of shows, festivals, tours, splits etc. I’m kinda reborn after the death of Jesus Cröst. I enjoy doing gigs and everything around it more than I did the last couple of years with JC. It feels good.

      Sick of Stupidity's songs are mix of best elements of grindcore, death metal and powerviolence. For me both of your bands have similar approach and this is even more interesting because now you're doing vocals only. Do you have anything to do with making off process?
      Bruno and Lemmy started the band in 2014 and played a few gigs before I joined. So there already was a 15 minute live set. Some people think I’m the founder of this band, but that’s not true. Lemmy and Bruno are the founders of SOS. When I joined, after being asked by Bruno to play bass guitar, I wrote a couple of songs we play live now. The songs I write are more stop and go powerviolence with a kind of new skool feel. That’s my stylo. Bruno and Lemmy (both more technically skilled than I ever was) are more into old skool grind like Repulsion, Terrorizer etc.
      When they come up with a new song expect overwhelming Pete Sandoval blastbeats with fast as fuck PLF riffage. The mix of old and new skool works perfect for all of us I think. Especially with the dual vocals. Zoran with extra ordinary low Gutteral growls and me with high-pitched Squeals and screams.

Sick Of Stupidity shreddin'

       One Shot, One Kill is uncompromising 13 minutes of grindcore tunes. After the first listening, I felt the same way as I did after the first listening of Emo Bashing Fastcore Pimps, Death By A Thousand Cuts. This is that moment when your pupils are getting bigger, your breath is slowing down, your feet start stamping, you start air drumming and headbanging. I also went through many great reviews, I'd like to quote some parts: "The album is 100% in your face, whether you want it or not.", "They’ve got a firm handle of all the tricks required for hard-hitting, fast-paced grind bliss up their sleeves. It doesn't surprise me at all. It's not so easy nowadays to stay on top for a long time, there is not only music behind the popularity of the bands but also an attitude and skills...
      Thanks for the nice words. Yes, the critics about the album are all very positive. Thanks to Roedel Records (Germany) and Give Praise Records (USA) to release the album on LP and CD. Personally I think our newer stuff is way more brutal than the songs at One shot, one kill. We will go for another studio this year to record a split LP with Dutch Grindcore legends My Minds Mine. In case you don’t know it yet.. It will be released on your label haha! We hope the new LP will approach the uncompromising sound of World Extermination without being a rip-off ofcourse.

      Do you use one guitar and drums in your bands intentionally or accidentally? I think that it's not important how many instruments are in the band. For me the energy and approach are crucial in grindcore and sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. I bet you're kind of guy who are into this and Jesus Cröst is it's perfect example. Is the name "Sick of stupidity" kind of answer?
Bruno asked me to join as a bassplayer and teached me all the songs. Which was a hell of a job. Bruno is a serious riffmaster. But I was able to play all songs in the studio for the One shot, one kill album. So you can hear me playing bass on this album. Unfortunately I needed serious handsurgery last summer so I wasn’t able to play bass anymore and we continued as a 4 piece without a bass but with dual vocals. I works really good for all of us. We don’t miss the sloppy bassplayer haha.

      I noticed that you're going on Canadian tour and US Maryland Deathfest, it's like the icing on the cake. You have already played with Jesus Cröst at every possible festival good for grindcore bands - was it easy to book shows for totally new band such as Sick of Stupidity? Touring is the time when everyone in band can relax a bit and just have some good time, I bet you're excited.
      Yes, We’re all excited as hell. We’re very happy the guys from Maryland Deathfest giving us the opportunity as a beginning band to play at such a big festival in the USA.
      I have been there before. It’s a awesome experience. We also play four shows in Canada. In the beginning promoters were partly booking SOS because I am a part of the band. After doing some nice shows at Obscene Extreme, Chimpyfest, Bloodshedfest, Grind here right now etc.. we can feel people book us because of what we do as a band not because I was in Jesus Cröst in the past. I am really happy about that. Like I said before.. Jesus Cröst is dead, and Sick of Stupidity is the new shit.

      You released your debut mini-album, played many shows and went on tour - what's next? Are you working on new songs?
Yes. We are working on 7 new songs for a split 12” with good friends of My Minds Mine, who are active again since a long hiatus. The end of april we will do a weekender together and maybe end of the year a nice releaseshow when the LP is released. Poland would be nice!! Hehe.

      What'ss your opinion about grindcore community nowadays? Grinders accuse other grinders that they're not true, that it's shall be passion not fashion, that tapes are better than anything else and blablabla, tons of hillarious bullshit. Personally, I think that the most important is content. Because I'm just sick of stupidity, I'm very curious about opinion of guy who is in it around 20 years.
Everybody got his own opinion of what grindcore is about. Some are into in for the music, others for the political aspect or for the circle pits.
      I don’t give a fuck about true or not true.
      I saw people come and go. All is cool. I’m still there after 20 years. I saw a lot of hyped bands, good bands.. and awefull bands.
      The scene changes from time to time. Here is Rotterdam the scene is active again. Gewoon Fucking Raggen (Lemmys other band) did a release show some weeks ago. It was like I was at a Heresy concert in 1987. 130 People going crazy. Really nice to see, because at the same venue I also played shows in front of 15 people some years ago.
      We are all very active persons (also beside the band). Zoran loves travelling and diving. Lemmy is into about drumming and … drumming. Bruno loves playing guitar (in 2 other bands) and cycling. and I love cycling too, playing PlayStation and collecting sneakers. We all visit concerts even if we don’t have to play ourselves and try to promote Rotterdam where we can.
      Also nice to see that the UK scene is really active again the last couple of years (Chimpyfest!) with bands like The Afternoon Gentlemen, Famine, Horsebastard etc. But also nice to see that some bands from France are doing really well. Chiens and Whoresnation are our personal favorites. See you guys in the US!

      Thank you very much for interview thirteen, keep doing your job because without bands like Sick Of Stupidity, the scene would be weak. Keep GrindCore Propaganda alive!
      Thank you very much Andy! Keep up the good work. Cheers from Rotterdam!

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