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Death is coming! Streaming and Interviewing THE DOG!

      After releasing two 7’ EPs in 2014 and 2015 The Dog has recorded its first full lenght album. It contains 15 songs, inspired by aggressive and furious classic hardcore scene outfits like Negative Approach, D.R.I, Spazz, Trash Talk, Despise You!, or even Kickback, with gloomy and dark lirycs. Lost generation music, for the people who feel like shit and don’t know exactly why.
      Keywords: lost hope, broken dreams, lack of satisfaction, stagnation.
      "The Devil Comes At Night" was recorded during two days in December 2015 at Maq Records and then mixed and mastered by Haldor Grubnberg of Satanic Audio. It includes one track with guest appearance from Artur Rumiński (Thaw, Furia, ARRM).
CD will be released this summer by EveryDayHate and MC by Drop Out Records.
Song premiere #1/ The Constant Factor

      Hey, I have known you guys for a long time but I think that many people around don't know anything about your band, so let's start from the beginning. What was the main reason for starting The Dog? It's seems like it's a result of your frustration with previous bands, that weren't so active and they simply lacked luck.
      IGOR: We have known each other for a very long time. As you said our previous bands started to be a little bit less active (We Are Idols is actually no longer active) so we came up with an idea of the new band. Łukasz and Maciek played a few rehearsals. The music they’ve created turned out to be fast and furious hardcore, which we all love. Then they invited me and Dawid and that’s how The Dog was born.
      I bet you will hate this question soon, but I'm the first and I feel free to ask - how the idea for the name of your band came up? I'm not saying it's a bad name, I love dogs, many people do. Does it have something to do with the names of your previous bands? Just asking.
      I: Piotrek - the guitarist of our previous band We Are Idols - once mentioned that “The Dogs” would be a great name for the band. Then I got the the idea. The Dog is the word which refers to many both positive and negative meanings. In Polish language it sounds a lot more massive and gruesome than in English and that’s the way we think of it. In Poland, you know, if you hear by chance that there is a band called The Dog, you certainly know that they don’t play reggae. Using it to call someone can be even an insult. And of course we also love dogs.

The Dog in action. All pics by Maciek Smoliński/ 13.01.16 klub Liverpool, Wrocław

      Your debut 7 inch "The Value Of Life Is Negative" was released in March 2014. 10 in-your-face styled songs with negative approach inspired by 80s hardcore bands. Almost a year after that, your second 7 inch "Fountain Of Youth" was out and this time you simply proved that you deserve to get attention. I wonder what feedback have you got? Are you satisfied with this record?
      MACIEK: I am satisfied with both of them. They are completely different in my opinion, „The Value Of Life Is Negative” was more eclectic and unbridled I suppose, and „Fountain Of Youth” was rather completely into fast 80’s classic hardcore/crossover worship style. We’ve received quite good feedback on both of them, although it’s hard to measure, as there weren’t too many reviews on any of them – both were released in cooperation with small DIY punk labels, so I think they have only gained attention of very specific, small group of people.
      "The Devil Comes at Night" is your full length debut and the songs here are fast and furious with excellent natural sound - have you recorded it in "real time"? The premiere of the album is going to be at the end of June, until this time only few songs are going to be streamed online. What can we expect?
      M: No, it’s not 100% live, „real time” recording, all the instruments were recorded separately, but it’s nice to hear that you consider it that way. We’ve been recording it in Maq Records studio that has an excellent recording room with great acoustics and we did all that was possibile to take advantage of it and recorded all the tracks as natural as we could. Of course the final job with the sound was done by irreplaceable Haldor Grunberg of Satanic Audio who, for sure, is now one of the best sound engineers in Poland. Just check his other work with Calm The Fire, Major Kong, Torn Shore or his own band Thaw, just to mention a few. Simply great. I think you can expect something more in the vein of our first 7’. More diversity, more savagery, more power violence/fastcore, but also more slower tunes and even more sadness and hopelessness in the lirycs, haha.

The Devil Comes at Night. Album Premiere is on 26th of June.

