środa, 17 lutego 2016

Interview with Rahi/ Insect Warfare!

      I was chatting with Rahi for some time and when the idea for making interview came up, both of us got excited, you can enjoy our conversation below.
      Everybody is stoked about Insect Warfare's exclusive show on Trutnov battlefield, everything goes smoothly, everybody talks about this. Recently Phil Anselmo appeared in all the headlines of extreme music community with his heritage and I need to admit, it's a heavy shit. This punk raised his arm in Nazi salute and yelled "white power" during his show with Dave Grohl, Robert Trujillo and Dave Lombardo at the Dimebash festival. Judgment days for metal community. He decapitated himself. I'm sure grindcore is not a place for shit like this, Nazi Punks Fuck Off! I decided to talk about this shit with Rahi, he didn't follow the news so closely, so I've sent him the link with youtube video. I just watched the clip, but couldn't make out the words. I'm pretty much sure we all agree, there is no place for hateful ideologies
in this world. Regardless. His actions are inexcusable and he should be accountable. I just know what he did was in bad form and people should react accordingly. He apologized, but some people in Poland remember his actions on the backstage of Metal Fest in Jaworzno, 2013. Obviously what he did is wrong and offensive to many people, but at the same time, we can't lose focus from real nazis and nsbm bands that are actually spreading nazi ideologies. I totally agree, Phil Anselmo is not the only one, his behaviour reminded us that Nazi ideologies are spreading around and its scale is quite big. We shall face it, we all should react.

Insect Warfare shreddin' on Maryland Deathfest 2007/ Pix shot by Returntothepit.com

      I know one safe place, I'm going there every summer for 15 years and it's Obscene Extreme Festival. Insects chapter is going to be closed on the same stage like Brutal Truth did, once and for all. OEF has had a long tradition of supporting grindcore and extreme music in general. For me there is no "bigger stage" as far as grindcore is concerned. It's always been a goal of mine to play, and it's unfortunate IW was never able to fulfill that goal. I think it would be very fitting to have our send off show at the OEF. I'm just thankful for Curby to give us the oppurtinity for us to end it this way. Yep, OEF is the only right place to do it. I'm sure that many grindcore heads are waiting for this but Rahi still couldn't believe. Hopefully we can inpspire all the grindcore maniacs to go wild. One last wild show for the history books. You don't need to ask anybody twice, everybody here is ready. I'm sure it will be impossible to count all the stage drivers during the show and I bet that you'll see the biggest circle pit in your life. If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, just watch S.O.B., Terrorizer, Unholy Grave, Birdflesh, Inhumate or Napalm Death shows from OEF on youtube. I love to perform live. I enjoy taking the stage, and try my hardest every time we play. I think this is my one talent in the world. Some people are good at math, some people are good at drawing, I just happen to be good at doing vocals for extreme music. So I always give my best effort, regardless of the stage, or venue. They're going to go down in grindcore history at that show and it'is already prooved and written. I wondered how were the preparations. We haven't began rehearing yet, but expect to hear many familiar songs. Some of my favroties are: Mind Ripper, Eslaved By Machinery, Self Termination, Street Sweeper... We will play songs spanning the entire discography. No setlist yet, but our songs our short, and we have a whole time slot to fill. and he just added: It's pretty much the grindcore ccenter of the universe. I've never been, but all my friends always sing praises of how much fun the fest is. I'm excited to experience OEF for the first time. Things like this happens once and are unforgettable. It's why I'm so eager for OEF.

