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Interview with Frank Gold/ Cryptic Void/ Turbokrieg!

      hey Frank, I appreciate you've found some time for a chat with me. GCxGC buldozer is on the west coast tour. I noticed touring in States is not too safe, people try to kill you not only with gun, but also with monkey wrench. Unscrewing wheels is totally in Holywood style, Frank. What the fuck is going on in States brother, does it have something to do with Trump?
      Haha I'd like to wish it were so cut and dry as punks being nihilistic trump supporters for such heinous acts. It's hard to believe that any punks or grinders for that matter could follow and support such nonsense ideas and policies. So I don't think that's the case.
      Last year on the 2015 Midwest tour with Lycanthrophy, our van and trailer were sabotaged. One wheel being loosened and the trailer filled with our gear was as well loosened up as well, causing it to fall off the back of the van and slam into the bumper. Luckily no one was injured. With a little background info one can draw conclusions for themselves as to what happened.
      2005 in Baltimore Eric t Neal the singer of Turbokrieg was diagnosed with cancer. After months of treatment and radiation therapy, he was given a further evaluation that what he had was not life threatening cancer but a tumor that lives on his spine to present day. He then chose to take himself off the therapy to get back to a normal functioning life. However he still has seizures a few times a year because of this condition. While Eric was undergoing treatments and being sick, the punks in the scene in Baltimore at the time took it upon themselves to raise money for him to pay hospital bills. Which is great! After the fact he became non-terminal the kids in the scene there believed that it was all a scam and a lie. So they slandered his name as a cancer faker and a villain to the community. Eric never tried to defend his name. Do you blame him!? After being sick and away from shows and the whole scene for over six months he started to see that he was basically betrayed and felt that he didn't need to have these "friends" in his life. Obviously this is the long "short" version. But that's the gist of the story.
      After years of this going on Eric moves to Houston where he is welcomed with open arms by the GCHC crew of punks and grinders. Since Eric has been in Houston there have been many issues with bands that I am in and as well as other Houston bands that are affiliated with Eric in any way.
      On the Lycanthrophy tour we were 17 days in when mysteriously all the lug nuts on one tire came loose and the trailer fell off the back of the van. At first we thought it was a coincidence with the trailer, since that happened first. Then when the tire almost came off on the highway and we saw that the brake dust was freshly rubbed off, we knew it was connected and sabotage.
      I conclude as well as my band members that it wasn't a random act of mischief. There was $15,000 worth of gear and all of our merch money in the van when that happened. Surely any normal criminals would break in and steal all the valuable and priceless gear.
      I leave you to make your own assumptions.
      This is the crazy type of stuff that we deal with. Not to mention denying places to sleep on tour, boycotting shows, etc.... Just saying shit happens and it was a coincidence is highly unlikely. Being that we were in the city of Baltimore, MD.
Cryptic Void's rehersal on 4th of February 2016! pix shot by Kenny.

       Houston was great, the show with fuckin' legend, Excruciating Terror. In the schedule there are also Fiend, BruceXcampbell, Recalcitrant, Pizza Hi Five, Endless, this tour is a K.O. I noticed you like sharing - grindcore breakfast at Play Fast Or Dont was very nice! Do you serve it on every show in States? And how many apple pipes did you have on the bill?
      Yes! This tour we are currently on is incredible. Every show, complete grinding annihilation. Not one crappy show. It's not one of those tours where you show up and hope that you see good opening bands and then get let down. All of our friends we have been playing with set the bar high. But this is grindcore. No competition. Just blast beats, weed, beer, and smiles. Sometimes the nose dust is involved.
      The breakfast was just an idea I had since Mindboil had such a short set at play fast that year. We were given 30 minutes. But our entire set is 15. We had to do something to kill the other half of the set. Why not treat everyone to hangover breakfast grind?
      However, I have started a new tradition with Cryptic Void these days. Every festival we play we will start the show off with a bottle of liquor. So far we've done this twice and both times have turned out in our favor with pushing the grinders to the edge of drunkenness for extreme moshing.
      Oh the apple pipe.... A tour must for those stoners that can't go thirty minutes without smoking weed and do not want to have problems with police. Rule of thumb, after two days of smoking apple pipe it's time to make a new one. A good number for tour apple pipe average would be around 8. Depending on how thirsty your lungs are.
      You're in this game once and for all (if I can call it grindcore game o?). You're the guy who was sitting behind the drum kit in band with Dave, Beau and Rahi in P.L.F. and Insect Warfare from the beginning. Could you explain me how the person who created a huge piece of gc feels? Are you proud of those chapters in your life?
