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Interview with Boka/ Ratos De Porão!

      My buddie Carlos James chooses only topnotch bands from Brasil. This time he chatted with Boka, Ratos De Porão's drummer and owner of Peculio Discos label. Enjoy!

      What, when and how was the first moment that you found yourself drowned in the rotting waters of the underground? When did you see that the everything was far bound form the things you were listening to at the time? What was your favorite record? What was your first gig ever?
      Well, i have some memories when i was kid, but when i started playing drums in a band (Psychic Possessor) in 1989, i was listening to music, tape trading, buyng records, getting fanzines from all over the world i felt i was making part of something special and it would last for life. Can´t remember my 1st shows, but probably some small home town band some better known brazilina bands were playing here, like Sepultura, Dorsal Atlantica, MX, Ratos de Porão (before i joined), Lobotomia, etc. Fisr record i bought was AC/DC "If you want blood...".

Ratos De Porão shreddin' on Obscene Extreme America 2013

      RDP is 30 years plus still going strong. You guys went through lots of phases, economic plans, classics, trips and the band has changed their sound a lot. What do you think is still alive from the early beginnings until today? Would you still consider RDP a punk band? If you could define RDP today, how would it be?
      I think the spirit and the love for the music are pretty much the same, of course your points of view change when you are older than 40, but there´s still a lot of youth and energy. I never considered myself a punk, i believe it´s easy stereotype, i have things from the punk, but i could never say i´m a punk cos´ people idealize it, like to be punk you got do things that way and so on, i´m not much into following a behavior to fit you know. I also don´t think we are a punk band musically or lyrically, but we have a lot of elements and influences from there. I think we are a crossover bands in it´s classical definition: Metal + punk + hardcore.
      Today RDP is bigger than ever. Tons of shows, albums and memorable stuff after, which was the best show ever? And what is your favorite RDP album of all?
      I always like the new record better, cos´ i always see evolution, but the best album for me is "Brasil". I played unforgetable shows in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegrte, Recife, Lisboa, Porto, Praga, Buenos Aires, Chile and so on, maybe the 1st RDP gig in Portugal was really insane and some shows in Rio de Janeiro.

Ratos De Porão shreddin' on Chevrolet Hall 2015
      When you guys recorded Just Another Crime, changes were already felt in the band? Do you think the album is a product of its time. I really dig that Helmet sound on the Snare drum, do you still like it? How was working with Alex Newport?
      Yes, we were listening to Helmet Fudge Tunnel, Clutch and stuff like that, but the 90´s was weird to all of us, too much drugs and an era of changes. Yes i´m still into it, working with Alex was awesome, cool guy and somebody that came from the same background as us.
      Século Sinistro is a helluva album. It sounds very natural and brutal as only old RDP knows how to do. How was it composed? Did you guys come with separate ideas or did you just jam together?
      We always try to put together the ideas or come to the practicing with new riffs and stuff likethat. It took long to finish cos´ the band was touring all around and was a hard period to put all of us together to practice, some song i wrote with the bass player Juninho or with Jão (Guitar) together, other gordo wrote with them. Lyrics by Gordo (Vocals), all of them.

Boka shreddin'
      You are in the band for 25 years. How did you get in the band? Did the know about Psychic Possessor? Which drummers had the biggest influence on your style? Did Spaghetti influenced you?
      Yeah, RDP and Spaghetti (Former Drummer) were always a huge influence to me, but i think my style was much closer to Felix Griffin (D.R.I.), Reed mullin (C.O.C.), Dave lombardo, Mitch Harris, Steve (Heresy)...Yes, they knew about Psychic Possesor and it made things easier to me somehow, i met ´em to play songs from "Brasil" and then the newer material wich was "Anarkophobia" by that time, they said i was ok to join the band and it started from there.
      You have a label for quite some time. Peculio has released a ton of cool bands an is very active in the underground. What do you thing has changed with the label over the years? How do you see the scene today? More united?
      Not shure about unity, maybe it´s more divided now than never. I think the internet it´s kinda guilty to separate things, we lost the feeling to knew things together, as friends, have the experience to know a band only when they play live shows, or meeting to hang around and play music, this is somehow lost.
      Anyway there´s a lot of activity all around, cool bands and people are touring everywhere, this is the good part of it nowadays. The market has change, and people were into new stuff back in the day. Things are diffirent, the way people can listen to music and get new stuff to listen, the way they connect, i believe it´s a social order and behaviour changing too fast with internet, well it´s the present or the future, I´m not a nolstalgic person, today is ok anyway.

      RDP broke through every possible stylistic barrier. People in general dig RDP, metalheads, punks, hardcore kids¡K How do you guys feel about it? Do you think is it good to have this kind of sense of union and the band playing a big role on that?
      Well people say it around the Globe, RDP is one of the last bands in activity that can put all this people together, cos´ as we are a mix os styles, this is what we are about, there´s this different people coming to the shows, i heard it more than twice after the gigs people saying how incredible to see, headbangers, hardcore, sxe, punks, etc all together, this is really cool. We are responsible for the emerge of the crossover in latin america somehow and i think this is the leacy that the band will leave.

Ratos De Porão shreddin'
      RDP has played in Europe many times. Do you think you have changed as a person after those tours? What was the most impressive thing you saw participating at the scene over there? What was the biggest disappointment? In which country RDP is more respected?
      It´s a simple answer, if you travel, you change, there´s no way to be different. Nobody can travel for more than 30 countries and be the same people, think the same way, see things the same way, only if you are into your own closed world and don´t interact. I believe we have fans all around, can´t say that people like us more here or there, a sure thing that Latin America and the Latin European countries are more into rdp than others.
      You used to play for I Shot Cyrus, one of the most respected bands at the hardcore scene with a handful of classics recorded.Do you guys have any plans of recording other stuff? Do you think about having another project other than RDP?
      No man, I Shot Cyrus is gone for good, we had a cool time and this is it. I played a few years with Safari Hamburguers, and will start classes for jazz drumming, this is it.
      Thanks, Boka. Say whatever you want now!
      Thanks for the interview, stay cool, stay true, i hate final words, just realized that kkkkkkk

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