Insect Warfare 2016
      This show is a big thing for grindcore maniacs, Insect Warfare is a legend. I'm not going to judge here anyone but your reunion caused some controversies in grindcore community. Since you signed with Earache records, the rumors that you did it only because of financial reasons are still spreading around. In my opinion, contract with the major label was a huge mistake, whole grindcore community already was in love with the band and I can't understand this choice. Seriously have you signed with Digbys Pearson label because "he really was such an inspiration with his label by releasing so many great early titles that were integral to my musical upbringing"?
World Extermination LP/ art by Daniel Shaw
Earache reissued the LP after the band had broke up. I dunno who started these rumours about financial motivatiom. But if anyone is questioning my integrity, they can address it with me personally instead of talking behind my back. Grindcore lives in my heart, Grindcore pumps in my veins. People will always try to detract from your success. To all the haters out there, I just wanna say instead of hating on my band, go out there and start a better band instead. Focus on bettering yourself, not trying to take anything away from other people. I love to live in this kind of utopia, personally I totally get it. But it's so much hatred out there. We know it. Yeah, it's unfortunate, It's best to ignore it. No one ever hates on you until you're actually doing shit, and getting shit done. But it's more important to stay true to yourself and your own goals, don't alter your path because of someones criticism.
      I'm sure that behind the legacy of this band there are many chapters of insects scourge. Together with Beau Beasley and Dobber Beverly you've done total extermination with no doubt. How would you sum up each of those periods? Seriously have you kicked out Frank of IW because he put "too much effort"? IW has had a long and somewhat tumultuous history, I don't want to get into the details. A lot of people have come and gone in IW. Founding member Neal Dossey, who now plays in War Master with me and Dobber, and also bassist Alex Hughes of Hatred Surge which I worked with for a couple releases, and also Frank who is playing in Cryptic Void and Turbokrieg. I'm not trying to bring up the past here and I think it would be bad form to talk about it. I'm just looking to the future and making music with my new band mates.

Insect Warfare shredin' back in 2006, Concord, California.
      Who or what caused the collapse of Insect Warfare? How, in retrospect, would you rate decisions taken by you? I'm stoked that in one of your old interviews, Baeu admits that he was just getting tired of playing as IW. There's no one single thing that led to the end of IW. But at the end of the day, I'm extremely proud of our body of work and I think our LP was one of the heaviest grindcore records of 2007. I think the World Extermination material is some of our strongest material. When we wrote those songs we were playing our fastest and tightest. Nope, it's not a heaviest record of 2007, it's one of the most heaviest ever. hahahha Okay, well , it's very humbling that people can still listen to this record nearly a decade later and it still stands out. I'm perfecty okay with that. I have no regrets about the legacy we left behind. Grindcore already have bands who will not be forgotten, Brutal Truth, Nasum, Assuck. To be mentioned in the same breath of those bands is an honor. Those are bands I listened to as a teenager and always looked up to. So how the idea of killing the Insects came up? I'm just glad the band ended on a high note, instead of slowly fading away. It was a fun period for me. We got to so a lot of shit and meet a lot of cool people along the way. Insect Warfare have been touring around the globe and shared Maryland Deathfest stage with many grindcore personalities. It's not everyday you can party with friends from Australia, Japan, Europe and the States all at the same time. We drank, partied, laughed, had a good time. Yeah, that's my favorite part of playing festivals. Friends from all over the world can be gathered all in one place. Corrupted, Unholy Grave, Framtid and The Kill and Fuck...I'm Dead, Agents of Abhorrence, those were great times.
At War With Grindcore 7"EP/ art by Daniel Shaw
     Recently the new opportunity for sharing stories appeared in grindcore community - did you know that Canadian filmmaker Doug Brown is shooting pictures for Slave To the Grind- A film about grindcore? It's amazing tribute to grindcore. I know Beau is going to be interviewed by Doug in few weeks. What is your opinion about such projects? I think it's great, It's an awesome project, I like reading interviews in zines so video interview is even better. I'm sure Doug and his team will do an amazing job.
      I have great opportunity to hang out with Robbie Polzella, Dave Reillac, Bryan Fajardo, Sandro Gessner, Frank Gold, Eric T. Neal... each of them told me that you're a rocka fuckin' rolla, some of them may use the word cunt, but we get the point haha. All people mentioned above, more or less helped with building gulfcoast grindcore legacy, how do you deal with your role in this process? Well, in australia cunt is used as a term of endearment, so I'll take that as a compliment hahha I don't have any specific role, I was inspired to play some heavy fucking grindcore and i gave it my best effort. Inspirated by who? Just other bands. Like, this was a period when grindcore was kinda at a standstill there was some good bands around, but all the new shit sucked. I remember I got the grind osaka compilation that came with zine of the same name and it totally blew me away, most the bands werent very well known to me, and it made me want to play total fucking grindcore. I always thought bands from Japan and Australia were always fucking heavy and it was a goal of mine to one day travel there. But also your local Gulfcoast Grindcore scene is very interesting.I think at one point, Houston Texas might have been the grindcore capital of the USA hahah. There were a lot of good bands, and i think when you have good bands playing in your hometown, it pushes you to be better as well. No one wants to play a gig and get blown off the stage, you know? I think it was kind of a friendly rivalry.