      These are precious times in my life indeed. I had great experiences starting both of these bands. One I was kicked out of and the other I left for my own personal reasons. It doesn't bother me though. I have no regrets. I am in this grindcore game for life as you say. That being said as long I can keep my limbs and breath I will always be playing drums in a grind band. It's my passion, it's what I live for. Being kicked out of IW was a tough time for me when I was younger. There was a lot of hatred for a few years. In 2011 I chose to leave PLF. Starting and being a part of these bands only helped pave the way for me to meet my new band mates. Which I love playing music with. Half the guys I play music with now experienced grindcore for the first time watching PLF and IW shows in Houston. Everyone is on the same page with ideas and the music is more extreme and challenging for me then it ever has been.
Frank Gold shreddin'/ pix shot by Kenny.

      Your ass experienced already proper piece of GC history and as you know some stories go full circles. What was the main cause that made you take a decision about leaving the band? I believe that you haven't planned this since the first rehersal with P.L.F. and Insect Warfare? Frankly, can you imagine Cryptic Void without you behind the drums?
      In a nutshell I was kicked out of IW because I put "too much effort" or focused more on PLF. I was also told that the band members didn't like my drumming on the endless execution record. Who knows? One thing is for sure however, if they wanted to do an earache release, all they had to say was that they wanted to go the major label route and I would have gladly quit. I left PLF for personal reasons. There isn't any shit to talk on Dave either because of these personal reasons. It's kind of like a marriage. After 12.5 years of playing music together it just wasn't as fun for me anymore. The shows kept me going for years but after a while things didn't work for myself and I made the decision to leave. No hard feelings at all between Dave and I. We still remain friends. As well as all the IW guys today. I said there was hatred before but as I get older I learn to not hold on to grudges and petty tiffs.
      Surely Cryptic Void guys can replace me. Maybe it would be a long process to find and try out drummers. I think Bryan Fajardo and Dobber Beverly are already busy enough filling in my prior projects. Haha And like PLF and IW, I feel if I did get replaced they could keep the same name and the same songs but the overall feel of the band would be drastically different. My approach to drumming is just more loose, raw, and stamina driven. Whomever they find to hypothetically replace me would have to adapt to my style. Or it will sound like a different band. Such as the past has proven. Surely I'm not saying it can't be done or it will be lacking in talent. Just different. Like taking Jello out of the Dead Kennedys. Probably still cool but just not the same.
      When I listen to Cryptic Void, another band in which you play, I'm asking myself what is your intention? When you're shreddin', I feel that you respect me and every other being, everything is grateful and honest, there is no bullshit but I could tell the same thing about every other band you play with. Is this the gulfcoast attitude?
      Haha that's a great compliment. I like to think that I play for the fans as the rest of my band members do. We are average guys that like good music and want to only deliver the best we can give back to the scene. Playing grindcore is our passion as I said earlier.
      I believe the fact that you can hear that furious drive among other Houston grind projects lies within being able to distinguish my raw neanderthalistic approach to drums. Surely you are speaking of bands I am in.
      As far as other grind/thrash/metal/punk bands. We have a lot of good musicians in Houston and we as a local scene only feed off each other's skills and learn from one another. Perhaps everyone is just angry from the heat and humidity and that makes all the musicians in h-town aggressive and creative.
West Coast Tour 2016 poster, art made by Stephen Bower.
      Wasteland demo MC and Psychomanteum 7 inch is reason why the tour is happening, I believe you're very motivated to blast again, I back up this kind of approach. You're shreddin' with bunch of folks who also have backpacks full of experiences, can you introduce Cryptic Void to gc worldwide maniacs?
      Touring is the key to pushing your band and promoting yourself. All the bobs know this. It is the only way to get credibility without being a hype internet famous band. If you didn't know we all call each other bob but for this interviews sake Cryptic Void' roster entails:
Ben Gott/ guitar- ex dissent, war master, nibiru, peasant. currently turbokrieg
Stephen Bower/ vocals- ex nibiru, dissent, war master, peasant
Kenny Perkins/ bass- ex dissent, nibiru.
Christopher "Seattle" Webb/ guitar-currently also in mindboil and turbokrieg
Frank Faerman/ drums- currently mindboil, turbokrieg. Ex PLF, insect warfare.
Cryptic Void line up from ltr: Seattle, Frank , Stephen, Kenny, Ben.
      Once you started, you can't stop. Cryptic Void is becoming more recognizable, how are you going to use your own experience that you gained during to those years?