      When I'm reading The Dog lyrics, I feel like you're too afraid to live and too afraid to die because of the chaos rising in the world of fear where nobody cares. Are you going to keep such negative approach? What kind of reaction you would like to cause?
      I: I’m not the “social revolutionary” type of guy so I don’t think of the reactions my lyrics can cause. The notion of fear as the main rule is indeed something that I’m really interested in. In the foundations of every human action there is a phantom of death hiding. Our second EP “Fountain of youth” is all about growing older and seeing the world as real as it finally can be. As an adult you start to realise that you need to gain every kind of power in order to survive and protect yourself from the vision of the world without you. We see our friends and family members dying and struggling with diseases, we need resources to live and we do things we consider important just to be remembered. Kierkegaard used to use words “fear and trembling” to describe the major principle of life which is constituted ridiculously by the dread of death coming. I guess that we’re going to keep this negative approach because it is something I really think of a lot.

The Dog in action/ 13.01.16/ Klub Liverpoo/ Wrocław
      The frightening dude with sack put on his head is sort of your business card. Shed some light on this. I appreciate your diy spirit, I know that it's a The Dog member and it's your idea from the very beginning, but why? Tell something more about your inspiration.
      I: The scene of the bandits with sack masks hiding in the bushes before the train robbery in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. The play of light, music and camera is fucking brilliaint there. I don’t know why but there is something extremely frightening in the vision of human head put in that kind of mask. It gives you creeps, it’s somehow connected to the American culture which I’m big fan of and that’s why we use it.
      I know that you're going to shred with THE STUBS soon, on 26th of June you're going to make a release party in Wrocław and aftewards you will play at the Obscene Extreme Fest. Sounds like a great plan. Anything else? DIY punk scene in your city is very strong - does it have an impact on The Dog actions?
      M: I don’t think there is any binding relationship between Wrocław’s DIY punk scene and our band’s activities. I mean of course we are an active part of it from many many years and it is very natural and basic environment for us, but it doesn’t determine our actions and they are not dependent on it. Apart from the shows you have mentioned we are also playing with Poison Idea on 12.04 in Legnica and on Wrocław Tattoo Konwent on 23.04. That's it for now. For sure we will try to play as much as possibile on fall/ beginning of winter as the album will already be out at that time. Now I’m impatiently looking for Obscene Extreme, I am there every year and I simple love this fest. Best place in the world to be in. I am really happy that Curby invited us, I though we are neither enough obscene nor extreme for it, but it seems it’s just completely fine hahaha.

The Dog in action/ 13.01.16/ Klub Liverpoo/ Wrocław
      Hardcore bands, in particular, support animals rights, vegetarianism and straight edge lifestyle - and for me it's very sincere way of life, it's important to respect any other being. Does The Dog choose the same path?
      M: Some of us are vegetarian, some vegan, we support and donate for many pro-animal activies in our private lives, we did it once as a band, although you won’t find that theme in our lirycs. But yes, it is a very important issue for us, but. Dawid was a straigh edge when he was younger, haha, but the rest of us wasn’t even close to this.
      Let's see how your bands/albums ranking from the last 12 months looks like, I'm very curious what your faves are.
      M: There were a lot of great releases in past 12 months but if I have to choose I would say Pissgrave „Suicide Euphoria”, Mutoid Man „Bleeder”, Cruciamentum „Charnel Passages”, Oranssi Pazuzu „Värähtelijä”, Captain Cleanoff „Rising Terror”, The Kill „Kill Them All”, Kylesa „Exhausting Fire” and Killing Joke „Pylon” for sure!
      I: I've been listening to black metal, Bob Dylan and The Stooges for the whole year so I'm not along with the new albums. If there were any records with Brendan Radigan on vocals, I'm sure they were great.

The Dog on the road:
09.04 - Ostrava + The Stubs
10.04 - Byto + The Stubs, Prokuratura
12.04 - Legnica + Poison Idea, Amanita Muscaria
23.04 - Wrocław @ Wrocław Tattoo Konwent
26.06 - Wrocław + No Time, Drip Of Lies
13-17.07 - Trutnov, Na Bojisti @ Obscene Extreme Festival

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Andrzej Dumala/ EveryDayHate /FB/BC/W&S/
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