split 5"EP w/ Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ art by Daniel Shaw
Yep, the bar is set high. We all wanted to be the heaviest, or the fastest, or most brutal or whatever. I think we just all took pride in what we did and had genuine love for grindcore pushes us to play our best. Daniel Shaw, amazing artist who made such a breathtaking work for Insect Warfare and whole Houston extreme scene. Daniel was our buddy and all, but I remember, he was at the first IW gig ever and right after the set, he was like man, you guys are pretty badass, I wanna do some art for ya'll. His art was pretty amazing man. This was a time, when everyone was shifting away from hand drawn original artwork and having more photoshop digital shit, I think what he did really elevated us. I think it suited what we were trying to do, play kind of throwback style of grindcore, no bullshit. I agree that IW arts was from begining with old school spirit, the way it should always to be. Just pure fucking grind and Daniel art was able to capture that expression. IW was old school in spirit, not just musically, but in all facets, the artwork especially. How was the making off process, did you give him tunes to listen, lirycs to read or he was just doing all this because of passion? A little bit of both, we would brainstorm, talk about ideas. He had creative freedom to do what he wanted. He push you into old school graphics world. I think so too, especially at a time when hand drawn artwork was uncommon. I think nowadays, hand drawn artwork is almost a necessity for grindcore albums and I think Daniel helped bring those values back in a way. So GCGC is a bunch of supporting the grindcore scene fellas who are just in love with grindcore? Yeah, just a bunch of grindcore fanatics here in Houston Texas.
Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution 7"EP/ art by Daniel Shaw
      For some of us, Grindcore is not only music, it's also an attitude and lifestyle. Of course we are just human beings, we're not perfect, however, we choose some path in life and we follow it. What grindcore means for Rahi, Insect Warfare's vocalist? I love grindcore, and it has definitely influenced by path in life, but at the end of the day, it's only music, and music exists to entertain us. I think grindcore is for all people, of all different backgrounds. You can live anyway you want, but if you enjoy grindcore, listen to it. love it. How do you define the grindcore lifestyle? It's kind of attitude of being  honest with yourself. While you start new thing, you reach perfection step by step, it's the same with playing, having label, doing a zine or being husband - you're just a fucking machine with no regrets, such an approach doesn't work for everyone, it's not easy. No, it's not easy at all, and it involves many sacrifices. I have much respect for those that contribute those things. But ultimately, the goal is make grindcore available to everyone, make it accessible to whoever wants it. itis possible to make grindcore available for everyone? Absolutely, anyone in the world can go on computer and just type in "grindcore". I think people into all forms of music can appreciate it, punks and metalheads that want the most extreme shit. It can be like this. Did you want to make the purest grindcore available to every open-minded being, make them face it and see if they survive this or not? I just wanted to play total fucking grindcore. Make the best grindcore I could possibly create. During that period, there was a lot of bullshit bands. Nobody gave a fuck about grindcore for the most part. We werent trying to do anything new or inventive. We just wanted to play straight forward grindcore, no bullshit. I gave it my best effort, I'm proud of the result and it's an honor that so many people can appreciate it. I think acknowledgemnt from my peers is what is most rewarding for me. I bet your excited about your last show. It's special to me because it's kind of a farewell to IW. I think we have more fans now than we did before. So it's cool to play a fest like OEF. And as much as I enjoyed my time in IW, we're all playing in new bands now, and that's our focus. IW will never write another record or anything like that. I believe that the only and the last realeased Insect Warfare's record will be bootleg from your show at OEF, probably on tape but who the fuck knows. hahaha maybe, If Curby wanted to release something like that. Let's see what will happen, thank you very much for this nice Sunday chat. No worries! Thanks for taking the time. I look forward to meeting at OEF. Do you want to say anything for the end of interview, anything for the worldwide grindcore maniacs? I want to give ta shout out to all the grindcore freaks worldwide, all iw fans, grindcore supporters and everyone planning to attend oef2016.

Final Insect Warfare show will be on OEF 2016

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