      The only thing I will do is keep grinding and living life day by day. Keep playing shows as much as possible and touring once or twice a year. I already am the networker of the band from my past experiences with prior projects. This only helps us with a foot in the door. The music will sell itself I feel. And if no one enjoys what we are doing, that's ok too. We will continue to keep grinding since there is nothing but a lifetime to fulfill with friends, bands, and blast beats. Our advantage is time. As long as we remain close brothers as a band and have our health we can grind for decades.
      Dave replaced you very smoothly and they're just unstoppable together with Bryan but I can't say the same thing about the Insect's chapter. I talked to Rahi about the exclusive reunion for the war on Trutnov battlefield and those news just pumped up the world, it's the idea of closing Insect's chapter in the proper way. Frank, knowing that you love European tours, why you're not drumming at that show? For fuck's sake.
Psychomanteum MC/ 7"EP, art made by Stephen Bower.
      Haha good question but I think maybe this is a question for the IW guys. I told Rahi about five or six years ago if he ever wanted to do shows or a tour that I would gladly pay my own way, not ask for a penny, and stay out of all band affairs. I just want to play drums at these shows just because I know the shows will be packed. (It's been years since I've seen that insanely huge circle pit and stage divers galore). The reason I'm not doing these European shows is the fact that the popular stuff are the recordings with Dobber. Which is fine. Dobber rules and is a nice guy. I guess they just want to close that chapter where they left off. Not where they started from. I was also never asked. If they asked me to play, yeah of course I would.
      I was actually replaced easier than you think. The correct story in that regard was that I replaced myself. Before I contacted Dave about leaving PLF I called Bryan first. I asked him if he wanted to fill in for me on the October 2011 Europe tour. I knew he had never been overseas at that time yet and I was aware he wouldn't be able to turn it down. After Bryan agreed to play, I told Dave I was out and Bryan was in. I sent Dave his phone number so that they could start preparations to learn songs. I honestly didn't think that five years later they would have kept going. But hey, more power to them. I know both of these guys very well and they both love playing grindcore live just as much as I do. So that makes sense. The dynamic of personalities there seems to mesh better than with myself and Dave. That's really cool too. I hope to see these dudes continue to tear shit up in the future.
Psychic Transgressor 5"EP, art made by Stephen Bower.
      You can't say the same as far as insect's later chapter with Dobber? Well maybe that is because with PLF you have actual grinders playing grindcore. IW guys are not "grind-lifers". You can tell in the music the talent is all there but it doesn't have the edge, that driving force behind drums. Maybe it's my personal taste of grindcore. I don't necessarily go for the bands with the most flash behind the drums. I guess one could conclude that I have a knack for the old school sound. Grindcore in its purest form. This wasn't me talking shit on IW guys either. It's just stating the facts. Anyone can play grindcore with a certain amount of talent and ability. But it takes living the life and being a real enthusiast for the music so that you can reflect that same brutality on the stage or on the turntable. Disappearing for ten years to play melodic radio metal and or garage punk is not grindcore. These are just my personal opinions though. Anyone can have their own beliefs and that's fine.
      I know that in Washington, D.C. there is some kind of retarded crew which tries to disrupt calm existence of our star, but no worries, after OEF it will happen in Germany probably as well. I'll be honest with you, it's sick shit. Did any of those dudes come to the table, as Eric mentioned officially on tour with Turbokrieg or they just bone at home? It's seems like it's one of the reasons why you focus more on Cryptic Void, is it easier without Eric ahhahahahahhaha?
Wasteland MC, art made by Stephen Bower.
      Hahahaha. Yes. It's actually a lot easier! Like I said earlier in the interview the focus isn't only on Eric. Myself and my band members are shunned from that area of the country basically. It won't be an issue ever again though. We have all decided to never go back to the northeast USA region again. I guess Baltimore wins?... Not that we are in fight with them. More like they are on a one sided battle against us and they're fighting alone. We just don't believe everything on the internet and actually know Eric. He's nice as shit and helps bands leaps and bounds on his own time and dime(money). None of these Baltimore guys would do anything in person. It's all just boycotts and internet trash talk. Really they aren't important people and they're the ones that need to be boycotted.
      Crew of retards, exactly! I could not have stated that better myself.
      It looks like this year is going to be very tight, do you have any information that you'dd like to share with readers?
      This year we will release LP's with both Turbokrieg and Cryptic Void. Hopefully a tour in the summer if everyone can get the time off work. We would really like to start preparations for a possible 2017 European tour as well this year. Maybe Everydayhate will help with this? Haha
      Thank you very much for time and motivation, we're all grateful to have you in the yard, see you in 2017, on tour of course! grindcore propaganda x gulfcoast grindcore!


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